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[Translation | OSEN] (Interview) GFRIEND Yuju: "Ankle Injury? I Found out Through TV.. I'm Okay Now"

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[OSEN=Kim Eun-ae Reporter]


At this point, calling them 'SummerFRIEND' wouldn't be much of an exaggeration. With their new song 'Love Whisper,' GFRIEND has been sweeping not only music charts, but music shows as well, celebrating a memorable summer like no other. 

After coming back with 'PowerUp Innocence,' GFRIEND has been writing a legacy of 6 straight hits. More impressively, GFRIEND's true worth isn't just about peaking at 1st place only to disappear soon after.

GFRIEND's songs have always remained on top of the music charts for a long time, exercising their power of the 'long-run.' 'Love Whisper' is no different. 'Love Whisper' showcased GFRIEND's unique refreshing charms, captivating not only male listeners, but also teenage girls.

On top of that, GFRIEND's initial album sales have exceeded 30k, surpassing previous records. Furthermore, they have won 4 times on music shows.

Also, Yuju's ankle was recently shown to be bleeding as she was performing on MBC Every1's 'Show Champion.' But Yuju did not falter and persisted throughout the remainder of the performance, drawing praise from the public. This stage is another demonstration of GFRIEND's perseverance.

GFRIEND recently met with OSEN and mentioned, "It's thanks to the fans' support. We feel that we can rely on them." Then they added, "We're so thankful. We hope we can stay together as 'GFRIEND' for a long time.'


Q. You are set for another long-run this time, receiving lots of public reaction.

Sowon : This is our comeback after 4 months. We were also looking forward to this album, and we're thankful for everyone's interest and love towards our song. We also still have lots to show.

Umji : We were so excited by ourselves. We kept checking the charts. We also learned a lot about the charts.


Q. You presented 'PowerUp Innocence' from Power Innocence.

Yerin : It's awesome, but I hope it doesn't go "Up" even more. Because we're continually increasing in power, that concerns me (laughs). I'm already looking forward to the next one.


Q. You are innocent on stage, but it seems like you are more 'Beagles.'

Sowon : Beagle-dol? We're very innocent (laughs).

Umji : I think our fans like our diverse charms. Whether it's our innocent looks on stage or energetic looks off stage, fans love all of them. We hope that our fans can look at us and support us the way we are.


Q. Your teamwork is also amazing.

Sowon : Now even looking at our members' faces make me laugh. We're having so much fun. And within that, we're trying to concentrate during work when we have to. When we practice or go in front of camera, we recharge and focus. During regular days, we get along happily together.


Q. Your choreography this time is also very difficult.

Sowon : Even one round of the song makes me feel like I've danced two or three times. It's that taxing on stamina. For those who want to go on a diet, you should try following our choreography.




Q. Do you have a goal for this album?

Umji : Our fans have been calling us SummerFRIEND this time around. We hope you can beat the hot summer with us. Since 'Love Whisper' fits well with the summer season, we hope lots of people will listen to our song. Being a comeback 4 months after 'Fingertip,' we want to spend quality fun time with our fans. And more than anything else, I hope our members can successfully complete this promotion without getting hurt.


Q. But didn't GFRIEND have to give up on their summer vacation?

Yerin : We are extremely eager for the golden break season around Chuseok (laughs).


Q. Your M/V views skyrocketed very quickly this time, attracting public attention.

Sowon : We filmed outdoors for about 3 days to capture nature on camera. And during those 3 days, we had difficult moments in the hot summer heat. We cheered each other up while filming. And we were so happy that our efforts were reflected by the numbers. Thanks to everyone who watched our M/V, all of our hardships have washed away.


Q. Yuju was noted for completing a stage despite having a bleeding ankle.

Yuju : Being a pre-recording session, things moved very fast and I was not even aware of my injury. I only found out after watching our stage on TV. It didn't hurt during the stage, but I felt pain while watching TV. In reality, I was completely fine at the time and I'm perfectly okay now.


Q. I think the fans' support is a great source of energy for you.

Sowon : I feel like we have dependable supporters when I think about our fans. Even during early morning recording sessions, I see our fans lined up early for us. Whenever I see them, it's touching and I'm very thankful. For sure, there is a huge difference between having our fans and not having them. But because our fans keep coming, some of them seem to have lost their voices. While it pains us to see that, we also feel motivated to work even harder. We also very much understand the support from the fans who aren't able to come see us. We really appreciate everyone for the love. I hope we can stay together as 'GFRIEND' for a long time. Let's all 'GFRIEND,' everyone.


[사진] 쏘스뮤직, OSEN DB
Source: Naver TVEntertainment




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Please don't get hurt~~

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I love you GFRIEND♡♡♡

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Thanks to GFRIEND, this has been another awesome summer. Please keep doing what you do best!

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Yerinnie ㅋㅋㅋ She says she's looking forward to the golden break ㅋㅋㅋ

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ㄴ With Energy!

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I love you GFRIEND

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They've become godlike at interviews now ㅋㅋㅋ I can hear their voices just by reading the text

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Let's all GFRIEND❤️❤️ Yochin Jjang!!❤️

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Sure, I'll GFRIEND

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Please keep on being awesome


Translated by Albatro


"이거 하나만 약속해, 변치 않기를 바랄게. 그때도 지금처럼 날 향해 웃어줘"

"Promise me this one thing, I hope you don't change. Smile at me then like you do now"

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