[SINB] Super Fly | Is this too RUDE?

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Okay I usually don't do this kind of videos, since I am afraid people will judge me. :BeastToss-19:

I uploaded a short "scrap" version of it, pretty badly done and people liked the idea.

This video is a lot about SinB's growth, in all kinds of ways:
Becoming an adult, maturing, improving her skills and development of personality.
This is as well about her extremely adventurous side (we all know she wants to do bungee jumping again and again and again).
As some say, SinB is a bada**
Many female fans also like to call SinB Oppa (I think, she doesn't mind it if people call her Unnie/Noona/Oppa/Hyung no matter what age or gender.)

I am gonna warn you this is a really "rude" video. So basically a lot of her fan-service etc.


I wonder if you catch the last moment of the video and get the idea of it~

I hope you enjoy. I think this video took the most effort so far.




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