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[TRANS] 170318 GFRIEND 'The Awakening' 4th Fansign in Busan

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(TN: Anbang Fan = Fan who cheer someone on TV)

Ssoleader~  Sorry for not meeting you often and for being an AnbangFan  ㅠㅠ
AnbangBuddy give strength to Sowon-si too right?
Officially from SinB, leader-nim dreaming about to be a “Weird Lyricist”!
If you will compose lyrics, what lyrics would you like to put?


1.       This.. I’m not a weird lyricist.  I’m really good and I’m having fun on making lyrics.
I did that just to make fun my dongsaengs.

2.  Sowon: Anbang Buddy.. This.. Why are you feeling sorry?

                 : I’m sorry I can’t cheer you up personally as a fan. If you’re not a fan you don’t know that feeling.

      Sowon: Right.  You can feel like that if you like (someone/something).  Being supported directly at music broadcast                               really gave me strength. But I went to the official fan cafe,  I looked at the FROM comments, and I saw a bunch                       of comments I communicate to them. Even if I can’t see them directly, I can feel and see the love.  Anbang                                Buddy always give big strength.

       Sowon: Also you said we don’t have female fans (innocent expression)

                   : huh? Who?

       Sowon: Right??!!!? Female fans like us!!
                         (The strongest reaction. Cheer up)

                   : Really the best. So  amazing.

        Sowon: High Five


3.  At NAVILLERA Busan Fansign I can’t talk so I wrote (what will I say) because I will be in trouble if I won’t write it.
     I can’t think of any because I’m nervous.

    Sowon: Ah you regret it last time
                :  I was just talking about Busan

    Sowon:  Ohh~ You prepared a lot today ㅋㅋ you speak well! I acknowledge ㅋㅋ


CR: 컹컹 @EHgalaxy0530163 Twitter Account






새롭게 시작해 볼래 그리고                우릴 아프게 했던 시간들은 다시는 없을 거야 ~ 

 Let’s start fresh, you and me                 Times that hurt us will never come back again 

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