"That day" Parody lyrics of Gfriend's song "Someday" by BlueRicky(Singers, voice editors, video makers needed!)

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Hey Buddies, it's BlueRicky.

Firstly I would like to thank all the buddies who supported me in the chat, they really gave me the courage to spread my work to the public as I'm a very shy person.

Anyways, this is the parody I create by myself since late December(I planned to post this during Christmas but due to family and travel reasons I don't really have time to do this). This work it's based on Gfriend's song "Someday" as a support to the GFSquad 2018 GFRIEND 3rd Debut Anniversary Support Project. However, I'm a terrible singer and I don't really have the equipment to film high-quality MVs, so I would like all the talented buddies to help me improve my work and show our love to Gfriend.

So here are the lyrics:


That day

The god is a naughty scriptwriter, always give me surprises in my life.

That day one thousand days ago, was really special to recall.


It was just a random snowy day, snowflakes falling slowly from the sky

Weird language suddenly pops up on screen, somehow I pressed in by mistake

As I just about to shut it down, you danced in front of my eyes

Somehow my sense become dull, heart pounding strongly.

Just realize until the video ends

The feeling that I haven’t experienced, I have never felt anything like that.

Is it this the feeling of fall in love? You become indelible in my mind, since that day.




What a memorable day.


Searched your names online daily, joined the forum site of buddies.

My first time excited about an album. Just want to support something more for you.

After a tired and busy day, you would inspire me at night.

When I try to give it up, you give me the strength to fight back.

I have the belief you would be the most shining stars.

Things I have never done before, all have changed since that special day.

The day I become a proud buddy backs you up, really lead me to a brand new world.


Time flies just like the rivers flow into sea, you are still the only love in my heart.

Now the snowflakes are falling down once more.

Three years of happy memories, since that day you danced into my heart.


Thank you for all the hard work in the past year, we will keep supporting you, forever.






The "???" are the lines I have tried multiple times to fit in, however, none of them are good enough, so I would like buddies to help me fit in.

And the highlighted parts are some parts I really dislike so I would like buddies to help me to replace it.

The key part of my work it's to fit the new lyrics smoothly into the original soundtrack with a special meaning, this time I actually wrote about my personal experience.

If there are any buddies who would like to help me create an MV(singers, editors, video makers etc.) Please contact me by messages.

If you have any improvement ideas or noticed any grammar errors, please reply to this post down below.


P.S. Just a notice, please don't spread my lyrics elsewhere, thanks!

And once again, thank you for all the buddies who supported me and inspired me, Hwaiting!




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