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GFRIEND Interview. I Wish I Had Female Friends Like Them

I wish I had friends like them too.

2015 . 10 . 05

여자친구 - 엄지/소원/유주/은하/예린/신비(왼쪽부터)

GFRIEND - Umji/Sowon/Yuju/Eunha/Yerin/SinB (from the left)


While watching TV, I just felt like bothering them for some reason. "Are they really pretty in real life?" "Are they truly bright and cheerful?" I recently had an opportunity to satisfy my curiosity. I got to meet the 6 members Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji of the 9 month old group 'GFRIEND'. When I told my friends that I would be meeting GFRIEND, they were jealous and were telling me "Really? Daebak." To be honest, the public interest for them seem to be much more special compared to the interest for other rookie girlgroups. They made their way onto the public scene with 'Glass Bead' and gained popularity with their 2nd Mini Album title song 'Me Gustas Tu'. Recently, while performing powerful choreography during a stage on open radio broadcast, GFRIEND fell on stage and proceeded to get up several times in a row. A video of the stage went viral on SNS shortly after.


How were they when I saw them in real life? Not sure if this is the response you wanted to hear, but they are pretty. Well, perhaps 'energetic' is a more accurate description for them than 'pretty'. They really are just girls when you listen to their playful voices and laughters, but thinking about all of their efforts and patience behind the scenes made me wonder how strong they actually might be. I wish I had friends like them too.


Girl friend 01

멤버들과 함께 하는 모든 순간들이 재밌는 에피소드가 아닐까요.

Wouldn't every moment spent with our members be a fun story?


"Did I look fragile / Were you always worried / Like the dewdrops that reflect the moonlight / Did you think I would disappear“ These are some of the lyrics from GFRIEND's debut song 'Glass Bead'. However, the six members of 'GFRIEND' that I met myself were as spirited as anyone else, needless for us to worry about.


How is every day like for a girlgroup? I would like to ask about your daily schedules.

Sowon Our schedule is different each day. We wake up either during dawn or early morning, visit the salon, and continue with our schedule then. If we have time left over, we always come back to our company and exercise. We usually go home at around 1am.


It's been 9 months since your debut. Did you have anything like 'I want to try that when I become a singer' before your debuts?

Yuju I wanted to compose and write a song myself and include it in our album. When I used to compose or song-write as a hobby, my only audience was family or friends. So their opinions weren't objective enough. I would like to be able to get evaluated in front of the public one day.

Umji I wanted to see ourselves appear on music shows. Our song really did air on music shows once we had an album. It was fascinating.


If I was a member of a girlgroup, I think I would have wanted to date another idol….

All Aah….


Sorry. How about everyone else?

Sowon I wanted to try a photo shoot.


And you do in fact have lots of opportunities for photo shoots after debuting, right?

Sowon I majored in being a model at my high school (Hanlim Multi Art School). It's really tough to get a chance to take part in a photo shoot. You have to go for auditions, and to appear on famous magazines is a really tall order. But now that I have debuted, I got opportunities to take part in them. I'm really glad to be able to take part in photo shoots, and I'm always thankful for the opportunities.


How long were your preparation times as trainees? I heard Sowon spent about 5 years as a trainee.

Yuju We all vary, ranging from 1 year to 2~3 years. It's been about one and a half years since we've gathered as a group of 6 and started practicing.


You're also famous for your knife-like choreography. You guys seem to have great synergy between the members. I'm sure there were huge amounts of practice there.

Eunha To be honest, we only started having synergy with each other recently. Our choreography teacher had pointed out our lack of synergy quite a number of times. We still struggle these days.


If your dance styles are different, how are they different?

Yuju We don't necessarily dance to our own 'style'. (laughs) I had lots of interest in figure skating, ballet, or modern dance, and perhaps that's why I stood out to be different when we danced together. Regardless of whether we dance well or not, we need to be naturally unified when we dance together. I lacked in that aspect, so I worked hard on it.

Yerin Yuju had moments where her arms would be stretched out. Like this! (laughs)

Yuju She's right. I placed emphasis on soul. (laughs) And so now I'm focusing more on the harmony rather than individuality.


When I watch your stages, you sometimes have bandages on your knee.

Yuju These bandages aren't there because I was injured. They act as a protection tool for dynamic moves such as when I do the splits. I once failed to hop over on stage before. I slipped while running and our vaulting horse collapsed. Thankfully, I wasn't severely injured, and I've started wearing bandages since then.


