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Hi everyone! This is my fan account for Gfriend's 1st Mini Concert in Taiwan on July 9, 2017. I'm a Canadian Buddy, and I was already planning to travel to Taiwan for vacation from mid-June to the beginning of July. When I first heard that Gfriend would be having a mini-concert in Taiwan around this time, I was really excited that I might have the chance to go! Then, the date of the mini-concert was finally announced: July 9. WHAT?!?! That was the day I would be leaving Taiwan!!! :BeastToss-03: Luckily, I was able to change my flight and leave 1 day later, just so I would be able to attend the mini-concert. This would actually be my second time seeing Gfriend. The first time was at Toronto Kpop Con in May 2016, where I attended their fanmeeting and participated in the hi-touch event. This was before their Navillera and Fingertip comebacks, so I was excited to see the newer songs performed live and experience what a Gfriend mini-concert was like. :yerin-love: 

--- Buying Tickets ---


Tickets went on sale May 21. There were 3 ticket types: Section A, Section B, and Section C. I decided to go for a Section A ticket since this would be a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me to attend Gfriend's mini-concert and I wanted to be as close to them as possible. I logged onto the ticketing website at the exact time that the tickets went on sale, but to my surprise, the Section A tickets were all gone already! :yerin-1: So, I refreshed like crazy for the next few minutes and finally managed to get a ticket in Section B5, Row 38. Apparently, all 2,400 tickets were sold out in 3 minutes, and more than 300 seats were added later on because of high demand. I knew that Gfriend had fans in Taiwan, but I had no idea that they were THIS popular over there! :umji: 

--- The Day of the Mini-Concert ---


The concert organizers held pre-orders for Gfriend's official goods, which were the same as the ones sold at the Dear Buddy Fanmeeting. These were the official slogan, badges, and of course, the lightstick. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pre-order them because I didn't have a Taiwan bank account. They would also be selling the goods in limited quantities of only 100 lightsticks, 100 slogans and 50 sets of badges (!!!) at the venue. The sales opened at 12:00 PM, so I got there early at 11:00 AM to line up for the goods. When I got there, there were already about 50 people in line. Each person was limited to buying 2 of each item, so I was worried that everyone before me would buy 2 each and I wouldn't be able to get anything. Luckily, after about an hour and a half of waiting in line, I managed to score a lightstick and a slogan! I decided not to get the badges because they were even more expensive than the lightstick. I later found out that Source Music was no longer producing them and the concert organizers had negotiated with them to re-manufacture them especially for this mini-concert. I'm a bit sad that I didn't get them now... :( 87PYWWm.jpg

After buying the goods, there were still a few hours left until the concert, so I walked around the area outside the venue. There were tons of vendors selling unofficial/fanmade Gfriend merchandise set up outside, so I went crazy buying Gfriend posters, photocards, and stickers! K7k1XIR.jpg

--- The Mini-Concert Pt. 1: Memorable Moments ---


The doors to the concert hall opened at 3:00 PM. Once we got into the concert hall, we were given small finger-lights and there were banners placed on our seats for use in the fan events prepared by Gfriend Taiwan Buddy Union. There were instructions printed on the back of the banner for each of the 5 fan events. I was so excited and nervous by this time. It was amazing to see so many Buddies in there, and everyone was testing out their lightsticks and reading the instructions for the fan events. I've always heard that girl groups like Gfriend have more male fans attending their events than female fans, but there was a good mix of male and female Buddies attending the mini-concert. 

At 4:00 PM, the concert finally started! Honestly, I was in a dream-like state for most of the concert because it was so surreal to be there with Gfriend right in front of me, so I can't remember every single detail from the concert. I also only took one picture the entire concert (which will be revealed later on :BeastToss-11:) because I wanted to focus on enjoying the moments. I knew that there would be Buddies there with much better cameras than mine, and that there would be hundreds of high-quality photos and fancams posted later on, which I am sure you have all seen already! 

The concert went by in a blur. One of the things that stood out to me, other than the performances, was that the fanchants were SUPER LOUD!! I'll admit that I didn't have all the fanchants memorized before the concert because some of them are a bit harder, like the Korean parts in Rough and Luv Star. I was impressed to hear that there were so many Buddies SCREAMING even those parts out! 

Gfriend also did quite a few talks in between songs. During the talks there was a translator doing live translations from Korean to Mandarin, so we could all understand what the members were saying. Some moments that I remember most from the talks are: 

Gfriend cutely jumping so that fans in the back could see them! 

The members also talked about what they wanted to do for the rest of 2017. They made all of us promise to stay happy and healthy for the rest of the year. 

