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[Translation | CeCi Star] February Issue - GFRIEND's Today

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The group, GFRIEND, started the New Year with their first solo concert and an Asian Tour in 2018.  The girls who spent their most shining moments with passion and without regret have just reached their 4th year after debut.


Yerin: Embroided long dress by Maje.  Eunha: Embroided mini dress by Maje.  Umji: Ruffled oblique neck dress by MGSM, Red Mary Jane shoes by Bubulee, Motive hand piece by Bimba Y Lola

GFRIEND Question

1. Impressions after completing first solo concert.

2. Things you have been doing the most recently?

3. Things you don't want to lose.


Sowon: Print organza dress by MinjuKim.  Yerin: Print organza top by MinjuKim, Pink drop ball earrings by Mzuu


1. The preparation process was difficult but I forgot about it when I saw all the fans.  Above all, I had fun and I want to go on the Asian Tour as soon as possible

2. I watch old dramas, from ‘Legends of the Patriots’ to ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

3. Feeling grateful no matter what the situation is.


1. It was a concert filled the love of the fans.  I love every single one of the Buddies.

2. To find a hobby that I like.

3. Buddy’s love


Eunha: Frilled coat by Orla Kiely, Ruffled-neck shirt by Lucky Chouette, Denim skirt by Paul & Alice, Flower pattern sock-boots by Massimo Dutti, Star earring by Gemma Alus.  Yuju: Lacey detail blouse by Sandro, Purple pinafore dress by Orla Kiely, Ribbon decor velvet mules by Bublee, Star earrings by Gemma Alus.


1. I accomplished a long time dream thanks to the love of the fans.  It has become a precious memory.

2. Concert preparation. Since there is an Asian Tour starting from the end of February, I a practicing everyday.

3. As I have a lazy personality, I promise myself every morning that I will not become lazy.


1. I have expressed my wishes for a solo concert through several past interviews.  The period from preparing and until the end was so valuable that I felt like I became one with the fans.

2. I have a lot of time to think about my dreams.

3. Doing my absolute best as if it’s the first every time.


SinB: Sequinned dress by Coach 1941, Rose embroidery belt by Bershka.  Umji: Slip dress with see a through top and patchwork with a stoned neckline by Coach 1941.


1. I learned a lot during the preparation of the concert.  Also thanks you Buddies for filling up the venue for 2 days.

2. Learning.  I want to learn various things, but for now, I’m going to learn how to exercise first.

3. Don’t think that every will be 100 points.  Because it will hurt when you lose.


1. We were happy to fill the concert with only our songs.  Also after the concert, rather than having an empty heart, I was more happy and it became a memory without regret.

2. I’ve become interested in fashion again after dropping it during the trainee period.

3. Focus on today and be faithful to yourself.


Sowon: Denim jacket by MGSM, Purple pants by Clue De Clare, Choker by Gemma Alus.  SinB: Denim dress by Calvin Klein Jeans, Black beaded drop earrings by Vintage Hollywood.  Yuju: Trapeze dress  with embroidered ribbon by Lucky Chouette.


Check out all the pictures and interviews in the February issue of Ceci.

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찬란하게 빛나던 시간이었다고 맑은 여름비처럼 고마웠었다고 - "It was a bright, shining moment.  Thanks for being a clear summer rain"


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