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[Translation | FanCafe] From Umji - Omo Omo

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Omo Buddies... I heard we've been together for 1000 days? @///@ heee
You know how there's that song that goes like 'For a thousand days~~'
So I think 1000 days is more than just a mere number of days,
It's a much more significant period of time filled with memorable stories.

And I'm really happy that I was able to spend that time together with our Buddies and our members :D

Vacation over! Back to real life! Might make some people sad,
And others might have a hard time readjusting to daily life because the vacation was so long.
But we'll work harder to provide you with small happiness in the midst of tiring daily lives!!
No no no, we might as well provide you with lots!! of happynesssss!!!!!

Mmm, always get energy by watching us and listening to our songs Buddies 
Watching Buddies get energy from watching us gives us energy, okay??

Thank you always and I looooveee youuuuu 😍
Let us stay together for much much longer!!



Umji: Wow daebak... time flew by so quickly.....


Translated by Albatro


"이거 하나만 약속해, 변치 않기를 바랄게. 그때도 지금처럼 날 향해 웃어줘"

"Promise me this one thing, I hope you don't change. Smile at me then like you do now"

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