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[Translation | OSEN] (Oh! Music) GFRIEND's Girl-like Emotions, That Addiction

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[OSEN=Sun Mi-kyeong Reporter] GFRIEND's girl-like emotions, that addiction is charming.


Girlgroup GFRIEND is the team that best represents girl-like emotions. If Twice is being loved by the general public for their youthful energy, GFRIEND is gaining popularity with their unique sentiments and their signature Power Innocence. It's also the power of GFRIEND's storytelling that began in the 'Glass Bead' era.

GFRIEND especially goes well with girlishness. For sure, they have lots of variation within that concept, and they are breaking their limits with a variety of unique attempts. Also, the girl-like emotions that define GFRIEND's songs also have power in the sense that they are catchy. The success that GFRIEND's songs are having is also related to this. They are presenting their best stories with colourful concepts, backed up by the catchy music that is required for a 'long run.' This is why GFRIEND is referred to as 'GodFRIEND.'

GFRIEND's story began with the School Trilogy. It was truly the peak of girl-like emotions. They were as familiar as our best friends around us, and that made their appearance much more charming. This is why GFRIEND's success is evaluated as 'The power of content.' On top of an innocent and pure rookie girlgroup image, GFRIEND added their unique worldview in Power Innocence and drew much of the public's attention.

Under the concept known as Power Innocence, girl-like emotions suit them the best. It started with girls' desires to never shatter and light up the world, despite being Glass Beads. Then, they shyly yet confidently expressed their emotions. Next, they sang about their desperate wishes to be able to 'Run through time and become an adult.' That's how they grew up.

From 'Glass Bead' to 'Me Gustas Tu,' and 'Rough,' GFRIEND's girl-like emotions were connected to form a story. They were able to specifically target girl fans' interests and were successful in doing so. As a result, girl-like charms became a part of GFRIEND's identity alongside Power Innocence. This was described as their unique 'uplifting emotions.'

Having finished sidetracking with 'FINGERTIP,' GFRIEND is again back at the peak of girl-like emotions. 'Love Whisper' uses a slightly different atmosphere from the previous songs to bring out GFRIEND's girl-like emotions. It's a lyrical piece yet with power. They also grew again. From a confident girl's love story to a more calm mood, GFRIEND sings about their resolute faith. Another shot at the girl-like emotions. Bringing out the refreshing energy to match the summer season was also a perfect strategy.


Source: Naver TVEntertainment




+ 163, - 10
The song gets better the more I listen to it, infinitely charming GFRIEND fighting, fighting ♡♡♡

+ 137, - 8
GFRIEND fighting!! Let's hope for daebak

+ 135, - 11
The song is awesome. Power Innocence really does go well with GodFRIEND. heh

+ 122, - 10
So good

+ 116, - 9
GodFRIEND fighting, let's make this a successful promotion!!

+ 39, - 2
If they were only girly, todays's success wouldn't have happened. It was thanks to the friendly bright and healthy images. (In other words, jjang)

+ 44, - 4
Honestly so good the more I listen to it, it's like.. My ears feel more relaxed? Kek anyway GFRIEND fighting ♥♥

+ 37, - 2
Let's go for 1st place next week

+ 39, - 4
Love Whisper is so good, it became an earworm for me

+ 37, - 5
The more I listen to it, the more I get addicted. I can't escape now~


Translated by Albatro


"이거 하나만 약속해, 변치 않기를 바랄게. 그때도 지금처럼 날 향해 웃어줘"

"Promise me this one thing, I hope you don't change. Smile at me then like you do now"

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