[Translation | GQ Korea] Real GFRIEND #Umji (Interview))

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Real GFRIEND #Umji

Date: 160622


Even your outfit says maknae.
Yeah, hehe.


What do you think about people looking at you as just the maknae?
I'm the youngest in my family too, so I feel comfortable about it.


You're actually the same age as SinB, but you're so much more of the maknae. You also appeared together on related search keywords, and weren't there also articles about how you two don't get along?
Ah, I saw that too. That's precisely only a rumour. There was something like this with SinB. You know how you actually act less friendly to people who you're really close to, compared to acquaintances, right? That's why we appeared to not get along, but people took that the wrong way. I think we talk to each other the most, understand each other well, and she's a great friend.


In fact, I hear from other members that they learn from your firm and decisive personality, despite being the youngest.
I really appreciate unnies talking about me like that. To be honest, I think growing up with much older unnie and oppa made me mature quicker, rather than me necessarily having a firm and decisive personality.


What do you think your role is in GFRIEND?
Probably just maknae?


But hey, maknae is just an age. So I mean like your strength.
Mm, I think I take on the role of an intermediary. Let's say there is a conflict between two people. Then I observe for a bit and point out 'this unnie is like that, and that unnie is like this' and propose something to talk about as a solution. Being an intermediary has been my habit since I was a kid.


What's the most important part in solving conflicts?
Speaking so that I don't hurt either person's feelings is the most important part. So I start off by acknowledging their side and then point some things out. If I point stuff out after empathizing with them, then they are more inclined to listen to me.


It's one of those answers you'd see in a book like < Conversation Techniques >. I see where you got your title of being firm and decisive.
Thank you.


Actually, I thought you would mention your cute voice as your strength. Don't you have some pride in that too?
Well, you know how listening to your own voice as you speak is different from hearing a recorded version of your voice? When I was young, I didn't like my recorded voice. But after debuting, our fans told me that I had a pretty voice. I never thought about my voice that way. Thanks to that, my thoughts changed and even gained confidence in my voice. I'm thinking I should investigate what I could do with my voice.


Isn't it animation voiceovers?
That's right. That's one of the areas I really want to try. Really.


I heard you like Disney animations?
I really like < Rapunzel >, < The Little Mermaid >, < Winnie the Pooh > and all of the Disney princess movies.


Which role would be the best for you?
Rapunzel. I think I've watched < Rapunzel > at least 5 times.


I'd think < Thumbelina > would also have a disney animation. (We confirmed that there is a 1994 animation < Thumbelina > produced by Warner)
Ah, I should go look it up.


I'm sure you're sick of hearing this, but you're okay with your name Umji now, right?
I've gotten used to it, and I'm satisfied with it now. The name seems to stick to me now.


You and the name Umji just goes so well together.
Yeah, I'm glad that people aren't forgetting my name easily.



Source: GQ Korea
Translated by Albatro


"이거 하나만 약속해, 변치 않기를 바랄게. 그때도 지금처럼 날 향해 웃어줘"

"Promise me this one thing, I hope you don't change. Smile at me then like you do now"

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It's not surprising that Umji has a firm and decisive personality, and acknowledged by the other members. I can picture her as a mediator-type who is able to resolve differences through observation and talking it out. She seems the type who feels (or empathizes) while seeing things with a clear mind. I can see her doing voiceovers and possibly collaborating on songs. She has a nice tone to her voice, although at times I feel she's not confident. I'd like to see her explore her voice, as she stated herself in wanting to do, and reach her potential as an artist.

Thanks, @Albatro again for this translations!



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Umji is the maknae but doesn't mean she must act like the maknae at all times.

It's good to see even the youngest one taking charge at times. 


FEZ4zS.gif "Fall down eight times, get up nine." 

"Вся слава Тому, Кто искупил жизнь мою"

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