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[Translation | 1st Buddy Goods] YUJU Photocard Letters

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Translations of the Yuju's Photocard letters received in 1st Buddy Goods!








Letter 1


Buddies~ Hello Buddies? 
We meet like this again :) Aye, I'm so happy and I know I'm gaining strength because of your support.
Let's make newer and more beautiful memories
I love you...Be healthy! I like you lots!
Let's be more energetic and more hwaiting! - Yuju


Letter 2


Our proud lovely Buddies...
You seem to be growing more beautiful as time closes in and we spend more time together
I'm thank for you everyday
Whenever you're tired, I hope you laugh and be happy whenever you see Yeochin 
We will show you our best form :)
Be healthy always!
I love you forever and forever! - Yuju


Letter 3


It's already been our third summer
Even though the summers are hot and sweaty, every moment is special with Buddies so, thank you for that.
From now on, think of good memories, 
Make your days beautiful
Take care of yourselves and don't get hurt
Buddies, promise to always be healthy! Loovveee you!


Letter 4


Buddies ~! Our adorable lifelong Buddies!
I'm always happy knowing that every day passing is us getting closer together
Just like beautiful Yeochin's song lyrics, I love you forever and unconditionally.
Love you love you! Thanks for being so beautiful
We will also be more beautiful
One more time, I love you! :) BUDDY - Yuju


Thanks to @Yunaverse for the translations! ^^



Let's start fresh, you and me

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