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[NAVER] [Photos] Fans Fell In Love At Yerin & Umji Visuals

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 Source: GFriend Yerin, "Smile that is prettier than flowers~"


Source: GFriend Umji, "From a girl to a lady~"

[+179, -25]
Umji lost her baby fat. She's so pretty
[+102, 15]
Yewon's glowing visuals ...♥
[+76, -12]
Umji gets prettier and prettier.
[+49, -6]
GFriend I love you ^~^
[+40, -5]
I love Umji♥♥
*This comment was written in English.
*The original text was written as "unji"
[+21, -1]
Wow ..
[+19, -2]
She looks prettier when she lost weight
[+36, -8]
Yewon-ah you can take me ..
[+16, -2]
Heol~ I think she really looks prettier with her weight loss~ I really think she so pretty right now!!♥♥ She must have worked hard losing weight. I will cheer for you always.


[+423, -65]
Aigoo so beautiful~~
[+295, -45]
So beautiful Yenni! Just like a flower blooming.
[+286, -49]
Continue being your cheerful self - one of Buddy-
[+252, -41]
So pretty, so pretty. Her cheeks are so fluffy
*I didn't translate the whole comment since most parts were confusing even to Koreans to read.
→ [+11, -6] Huh? Please comment with proper Korean, I can't understand a thing. King Sejong must be weeping in his grave because of this.
→ [0, -1] Are you trying to say "So pretty, so pretty. Her cheeks are so fluffy?" Aside from that I can't understand you anymore.
[+254, -42]
Mochi-Rin. Pretty-Yerin. Pig-Tails-Rin. Any-Nickname-Rin All I love them♥
[+139, -20]
This hair color looks good on her. Yerin looks so pretty.
[+116, -13]
How can she look so good with pig-tails? Not every female idols can pull this off well.
[+104, -12]
Yerin's hair today looks so pretty.
[+102, -13]
Yerin have a very nice skin and so pretty.
[+89, -9]
Yerin really have that brilliantly shining aura. Just remembering her makes my heart flutter. ~~~


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