[170819] Review of Umji's 20th Birthday Project by GFSquad

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Wreath Error

For Yerin’s and Umji’s Birthday, GFSquad.com had purchased a Powdered Milk wreath and Rice wreath from Dreame. The wreaths were delivered to Source Music on August 18th, 2017.

Upon receiving the proof photos of the wreaths, we had noticed several errors.

  1. The images for these two wreaths were not printed correctly on the appropriate wreaths. The image for Yerin's wreath was printed on the wreath for Umji and vice versa.
  2. The ribbons for both orders were placed on the wrong sides. Messages meant for the Right Ribbon were printed on the Left one and vice versa.


Unfortunately, these errors could not be fixed in time before the Ye-Sisters did their birthday VLive.

We have received an apology from Dreame and will be receiving an extra 10kg of Rice for the next wreath we purchase from them.



Dear GFSquad.com,

This is Dreame.

First of all, we apologize for any inconvenience that our loyal customer may have experienced with our service.

We would like to offer our apologies for the misprinted images on our Dreame merchandise for GFRIEND Umji and Yerin's birthday, and also for the delay before re-installing the replacements.

When we were informed of the misprinted images we contacted Source Music and attempted to make corrections right away, unfortunately it was delayed since we were told by Source Music that we could not make a revisit on that day.

We apologize for the misprint that happened in the first place, as the (Dreame) image team confused the two images.

We would like to offer 10 kg of extra rice (free of charge) on your next donation.

We will work our best to prevent any further mistake in the future.

Thank you.

For those curious, here was the timeline of the events:

  1. The initial installment was scheduled for 2 pm KST, Aug. 18th by Source Music.
  2. Dreame sent the proof photos to GFSquad.com at 5:10 pm KST
  3. The staff noticed the errors and contacted Dreame Customer Service at 5:26 pm KST.
  4. Dreame called back at 5:48 pm, informing us that Source Music had no staff available for the day to reopen the locked doors, and told Dreame to come back with the replacement on the next day, 10:30 am Aug. 19th.
  5. As Dreame arrived on Source Music at 10:30 am next day, Source Music had no staff available to unlock the doors, and told Dreame that they will call back. Unfortunately there was no further update. Vlive for Ye-Sister birthday was broadcasted on the night of Aug. 19th.
  6. The proof photo of the replaced images arrived on Aug. 22nd. The staff chose not to pursue further on what went on between Dreame and Source Music between Aug. 20th and 22nd, as the Vlive for Ye-Sister birthday was already broadcasted.

(※Many were asking why no one at Source Music couldn't open the doors for Dreame before the Vlive. One of the staffs from Source Music has to be on the spot when anyone from outside is visiting the place, where all the gifts from many fan communities are displayed altogether. Unfortunately, we have no clear method to confirm when and who were available from Source Music during the time of incident.)

Display of our Wreaths at Source Music

For the past two Birthday supports for the Eunbi's and Ye-Sisters, Source Music has started hanging fan gifts on our wreaths.


Eunha's Wreath:


Ye-Sister's Wreaths:



We are unsure of for what reasons why Source Music decided to hang fan gifts on our wreaths. Because of this, the wreaths that we purchased and the art that @Buddies_art made was covered up. This has left us a little disappointed since we put in a lot of effort and time to have these wreaths delivered to the girls for them and other Buddies to see and enjoy in its entirety.

In the future, we will politely ask Source Music to not hang other fan gifts on our wreaths so that they can be displayed properly.



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cr: nerdysinb

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Sorry to hear about the cover of wreath and the error.  it's very nice and alot of hard work was put into it.  Good Job.


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Thanks to all those involved. It's a nice feeling to be part of something like this.


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Another milestone for International Buddies! Umji wore one of GFSquad's gift for her.

Thank you supporters and Donors who even made this possible again! We are grateful to have you :D


Thank you so much Umji!



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