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Buddy!!!! Long time no see
We're currently heading back to Seoul after finishing a festival~
I'm in our car right now after working hard on stage, dancing to our songs, and singing with people who love our songs.
The feeling of relaxing in our car and listening to music after a festival always seems so peculiar

I was just listening to our side tracks...
And thoughts about Buddies who love our songs as much as we do kept popping up in my mind, so I came here hehe ....

You know, it feels sorta like a break....? During the non-promotion seasons!!!
During the school year, (promotions) we meet every day so it's just so much fun and awesome when we meet
But now that vacation started, we start to miss our friends (that's you, Buddies ❤️) and when we do meet, it feels more special and emotional?
Maybe it's more so because 'Buddy' means friend... well anyways I kinda think sooo heh
Ya know what I mean, right??? Agree???
We can still hang out during the break so let's see each other often and hang out a bunch... 😶

It's a really dark night outside, did everyone have a good day~~
If you had a happy day, carry those happy feelings straight to bed and have sweet dreams
That way you can wake up tomorrow with those same happy feelings and continue having a happy day

If you had a sad or an angry day, get some fresh air!
Since it's too late, at least open your veranda doors and breathe in some fresh air
And fly away all of your bad feelings and thoughts with the wind, 
(sdup dup duru dup doo sdup dup duru dup doo),
My stream of consciousness... haaa

All of the horrible things that are bothering Buddies!

Even if they can't all disappear right this moment, really do go get some fresh air and fly them all away with the wind
When you wake up tomorrow, hopefully they'll all be gone with the wind so you can feel fresh!!!

Sweet dreams everyone and hope you have an even better day tomorrow
Good luck!


*The photo is black hair covered Yewon, it's been a while... heh ㅋㅋㅋㅋ




Translated by Albatro


"이거 하나만 약속해, 변치 않기를 바랄게. 그때도 지금처럼 날 향해 웃어줘"

"Promise me this one thing, I hope you don't change. Smile at me then like you do now"

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Thanks a lot for the great translations, as always!


Love the pics of Umji with that cute mischievous face :umji-hihi:


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