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[PANN] GFriend's YUJU without bangs

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-This hairstyle looks fine to me.. It's so much better than the previous one, it looked stuffy and frustrating to see..
-Hul.. She looks so much more beautiful without her bangs..
-She looks like Son Naeun who just lost a lot of weight..
-She looks 100x times more beautiful without her bangs.. Whoa..
-I think it would be really nice if she changes her bangs to side-swept bangs instead of the full bangs that she usually has.. It just looks very stuffy..
-It looks fine to me, though..? It's so much more refreshing to see..
-Whoa, she still looks beautiful even without bangs..
-I like her better with her previous bangs...
-I'm not a fan of Yuju, but I gotta agree that she looks so much better without bangs!
-Yuju always have the same hairstyle in every comeback, I hope she will have a different hairstyle for the next comeback!ㅠㅠ
-Hul.. She's so freaking beautiful, please get rid of your bangs..
-It's my first time seeing her without bangs and I have to admit that she looks amazing..
-I couldn't recognize her at first..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
-She looks like a totally different person..
-It looks nice, though..? I want to see her with another hairstyle..
-Her face looks long without her bangs.. I think she looks better with it..
-She looks like Sayaka Yamamoto..


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i like it she looks great but then again when doesn't she?


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