SinB also mentioned that there was something different about this mini-concert -- the new lightsticks! She and Umji then started to lead us to wave our lightsticks in different directions. It was super funny and cute to see all the Buddies following along with their instructions! :BeastToss-32:

--- The Mini Concert Pt. 2: Song-by-Song + Fan Events ---


Gfriend performed a total of 18 songs that night. I'll go through the concert song-by-song and write down some more moments that stood out, including the fan events: 

1. Glass Bead

2. One + White

--Members' Self Introduction--

The members all did their self introductions in Chinese, and their pronunciation was very good! The first fan event was also planned for this segment. After each member's introduction, the translator counted down "1, 2, 3!" and Buddies chanted the prepared phrases together: 

--Fan Event 1: Self-Intro Chant--

하차여신 김소정! (Getting off the car goddess – Kim So Jung)

홍삼최강 정예린! (Strongest red ginseng – Jung Ye Rin)

투턱최고 정은비! (Highest double chin – Jung Eun Bi)

천사보컬 최유나! (Angel vocal – Choi Yu Na)

애기여신 황은비! (Children’s goddess – Hwang Eun Bi)

엄지공주 김예원! (Umji/thumb princess – Kim Ye Won)

The chants were a bit disorganized at first, so Gfriend tried hard to hear and guess what we were saying. After they figured it out though, their reactions were pretty hilarious! The funniest reaction was Eunha's who acted offended at why we had to draw attention to her double chin. SinB also didn't understand why we were calling her a 'child' until she realized it was a reference to Shawing! :SinB:

3. Sorrowful Regret 夢中做憨人 by A-Mei (Taiwanese Song Cover) 

Gfriend prepared this cover as a thank-you to Buddies for selling out the concert. This is a song in the Taiwanese language/dialect originally sung but the famous Taiwanese singer A-Mei. Taiwanese is different from Mandarin and can be quite a difficult language to learn if you don't speak it natively. I don't understand Taiwanese myself, but through this song I could see how hard Gfriend had worked to learn and practice this cover just so they could give back to Taiwan Buddies. 

4. Trust

5. Rain in the Spring Time

--Fan Event 2: Finger-Light Event --

We were instructed to turn on and wave the finger-lights we were given from the beginning of this song until the end. We were given both white and blue finger-lights and the effect of this was really pretty. It looked like a sea of thousands of tiny stars in the concert hall all moving along to the music. This is my favourite Gfriend B-side and I was so excited to hear it live for the first time. The effect of the lights from the fan event made the experience even more magical! 

--Outfit Change 1--

During the first outfit change, a video was played that had clips from the Dear Buddy fanmeeting, with LOL as the background music. 

6. Navillera

7. Me Gustas Tu

8. Luv Star

9. Click

During Click, Gfriend walked through the audience and took pictures with fans. They only stayed around the Section A area though, and it looked like tons of fun for the lucky Buddies there! Sadly, I was too far away to see them up close. 


10. The Way (Umji Solo) 

11. Spring Again (Yerin & Eunha) 

12. Inferiority Complex (Eunha Solo)

13. Spring is Gone by Chance (Yuju Solo)

--Outfit Change 2--

During the second outfit change, a special VCR was played. I hadn't seen this VCR before, so it seems like it was prepared by Gfriend just for the Taiwan and Hong Kong mini-concerts! It was a super-cute one-take style video that first focused on each member posing and playing with items in a house, then showed the members all playing video games together and finally facing the camera and waving to Buddies. I couldn't find a video of it from the Taiwan concert, so here is a (low-quality) video from the Hong Kong concert:

14. Fingertip

15. Contrail

16. Rough


After performing Rough, Gfriend left the stage and the lights all went dark. There was a feeling of anticipation in the air though, so I knew that the concert wasn't over yet and Gfriend would be coming back for an encore!

--Fan Event 3: Encore Chant--

During this time, a Fan Union member instructed us to sing the chorus for the Chinese song 'Endless Love to You 對你愛不完' by Aaron Kwok. The lyrics were written on the back of the banners. This song was chosen because Gfriend had sung a cover of this at the Super Star Red & White Awards in Taiwan in January. It is a classic Chinese song that is very famous and popular in Taiwan. For the event, the Fan Union changed the last line to say "If you want to see Buddies~ Then come out quickly~"

We were asked to repeat the chant 3 times. After the third time, the Gfriend logo appeared on the screen and all Buddies SCREAMED so loudly! :sb2:

17. My Buddy

When My Buddy started playing, I heard Gfriend's voices but couldn't see them. Then I heard some excited audience members behind me. I turned around and OMG!!! Yuju, SinB, and Yerin were coming through the doors right behind my section! Everyone in my section was scrambling to take videos and try to shake hands with the girls. I wasn't in the aisle nearest them, but they were still so close!!

After My Buddy ended, it was time for the biggest fan event prepared by Taiwan Buddies. 

