Two Eunbi (Eunha & SinB) 2018 Birthday Support Project

Eunha & SinB 2018 Birthday Support Project

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170716 Hong Kong Mini Concert

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I found a playlist for the concert by 9th Century KPop, but it seems like that play list has a bunch of extra, non GFriend, videos in it as well as having the concert in reverse order. Therefore I'm also putting a link to all the parts here in order (I think, I haven't watched them yet).

The playlist ends there, but I found more random videos from the concert. If the original playlist gets more songs I'll edit this, but for now here are some vids of the later part of the show:


Edited by strawberry_an_banana
Some of the concert was missing :(

I am good at making puppy noises - Eunha @ 18:15

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