[FANACC] 170326 GFriend "The Awakening" Incheon Fansign

By AznSeoul in Fan Accounts,
Hello Buddies, I'm pretty new here to GFSquad, but I'm a veteran Buddy from Toronto, Canada. I would like to share my experiences with GFriend to all of you in hopes that you can one day do the same and live the ultimate dream! Please enjoy the many fan accounts that I have had throughout the year.   -------- 170326 Incheon Fansign Sadly this would be my last fansign for “Awakening”. (I had gone to two prior to this one.) With my wallet burning, I had figured three fansigns would be enough. (I sadly lost 2 of the 5 that I had entered) This fansign was by far the furthest away I would attend as it was held in a small room at the Shinsegae Department Store in Incheon. Unlike when I came to this building previously during Rough comeback, a smaller different room was used. It wasn’t an ideal location as seats were not theatre style as it was here previously and all of us were seated on an even level, thus it was hard to see much if you were behind the first few rows. I don’t know if luck had to do with it, but I somehow managed to draw ticket #1 of 100 for this fansign. I was literally shocked, how could I go first? I had never gone first for a fansign before. I had many friends here today from all across the world, they would all see me going up first. (I met many i-buddies in Korea during Navillera and Fingertip comebacks.) Honestly I was so nervous I couldn’t think of what to say, even my scripted questions were already gone from my head. Thank goodness the fansign was delayed and I had some time to regroup my thought and talk it out with some of my friends. Once called up, I was greeted by Umji. I gave her my cd to sign. Oh my goodness.. The sticky note that’s supposed to be on the front of the cd had fallen off! Great…. Now they all had to ask for my name which would waste time.   That was not the case however. Umji automatically started writing my name and signing the cd. Oh my goodness. Does Umji remember me? It seems as she did as she wrote down my name without even asking me for it. I would continue talking to her telling her how beautiful looking she was that day. “Sowon how are you today?” I asked. “Okay. How are you?" she replied. At this point I was still shocked. Sowon had also just automatically remembered and written down my name. Onto SinB, I had written out something to her on a sticky note. “Say something bad to me”. At first, SinB was confused and kept asking why I wanted this. I didn't really have an explanation as another friend thought of the idea for me. She had replied on the sticky note “I don’t want to. I Love You.” Although the time was a little awkward I thought it was pretty funny. As I then headed on to Yuju she blurts out “JON”. Damn 4/6 of the members remembered me by name so far! We just chit chatted a little and I asked if she had been sleeping well recently. <Yuju calls out to me at 2:45 in the following video> When I got to Yerin she asked “What is your name?” Suddenly Eunha intervened with a flabbergasted look and scolded Yerin saying “HE IS JON!” Honestly at the moment I didn’t know what to do as I was literally shaking. After trying to regain my composure I told Yerin that I liked her hair colour and gave her some chocolate. However, as I put the chocolate in front of Yerin, Eunha snatched it away from her saying “MINE”. Wow, Eunha was fighting for me! LOL! Last but not least, Eunha was the final member for the fansign. Of course she knew my name so she signed my book quickly as I prepared her gift. I gave her a box of maple syrup cookies and showed her two identical photos of me and her at a location in Toronto which I hope she didn’t find that weird. I told her that I was very happy to see her and she replied “I’m happy too.” The last thing I said to her was “Thank you for remembering me. See you again soon.” Honestly I think this was the best fan sign I had attended to date. I had a great conversation all of the members and 5/6 members knew me by name. ---- Thanks for reading everyone. Please feel free to ask any questions! I will continue to post more fan accounts soon.  
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