When I saw a stage from KBS <Music Bank>, Yuju's shoes flew away while she was dancing. She seemed very energetic. Are the members always energetic on a regular basis?
Yuju We hear lots of comments like "They seem like high school kids fooling around.“


If you don't mind, I would like to ask something. Seeing how you live as a group of six energetic school girls, do you have any fights?

Sowon We haven't physically fought each other yet. For sure though, if we said that we didn't have any complaints, that would be a lie. We live together in our dorms, and we are always with each other for the entire day besides when we go to the washroom. When two members have a conflict, they don't fight, but rather they don't hesitate to go off somewhere and just talk it out between just the two of them. Then everyone else just thinks to themselves 'Ah, I guess they are going to talk it out'. It's nice. How we talk it out and quickly get rid of our conflicts.

Yerin Since I show them every bit of me when we are together, I think I'm more comfortable being around the members than when I'm around my family. (everyone laughs)

Eunha I'm going to tell your family that!

Umji Recently, Eunha unnie jokingly said this. She said "I don't think I'll be able to make friends anymore…." So I asked why, and she was wondering where she would be able to find someone else who she could show 100% of her to.

Yerin We know too much about each other. (laughs)


What are everyone's favourite activities?

Yerin Watching TV!

Yuju SinB and I are pretty active. This was before debut, but we took the members out at dawn and escaped when we were supposed to be practicing. Our manager-nim urged us "I'll be recording you, so just wait a bit" and left, but we didn't wait and instead just went outside. That was our first and last revolt-like rebellion, but all we did was go to Han River and play dodgeball with bouncy convenience store balls.

Yerin It was cold and exhausting~

Yuju I managed to talk the kids into playing dodgeball, and they really played hard.

Umji I was thinking 'We'd get in trouble if we escaped and gained weight, right?' and so I really played hard.

Yerin That was when we were actively practicing our song 'Glass Bead'. We escaped by singing and getting courage from the "We won't break that easily" part in our song.

Umji There is also the part that goes like "Don't worry." (laughs)

Eunha This story is already over a year old. But during our fansign, one of our fans gave us a bouncy ball and said "Noona, doesn't seeing this remind you of last year's incident?"


Since you've spent lots of time together, you must have lots of fun stories.

Yerin Wouldn't every moment spent with our members be a fun story?

All Heyyy! What was that! (laughs)


Girl friend 02

신화 선배님들처럼 장수하고 싶어요.

We want to stay together for a long time, like Shinhwa sunbaenim.


Even though they say harmony over individuality, the members I see in my eyes all have distinguishable characteristics. The eldest Sowon is chill and honest. Yerin's laughter is full of energy. Humourous Yuju seems to be a fun friend to hang out with, and delicate-looking Eunha is spirited and tough. SinB has her own unique aura. Maknae Umji is so cute that I wish I could have her as my younger sister. Ah, was I like this too when I was 18 years old?


Besides Sowon, you all attend the same high school (School of Performing Arts Seoul), right? Do you see each other in school?

Umji To be honest, we often don't attend school. Thankfully, our school lets us go and so we visit school during exam season. We attend school as a group during that season and come back. And we promise to see each other during breaks.

Eunha Did we not have friends? (laughs)

SinB Perhaps it's because we had long trainee years.

Yuju If we finish exams early, we wait in front of the classrooms of the others who are still writing. So even if we may be in different classes, it feels like we are always together.

Yerin I'm always peeking inside through the windows.


From what I heard, the name 'GFRIEND' entails being friends to everyone regardless of their gender. I would like to know what kind of 'GFRIEND' everyone was during school days or everyday life.

Umji I think I was an active and cheerful child in middle school. I liked to actively participate in school festivals. During breaks, I was a child who had fun with friends. Lunch time was the most important for me. (laughs) During school trips or retreats, I liked to pretty myself up.

Yuju I also liked attending school. Me and my friends shared similar ways to have fun, which was nice. Although I would extensively see my friends during weekdays, I would sometimes miss my friends on weekends. And so one time I made a song that highlighted everyone's characteristics and sent them over SNS. They memorized the song in a single day. We sometimes sang that song as soon as we met.


How do you characterize them? Did you give them nicknames?

Yuju For example, being late, or only wearing gym clothes to school. I pick out the unique details and make them into a song.

Yerin I'll be looking forward to a song for our members too. (laughs)

Eunha Homework for tomorrow!


I'm curious about your popularity amongst male students at school.

