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[TranslationㅣFanCafe] From Sowon - My loves come in

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I thought of Buddies on my way home so I came here ㅎㅎㅎ

We are already in our 3rd week of promotions...
You waited for us for 8 months and doesn't time fly by so quickly compared to that?

Although I don't know when our promotions will end, 
but I hope we can have fun during the last stretch by keeping up the good work together

To Buddies supporting us during open broadcasts or visiting us to cheer us on,
And to other Buddies watching out for us at their homes due to personal or financial reasons,
I'm very thankful for you, and thank you again

I always feel assured knowing that Buddies are on our side, wherever and whenever, and I'm excited for the future

By the way congratulations to our 800th day since debut
800 days what? Let's be together, beyond even 80000 days
We are already in the same boat ㅋㅋ

Love you Buddy

It's sad to just leave so let me show you one more picture of childhood Sowon, which was edited out of Shin Yang Nam Show
My dad is so handsome ㅎㅎㅎㅎ


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Your dad holding is very cute picture


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