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Hello Everyone


I'll state right now that this is not an update post this is just talking about Source being included in the talk about the news not the actual announcement. Since I am new and not only a stan of gfriend I felt this topic would be the best to discuss. Judging by the title, you can guess what other groups I am referring to so I'll spare mentioning their name until later in this post

 let's get started



Basically a new article reported that Bighit CEO, Bang Hik (who we all know is one of Sungjin's close friends) plans to make the company go public by 2019. For private companies like Bighit, going public is an attempt of pushing the company for expansions. This basically plays into investments and other things like IPO, but it's a good strategy. For those who found interest in it you would know that BH has been grow alot with the financial success of BTS and it's really nice not having to watch both them and us at Soumu suffer from our pasts. 


Where does Gfriend play into this?

As I stated above, since Bighit is planning this many things can come into question for their expansion. For this to work the number one thing they have to focus on is getting more groups. We all know that BTS are very talented, loving, and know how to mange their success like those above them, but depending on only them is the company first problem. Unlike girl groups, boy groups do eventually have to put their careers on hold thanks to enlistment and even though they have years until that happen it does threaten the company's moves. They depend too much those boys and it seems like when the time come I'm worried on how well the future groups will be recieved. 

Now I have seen many fans who have heard this news and have mostly point to a merge or buying of Source Music in and attempt to get Gfriend, Many reasoning varied from providing a girl group who not only has experience, but popularity domestically and doesn't clash heads with BTS. Soumu is already public and have alot of plans on their own, but some think that it would be beneficial to both sides.


My Thoughts

In my opinion, I favored the merge and saw alot of positive towards it. I was actually suprised to see how many people repeated the same things I pointed out. For us buddies, it does gets hard at times with Soumu's choices regarding Gfriend and their promotion moves for the group. Each comeback we get so many complains about the outfits and how often we get them. These things with BH's influence could improve their conditions and widen their opportunities so Gfriend can develop in many more fields also help increase their international market as well for a higher success rate.

I stan both groups and have always kept in mind of the possibilities yet most of my reasoning were in terms "shipping biased" (but not in like relationships wise more like sibling wise) and not very perspective to the idea yet as I grew with both groups and saw how well they improved and achieved I realized that them being under the same name would only increase the expansion and bring in more support. A korean outlet specifically listed BTS and Gfriend the leaders of small company success for this generation. Out of all the success these groups were the biggest signs of that change and the most dominate ones at that. There is also another article explaining the benefits of if Bighit, Source,and RBW merged ( which is good, but I do think just BH and Source would do with RBW's producers being paid like they are now). These types of media spreads can feed into the it as well. Recently, Source moved into the old Bighit building and have really made it into a stable company ground so at this point they were rubbing salt in my wounds.

I've wanted interactions, co promotional appearances, a freakin collaboration stage, anything for quite sometime. Some armys grew from the last time we had our falling outs and actually grew fond of GFriend not really stanning, but at least appreciating them. It's to the point where mostly everything check out and guess what? No merge.

This is obviously not just some fandom based situation. These are actual company who can be broken by this, but I also saw a video on youtube and the guy basically brought up GLAM and how Bighit went into debt and are still paying it off. Them going public would provide enough to finally erase that debt once and for all which is also another highlight of why the merge could benefit Source as well. Eitherway I just don't want to see these companies have to work off luck again. Gfriend and BTS were came in the right place at the right time and the companies have shown they still have each other's support and love even after parting ways. I just thing that back then they couldn't actually see what would work for them and it cause alot of discouragement. Now that they have it there is no doubt in my mine that they could try again or maybe they really don't want to and that's it.


Anyway I hope to hear your thoughts on the matter. Besides thinking of your biases and styles of both companies, could this benefit or just be another burden? Please remember that not only do these groups get affected by it we also have trainees and newer groups coming in the long term. Thanks for reading 💞


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