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[Translation | KSTAR] The Friends In Adriatic Sea Profiles

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The top girl group 'GFRIEND'!


Sowon: GFRIEND's leader, in charge of height and when she walks, it always looks like a photoshoot! Sowon is in charge of being the tallest and having the model-slap-in-the-face (or golden) ratio with a height of 172cm. She might look conceited (or perfect) but she's quite clumsy, and as a result, she's the 'matnae' (matnae = oldest who acts like the youngest) leader that recieves care. 



Yerin: Equipped with beagleness, filled with variety skills! Filled with variety skills and equipped with various charms and beagleness! With her optimistic attitude and cuteness, she is the character that makes the person watching happy.



Eunha: In charge of visuals, and overflowing with aegyo and hyperactivity! A lovely character that is ladylike and is full of aegyo. But once she starts to get hyper, lovely Eunha can't contain her overflowing charms and even has a silly, energetic side to her.



Yuju: The unrivaled vocalist, intelligent Yuju accomplishes just about anything! With her powerful vocals, she completes whatever task is assigned really well. With her understanding and calm personality, she likes to compose and write songs. Also equipped with English that is just as good as Umji's!



SinB: Out of the maknae line, in charge of being the tsundere character! She might look cold, but in reality she is very cheerful and bright, being the character that has a reverse charm. With her supreme skill and luck, she has really good luck to the point where she's picked as the lucky girl and plays whatever game really well!



Umji: The character that is innocent and cute! A character that is just like the maknae in a group. With her fluent English skills, she has no problem communicating and translating with foreigners! Umji has the charm to shine even more in a foreign country!

December 6th 2017 at 9PM KST! Don't forget to watch their first episode on CUBETV or visit their YouTube channel for updates!

For more updates on "The Friends in Adriatic Sea", visit this thread below!

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Translated by 유주얼천사


So beautiful, like a stream of rain water, our transparent story...


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