Let's Just Love GFriend!!

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Guys, let's just love GFriend.

What I mean is that, let's not bash or hate other groups. If we really don't like them, then, let's just keep it in ourselves. We all don't want others to hate GFriend more. Come on, let's just spend our time in supporting them and making them feel loved.

When there is some hate comments, instead of fighting with the Enemies (their bashers),then, let's just fill the comment box it with more praises. If you want, you can even comment more than 10x in that video. But then if we really can't just ignore it, then just protect our girls without mentioning other groups' name.

I'm also thinking about, what if let's make a rules for all the Buddies around the world? So that, GFriend will be so proud that they have a great fandom despite of it being small. What do you think?

By the way, thank you for taking your time to read this .

Love you guys!!!!


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I think we've to be proud of our fandom, imo it's one of the most peaceful. There are some trolls of course, but it happens in all the fandoms and we can't do anything to avoid it, but then you look at the other 99% of the fandom you realize that they're all really kind. I was a part of other fandoms but i really never felt like this with the others, i think that it's one of the best thing that gfriend has, their own personalities and their fandom's personalities. xD


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