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GFSquad's 1st Buddy Project Review from Kpop Republic 2 concert at Philippines

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October 28, 2017 is a memorable and unforgettable day for Filipino Buddies! It is a day full of excitement and happiness as GFriend came to visit in Philippines once again! So GFSquad held a project event to all Filipino Buddies in order to support our girls!

This is GFSquad's first Buddy Project. It's been a year since Buddies giving us so much support so we will step out to give gratitude to all Buddies who helped us throughout the year! This is our first time to do an event project for Buddies and we are grateful that this was successfully done!



preparations of GFriend hand fans and photo cards!

First of all we thank all GFSquad staffs who helped and managed the whole project event. With so much discussions and preparations, without you this project is impossible to happen.

Thanks to our staffs,

For photos and graphic designs we thank,

For distributing and handling the goods we thank,

As GFSquad held an event for Buddies, We are proudly announced that we are having a giveaway goods such as photo cards and hand fans of GFriend. In order to support our girls, we managed to distribute the freebies to all people and look around for Buddies inside the concert venue.

Our representative @tenjoshinki is the one who handled the goods and some buddies even helped her to distribute all. Thank you Buddy!

Watch the Facebook video link here

The concert will officially start at 7pm but some activities like Press con and Photo op were done earlier. The photo op was held inside a tent and people will have photo sessions with GFriend!


Buddies are excitingly wanted to see GFriend during the photo op and there is a Buddy who had our hand fan. A Buddy gave her Sowon hand fan to Sowon and what even makes her surprised is, Sowon took the hand fan. 


Thank you much our leader Sowon! It's another milestone for us and we GFSquad are thankful to you Buddy!

The Photo op segment is still exciting! GFSquad staff @tenjoshinki even asked our girls expecially Umji about GFSquad. The conversation between her and Umji are:

@tenjoshinki : Umji, I am from GFSquad. Do you know GFSquad?
Umji: Yes! We all know GFriend Squad


According to @tenjoshinki, As she asked Umji about GFSquad, other members nodded along and agreeing with Umji too. Thank you so much our GFRIEND for remembering us all the time!

Hand fans and photo cards previews!
GFSquad are searching for some updates from buddies SNS for those who are using our freebies so here are some proof shots of the freebies in the concert during the afternoon..





and in the night time performance!




GFriend sung only 5 songs including Navillera, Rough, Love Whisper, Summer Rain and Me Gustas Tu. and Buddy's fanchant were so loud and clear! But this is what we didn't expect to happen again! During last stage, as GFriend performed Me Gustas Tu, they walked to the front stage and closely singing along with Buddies. Marj who is in the SVIP standing area, tried to gave GFriend members the remaining hand fans but as she saw Sowon approaching, she gave the Sowon hand fan and luckily Sowon immediately took it once again.

59f702d9c2787_sowonfan.thumb.jpg.1f9be1905697e20f35971ff4904d18e2.jpgphoto credit from vulpecula twitter: @lightgemthief


It is the second time that she received another one of her own hand fan. She must be liked it so much!
We thank you once again Sowon! and we will not forget this.

It was less than 20 minutes GFriend performed and all people and Buddies were get along and cheered them in the whole time. Also, GFSquad are so glad that you used our freebies well in cheering our girls! You did great job Buddies!

Our Buddy project has been officially started and for more upcoming events, we will try to do our best to support our girls. We hope that everyone will continue to support GFRIEND and GFSQUAD!

*Filipino Buddies! Did you get one of our GFRIEND freebies? you can post and share your stories here in our forum!*


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So glad to see that the project was such a huge success, and seeing buddies having a great time at the event was a happy sight to behold.

Kudos to all the staff members and buddies who prepared hard for the project, including all the artworks and distribution of goods at the event. It was done so well even though this is the first of such project.

Also big thanks to GFriend for not only knowing who GFSquad are, but also appreciating us and supporting us every step of the way.

Very excited to see the international buddy projects that happens in the future as GFriend continue to have shows worldwide and the amount and quality of support that buddies give to GFriend. 


P/S: I wasn't there at the event myself, because of money reasons ('s always that right???!!) couldn't travel there by plane and afford the ticket then. But seeing all the support and updates makes my heart flutter to see that buddies are united together with GFriend (as if we are a union...... get it... as in what Umji said during the Fingertip Meet & Greet).


Also here's an emoticon of Yerin to demonstrate my feelings right now..... (maybe an accurate representation, but I can't tell because I don't have a mirror right now to check...)


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Thank you for making kpop republic 2 experience a very memorable one! Thanks for the feature too 😁





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A HUGEEEEE applause and acknowledgement to @tenjoshinki for setting it all up despite her physical well-being being not so well...:P

Get well soon, Marj, and thanks for setting this up for PH Buddies! 


FEZ4zS.gif "Fall down eight times, get up nine." 

"Вся слава Тому, Кто искупил жизнь мою"

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September 2, 2018 GFriend was featured in Philippine TV show, RatedK. A documentary show that featured lifestyle and trends about Philippines. Today Sunday, RatedK include Kpop groups that had successful concert this year. They featured GFriend! 

GFriend was featured for about 10 minutes and summarized what happened during the Season of GFriend concert. Meanwhile there is aFilipino Buddy who got interviewed. Her name was PY or known as @ginseng ginseng0819 (Twitter).


Here's a short clip of her interview. 


The setup of GFriend merchandises were so amazing and unbelievable to see!! What one more thing that I was surprised is the hand fans that GFSquad made and distributed during Krepublic joint concert last year! Thank you so much for featuring Yerin and SinB hand fans!





Check the other GFSquad giveaway freebies above this thread!

Overall, the GFriend segment from the show is really interesting and overwhelming to seeㅠ The short introduction was still on point and the interview came out very well!


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woah i love the hand fans ㅠㅠ


tenor.gif?itemid=6127238 tenor.gif?itemid=6163096

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