[FANACC] 170324 GFriend "The Awakening" Noryangjin Fansign

By AznSeoul in Fan Accounts,
Thank you again for stopping by. I'm really having a blast sharing my personal fan accounts with you all! All of these memories and feelings from the past have actually been making me a brighter person recently. I appreciate all of the feedback and questions you guys have been posting. Keep them coming! I have loads more of fan accounts coming your way! Please enjoy these cherished memories of mine.   ---- Prelude After a day of rest following two non-stop days of pre-recordings & live tapings of SBS MTV The Show & MBC Show Champion, I was ready for more GFriend action! Lugging around CDs for a fansign while running between music show recordings had definitely been a work out! A day of rest between the recordings and fansign was much appreciated! However, a mid-morning pre-recording of Fingertip at Music Bank was the first thing on my schedule for the day!   ---- 170324 Noryangjin Fansign Luckily this fansign was not too far away. It was held in Noryangjin, not too far from Gangnam where I was residing. Finding the venue was a little difficult as the fansign was held in an art hall located in the basement of a television station building. However, the main entrance to the basement had been locked and gated leaving a number of Buddies including myself confused. After circling around the foyer a few times, I decided to take the elevator to the basement. Fortunately this lead me to exactly where I wanted to be. There I lined up for my positon and was again lucky enough to draw in the low 20s out of 100. Here I met a number of new international buddies from Hong Kong, Indonesia, & Malaysia. It was great to meet more i-Buddies I could speak about GFriend with and relate to. This was great as I was able to easily pass the time before the fansign started. Luckily enough two of the i-Buddies were seated near me. This time around, Umji was up first. We had discussed their comeback and I had wished them continued success. My time with Yuju was pretty interesting as I had gifted her with a box of maple syrup cookies from Canada. She was intrigued by the cookies and began to explain how she thought Maple Syrup went well with bread. (Maybe she was thinking about French Toast?) We had chatted about the time she came to Toronto and what she had done on her night after the Toronto Fanmeeting. Since Toronto pretty much closes after midnight, they had walked along the shoreline of Lake Ontario along the boardwalk and park areas passing by some popular spots among the locals. On to Yerin, I showed her identical photos of me and her in an exact spot when GFriend came to Toronto. <SEE BELOW> She was quite amused. Sowon was actually quite surprised and clapped her hands while as I also showed her a photo <SEE BELOW> of me and a couple of friends parodying them in a photo at the same restaurant in Toronto. She really wanted to talk about the photo but couldn't find the right words to say in English and tried communicating with me in Korean. Sadly, my Korean was not advanced enough for me to comprehend exactly what she was trying to say. Hopefully one day Sowon and I will have a really meaningful conversation. Once again my experience with SinB was great as I showed her a photo <SEE BELOW> of myself on the same bench she was on in Toronto. It really seemed like she remembered the photo as she looked at it and acknowledged it out loud with an "Ahhh Ahhhh" (A "Yes I know" type of response.) She had seemed quite impressed, I think? (or somewhat interested.) I had stuck the photo on the back of a chocolate bar with tape very poorly  which resulted in it teating off when she picked it up. To my amusement she took the photo and gently stuck it back on the back of the chocolate bar. Haha she was so cute. My experience with Eunha was top notch! Even before I started making my way she was already looking at me while I was with SinB and mouthing my name“존.존.존.” Wow it had been about two weeks since we last spoke face to face yet she still remembered my name. (This is something I will always remember her for.) “You remember by name?!” Eunha replied “존!”. Lol why did I make her say my name again?   This fansign had been totally worth it, especially because of the love received from Eunha.   *Note throughout the Fansign, GFriend kept referring to the event as the Yeouido fansign. Fans continuously corrected them and shouted "NORYANGJIN!" <Gifts I gave to GFriend at the Noryangjin Fansign> <*The following video was edited in clips and I appear at different times throughout. I am wearing the black sweater. Sadly the full fancam was recently made private. If anyone can find my part with Eunha & Yuju, please let me know!> (Sowon: 18:33 - 19:28) (SinB:19:29 - 20:06) ---- Thank you again for reading my fan account! I appreciate the continued support and feedback! More to come from my Fingertip comeback experiences, Navillera era comeback and Rough era comeback.  
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