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fancafe letters
[151110] GFriend's Fancafe Letters

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- Sowon :


Everyone~ Sowon here~ I come again to "from"(section in fancafe)
Why i come? Ok, say it together, WHYY!!! *Rookie Awards!! *Babambam* Hehehe, since gfriend debut we always dreaming and wishing about Rookie Awards and we got it at 7th Nov TT TT maybe you all to, but for us it was really really priceless awards. When preparing for MMA we're not thinking about winning at all. we're feel grateful and happy for a chances to come to award show and perform. But when our name and picture come on the monitor, that moment, hundreds thoughts popping in my head. We thanking start from our CEO, agency family, staffs, PDs, parents, and fans who we really loves and thanks until can't express with words. Since the fancafe formed we watching the member numbers one by one and somehow for us 10k+ member really a grateful and pretty emotional things. And we know that you fans promoting, voting, and struggling everyday for us. Really thank you for your support. forget the prepared winning speech, only can ending it with obobobo[n;i think sowon means sttutter here]...(honestly, my mom said my speech has no emotion at all TT) but i trust our fans know our feelings. We really going together for another 10years 20years, you know right? Our fans really,..Love youuuuu*heartx8*ha...can't express everything is frustating!*means even after expressing her love to us she's still not satisfied :p*

- Yerin :




Hellooo~~~ Yerin here~~ Our fans what are you doing this time???
Right now i'm writing this post!!!
These days the weather become really cold, Lot of you struggle with cold
Don't be ill TT TT One you caught with cold is hard to get well TT TT Please careful with cold!! Promise me~~~
And a few days ago, a touching moments happened!!! TT TT TT
I think the one who give us rookie awards are our fans who cheer and give us lot of love.
Really thank you so much *heart* really love you *heart*
Its really an honored for the first time walking on Red Carpet and perform in front of lot of people like that!!

Till right now i remember how nervous everyone are (members) TT TT
When our names called, only our fans on my thoughts!!
I want to tell, thank you and love you but the tears keep falling down even after i'm trying to hold it TT TT
everytime always adore us, love us, and cheer for us, really thank you so much and love you *heart*
Our gfriend fans are the most pretty, handsome, kind, and have warm heart!
Lets keep meet for long time, us!!
LOVE YOU*heart*

                        Sleep tight....*heart*

ps. my gfriend members too LOVE YOU! (shy)


- Eunha :




JJanyang JJanyang Fans Hello~~~ This is Eunha*heart
Honestly i still can't believe it, This last 2 days sometimes in a moment the fact that we receive rookie awards floating up*i dont know the right phrase here
Really shocking, touching, and bringing tears...OehengTT Everytime we talking in interview about this year goal was rookie awards! and we only throwing remarks there
deep in my heart (i) become timid, can't even expecting to receive that dreamlike awards, really thank you!!
Thanks for always supporting us who lacking a lot. You are the one who filling our lacking parts
To make happy things happen *heart* like how our days together in the future we proud that you all are gfriend fans
and we're gonna do better hehe with average age 18 years we are gfriend who still growing and forward days eating your love make us grow much better
and like now you can give us lot loves right? Today using computer so *heartx5* Bye!
Oh,  JJanyang means Love(Sarang), my JJanyang, my love goodnight~

- Yuju :




Our faaaaaaans! Yuju here :) The night deepens how is your day? today i happily spending grateful day.
Because of our fans who always giving lot of loves to each member of us, we can get dreamlike Rookie awards and this become a moment for us to catch our feelings once more. Everywhere we go, "What is our goal this year?" Every question like this we always answer with Rookie awards!  We always told that but when that dreams come true, still can't believe it.
Today too, the trophy placed on shelf in the office, see it, touch it, and read the writing again too, and when see it on it looks heavy but remembered Sowon Unnie hold it with one hand when giving speech.
Something big gift like this given to us too, We'll always cherish the moments so we can repay it with efforts.
'Rainbow on stage, but when return to practice room that moment i'm back to trainee Choi Yuna' our commitment are't gonna change, as much as our feelings for fans who cheer for us when raining, snowing to be happy like glass bead can't break easily we're not gonna forget our roots. just always thanks you. What words can express this feel so it can well delivered :) Hing
by the way, the weather start to become the same when we met for the first time! Our fans, you MUST! caareful with cold and take care your health! You know how i feel, right?


- SinB :





My love o my Love, love-dongee our fans, hello, i'm love-dongee Sinbi hoho
I feels like a looooong time ago since last time i write letter for you, or not? Ah, remember last time i write when chuseok..since then this the first time!
I think i only visit on important days on here i'll try to visit and leaving post often here hehe
Don't know when i'm gonna meet you again so, be nervous you all!! We get Rookie Awards!! Owaa~~~~~~
Always talking about how great if we receive it that Rookie Awards and when it become reality, my head become blank...
thats why after receiving it only can talking about it now! the prepared words can't be expressed only tears come after that.
and more our stages order have to right after rookie awards so everyone can't crying and holding as strong as they can TT
Still debut less than 1 year but to receive this much loves really really thank you, we can receive such awards too because all of you our fans
I think because of you who always giving, we can work more harder! in the future too you're gonna keeeeep stay with us right?! There is lot of things i want to talk to you but my head become blank ong ong well there are lot of chances to writting letter for you again, ok! for make us receive rookie awards thank you so much

These days become colder, wear warm thick clothes! Hotpack is neccesary *star* We're gonna become not to be ashamed

gfriend for you so let's keep meeting for long time. I love you *heart* it seems the words keep come and come again..hehe..bye >.-

- Umji :



Heloo!! Our fans, hehe, missing me right?!
It's been a long time since i sit in front of computer in practice room and writting letter like this~~
2 days ago, no no, it past 12 o'clock (it always confusing today and yesterday after past midnight right TT TT kkk)
3 days ago really like a dream for us gfriend and fans, right!!
Because of rookie awards that we always wanted Owaowaowang TT TT TT!!!! and first red carpet and award show!
Really that experience is first time in my life,
Rookie Awards that only can receive one time in life! Can receive it for the first and the last time! Awards like that was like a dream~
In winning speech has been said but starting with agency staffs, members, family, and Our FANS who we love so much!!!
Because of everyone that moment can happen.
Maybe we need 5 hours repeated to said everyone name and expressing our gratefulness...hehehe
That Much our thanks are!!!
After receiving the awards we immediately go to stage so members calming and stabilizing each other hearts(feels/mind)
Then after performing everyone losing the nervousness and crying out loud...hihiing
because of award that hard to get it become more meaning and valuable for us, we're gonna become more hardworking and evolving gfriends +_+
and college exams is closer, fans who take the exam hehe(and Sowon, Yuju, Eunha Unnie too hehe) good results gonna come..
Don't be nervous and come nicely-*star
Umji gonna support you~~Hwating!!
Once again, thank you all!

Translated by : jieblack91



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