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[Translation | GQ Korea] Real GFRIEND #SinB (Interview)

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Date: 160622 


It was cute seeing you struggle with cutesy stuff.
Do you think so? Haha. I think I've gotten better recently.


Is it thanks to the children's program < Larva and Friends in My Embrace >?
Correct. For one, I had to adjust to appeal to the correct audience, and following the lead of unnies and oppas made me more comfortable with that kind of stuff.


I saw this on < One Fine Day >, but you had a lot of notebooks by your bed. What are those?
A diary, books from fans, and language study books from my mom.


I asked because it looked like the perfect place to keep a diary.
My dad told me that if I wrote some entries to look back on it later on, I would like it in the future.


What's the usual content?
It's a secret. Haha. 'I performed poorly during our recording'. Then that's due to insufficient practice, so I record that. 'I made a mistake during the photoshoot.' Stuff like that. I write down anything from small events to bigger ones.


The members say that you are like a fatherly figure. When others are around, you appear to not care, but take care of others behind the scenes. Perhaps it's because your personality doesn't like getting noticed or making a big deal out of things. So maybe that's why you don't like cutesy stuff either. But GFRIEND is 'girly'. Isn't it hard for you?
I was once 'girly' too. Before, people kept telling me that I'm very masculine, so I thought so too. But now I'm starting to think that's not necessarily the case. It's starting to show as I promote with our members. Haha.


GFRIEND is famous for being scarily in order with their choreography. Let me ask the dance representative. Is that possible through just practice?
Practice is important, but we have to be in sync together. We can all proudly say that our teamwork is good. Even if we point out each other's mistakes during practice, we don't show negative feelings and accept the advices. And all of our members are very motivated, so they themselves ask around if they think that they made a mistake.


Then let me ask it this way. How do you become good at dancing?
I don't really know because I've been dancing since I was a kid. Maybe it's important to like dancing and put in the time and effort?


GFRIEND's choreography didn't just end on stage. The dances you performed on variety shows went viral, with the 2x speed dance topping it off. What if they ask you to perform 4x speed dance for next comeback?
We didn't really practice for it, but we managed to do the 2x speed dance. But we're more of the 'let's have fun' style, rather than a 'let's do more' style.


What's the most important part when attempting GFRIEND's dances?
You need power, but you need endurance even more. You'll feel it when you try it, but it's really exhausting. We're managing it because we've gotten used to it, but most people probably won't last two songs. You really do need lots of stamina.


Work on stamina first before attempting them?
Yeah, they would be perfect as diet dances. Haha.


Isn't it difficult to keep a pretty face while performing powerful dances?
Our fans say that it's too hard making GIFs because we move around so much. Haha. I didn't know this at first, but I've been learning the ropes. Be pretty when I'm on camera and powerful during the other parts! Also, I do like difficult things.


I like difficult tasks, which is another reason I like our team.



Source: GQ Korea
Translated by Albatro


"이거 하나만 약속해, 변치 않기를 바랄게. 그때도 지금처럼 날 향해 웃어줘"

"Promise me this one thing, I hope you don't change. Smile at me then like you do now"

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It's nice to see that SinB is caring towards the other members. I've also noticed that she's been showing more of her "softer" or "girly" side as of late, and she seems quite comfortable with it. Even her aegyo is much improved. For these changes, it seems that SinB is rather an all-around kind of girl, and not just "oppa" or "masculine" as many fans see her as. With her mindset of tackling difficult tasks, I'm not sure if there's anything she cannot do if she puts her mind to it.

Thanks, @Albatro for another spectacular translation! :BeastToss-11:


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And that is why I really love her. :gfs-smilie-sinb::BeastToss-11:



tumblr_nrptze36LK1u92k49o4_250.gif    I WILL ALWAYS BE SINB'S    tumblr_nrptze36LK1u92k49o1_250.gif


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