Yerin I think the boys at school didn't like me too much.

SinB I think I was more popular among girls than boys.

All Who says so? (laughs)

SinB They didn't treat me as a girl. They rather treated me as a boy. 


On the stage, you are really innocent and energetic. But I feel like 'GFRIEND' would also have times when you feel lonely and exhausted. In your personal opinions, who really are you? I would like to know more about who you are, something that fans don't know about.

Eunha To be honest, I really don't know myself either.

Yerin When I first met Eunha, I thought she would be a fairly reserved person, but with a strong opinion. However, she's actually the opposite of that. She's very chatty and bright.


How about Yerin?

Yerin Maybe because I tend to smile a lot, many people think of me as a bright person. So when I have my neutral face on, they ask me if I'm all right.

Yuju Yerin unnie has an interesting dimension to her. If someone asks me to pick between a quiet park and a packed street, I'd pick the latter. Yerin unnie chose the former.

Yerin I prefer quiet over noisy.

Eunha Yet Yerin herself is noisy. (laughs)


How about Umji and Yuju?

Umji I'm often lost in thought. When I realize that my family is not around when I'm sick, I feel empty, and I have lots of things I'm careful about.

Yuju I often reflect back on myself and have lots of concerns. And I express myself a lot. But people around me know even that part of me. So I don't think I have a characteristic that nobody else knows. (laughs)

Umji Yuju unnie fits the word 'mature' really well. She tries not to act tired.

Sowon But it's sometimes very obvious. She goes to our veranda when she's tired. (laughs) We know because we're always with each other.

Yuju Our dorm's veranda is very cozy. Clothes are everywhere, so when I'm at our veranda, I feel as if I'm in a forest.


How about SinB and Sowon?

Yuju SinB hides in her blankets when she's feeling tired.

Sowon I'm a hermit.

Yerin We are all children of the dark. (laughs)


Time for something the fans might be curious about, your ideal types.

Sowon Someone that likes my height. Some don't necessarily like tall woman. And someone who only looks at me. It's okay to be a little obsessed.

Yuju Someone that is good at finding directions! I get lost very easily, so I need someone with me wherever I go.


Is directions really the only thing?

Yuju It's one of the characteristics I like. (laughs)

SinB I'm a little shy, so my ideal type is someone who I'm comfortable around, works hard in his own job, and only looks at me.

Eunha My ideal type is also someone who I'm comfortable around. And someone who really likes me. If I were to pick a person, my explanation thus far becomes sorta meaningless, but I like Crush sunbaenim.

Yerin Someone who is mature in thought. Not a lot of words, takes care of me, and is considerate.

Umji Also someone who thinks of me specially! Similar to Yerin's ideal type. (chuckles)


Members are currently in their late 10's or early 20's. How would the 30-year old 'GFRIEND' look like?

Eunha At that point, I think we'd be 'WIFE' rather than 'GFRIEND'.

Umji Wives!

Yuju I'd like to be able to stay together for a long time, like Shinhwa sunbaenim. Wouldn't we still be releasing albums?

Yerin A 30-year old Glass Bead, a 30-year old knife-like choreography!




Editor Jo Ah-ra

Photographer Bae Seung-bin


Source: Univ20

Translated by Albatro


"이거 하나만 약속해, 변치 않기를 바랄게. 그때도 지금처럼 날 향해 웃어줘"

"Promise me this one thing, I hope you don't change. Smile at me then like you do now"

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Thank you for translating these old interviews. It's always interesting to read their thoughts when they were a newly debuted group. ^_^



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@Albatro Thanks Al. It's really touching & it never failed to make me smile reading this kind of interview. They're really young adults or younger sisters that we want to protect from this cruel world. 







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50 minutes ago, Albatro said:

SinB I think I was more popular among girls than boys.

All Who says so? (laughs)

SinB They didn't treat me as a girl. They rather treated me as a boy. 


Source: Univ20

Translated by Albatro


SinB oppa xD 

this interview is nearly 2 years, and they never changed. from the start, they always be energetic, fun and playful Gfriend :)


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Thank you for translating and I laughed at sinb's part when she mentioned that she was popular with girls lol 😂 


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I like going back and watch old videos or read old interviews, thanks for posting.

SinB does have that girl crush vibe :D


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On 10-5-2017 at 5:15 AM, Albatro said:

We usually go home at around 1am.

How can they live!?!


Thank you!


Edited by BUDDY4ever

Gfriend is like a girlfriend, but not IRL.

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