--Fan Event 4: Video/Slogan Event--

This surprise fan video was played:


At the end of the video, there was a slogan event. Before the start of the concert, Buddies in Section A were given large blue, white, or yellow cardboards to hold. These cardboards were supposed to spell out a large message in Korean when put together. Buddies without a card, like me, were asked to hold this slogan: 


The message roughly translates as: "We will hold hands and go on together forever". 

The large cardboards that the Section A Buddies had were double-sided, and they were supposed to spell out two parts of a message for Gfriend after the signal "TURN" was displayed on the screen at the end of the fan video. The message was: 여친이 있어서 우리가 행복해 (Because we have Gfriend, we are very happy). Unfortunately, the lights didn't turn on quickly enough for Gfriend to see the entire message. There was also some confusion among Buddies about when to turn the cards, so some of the letters didn't turn out quite right. Gfriend was still appreciative of our efforts though! At this time, group photos were also taken of Gfriend with the audience, and the message can be seen in the photos: 

18. Sunshine

--Fan Event 5: Slogan Event --

It was finally time for the saddest moment: the last song of the mini-concert. :BeastToss-21:There was also one final fan event for Sunshine. Buddies were asked to raise this slogan throughout the song: 


Rough translation: "You are Buddies' only one!" 

--- After the Mini-Concert ---


Once Sunshine ended, Gfriend finally left the stage. I was so sad to see them go! When the lights went on though, no one from the audience left their seats. I was a bit confused... Maybe the concert wasn't completely over yet? Then, tables were brought onto the stage and people in the front section were told to line up in rows. I recognized this as a set-up for a hi-touch event. I knew that a few lucky Buddies who attended the concert had an opportunity to take a group picture with Gfriend or win a signed Polaroid from them, which was determined by draw. Hi-touch was mentioned as a fan benefit, but I thought that was by draw as well. I asked the Buddy sitting next to me, and he said that everyone who bought a ticket would be able to participate in the hi-touch event!! Wow, Gfriend was really going to shake hands with the almost 3,000 Buddies in the concert hall! :sowon-wow:

While waiting for my row's turn to do the hi-touch, I took this picture, which gives you a bit of perspective of my view from the stage. If you look closely, you can see Gfriend getting excited before shaking hands with a little kid who attended the show! 


After about half an hour of waiting, it was finally my turn for the hi-touch. The order was SinB, Yuju, Yerin, Umji, Sowon, and Eunha. Buddies were being moved along very quickly at this point so I didn't get a chance to make eye contact with Gfriend and tell each of them 'Thank You' like I did at the Toronto fanmeeting hi-touch. I was still happy though because getting to do a hi-touch with Gfriend was more than I had expected already! :BeastToss-33:

--- Final Thoughts ---


I am so thankful that I got the chance to attend this mini-concert. It was an opportunity not just to see Gfriend's performances that I could only watch through videos before, but also a chance to interact with them, no matter how small or indirect the interaction was. I could also see just how strong the bond between Gfriend and Buddies is. I was so impressed with how much Taiwan Buddies love Gfriend and how they showed their love for the members through the fanchants and fan events. Gfriend showed their love and appreciation for Buddies too through their talks, the song cover they prepared, and their performances. Being in a concert hall with not only Gfriend themselves, but almost 3,000 other Buddies who were fanchanting, singing along, and expressing their love for Gfriend along with me was truly an unforgettable experience. :gfriend::y1:


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Wow that's absolutely comperhensive report. That would be something like mystical experience for you. I'm jealous [emoji38]

Half of what I say is meaningless


Half of what I say is meaningless

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@bombee thank you for your fan account! This was really interesting to read!! From reading what you have written, it sounds like you had a fantastic time. By chance are you from the Toronto area? If so, i'd love to get into contact with you and spazz about GFriend! :BeastToss-32:

Thanks again for this wonderful fan account! :BeastToss-33:


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i envious you had a very good time, thank for sharing <3

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@omuji @ProudBuddy Thanks for reading!! :D

@AznSeoul I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!! I liked reading your fan accounts as well! :y1: I'm actually from Alberta, but it's great to meet another Canadian Buddy! :umji:


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Hi @bombee that is an awesome and very detailed fan account thanks for posting!  It was really fun for me to read and get your well informed perspective on some of the particular events at the show, because my Mandarin is not so great so I was a bit lost at times when the discussions were happening and about the official goods, etc. That concert was really special to me, and like you I just happened to be in Taipei at the right time to catch it!   :BeastToss-26:


I bought a SinB pillow from the vendors outside, lol.  AhhKv85.jpg


If anyone missed it, also check out my account of this concert and cell phone pics here.  Sorry I didn't post it in this Fan Accounts section, Mod-nims!  :SinB:


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@Dopple I'm happy that you enjoyed reading it! The concert was a very special experience for me too, and both of us are definitely so lucky to have been able to experience it! :Sowon::gfriend:


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