Reasons Why Gfriend Are Doing Great With Fingertip!

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Gfriend Are Doing Just Fine!


So recently, I know the internet has been a tough place for Buddies with users calling Fingertip a flop left, right and center. Some people are even questioning whether Gfriend's success is over. 


Things will always be hard for Buddies because Gfriend is popular yet they don't have much International fame. This means they are often in the limelight but have few fans to protect and applaud their achievements on forums or YouTube as in comparison to groups from larger entertainment companies. This is why the internet can often be a hard place for us.


I thought I'd make a thread reassuring Buddies.why Gfriend are doing just fine. 


Gfriend's Achievements with Fingertip & The Awakening:


- Most MV views within 24 hours out of all their MV's so far

- #1 on GAON Album chart for their 1st week

- #1 on GAON Download chart for their 1st week

- #5 on Billboard World Chart

- Fingertip debuted at #1 for most korean charts

- 1 Music Show win

- 30th Music Show win overall

- 3,000 seats sold out for 1st fan meeting within 1 minute

- Have appeared on a mass of variety and radio shows

- 30 CF's overall since debut (This is where a lot of the financial success of artists comes from)

- 600,000 V-LIVE Followers


Did Gfriend Flop?  No   -   Did They Slightly Underachieve?  Maybe


It's a fact that Fingertip has not achieved the level of success of Gfriend's previous comebacks but it is still far from a flop. Either that or I need to find a dictionary and look up the definition of flop.


Definition of Flop: "Something that fails miserably"


They may have achieved less than what was expected of them. But they also unexpectedly did well in other aspects such as achieving #5 on the Billboard World chart and #1 on the GAON Album weekly chart.



Each comeback is risky


Gfriend debuted from an unknown company and have risen to the status of one of Korea's most popular group in just 2 years. It is an unbelieveable achievement for them. I'd assume most companies that are larger than Source Music would love to Gfriend under their label at the moment. This is because some of them currently have less successful Girl groups under their roster despite being fairly experienced entertainment companies.


You may say that Gfriend only have 1 win on a music show in comparison to 14/15 from previous comebacks but you must also take into consideration the change of concept. They took a risk and it didn't turn out as well as their previous concept but it certainly hasn't done badly, especially with the international fans and physicals.


Unfortunately, Gfriend aren't blessed with the luxuries and benefits that come with debuting under the a top Music Label, the main ones being the huge fanbase that follow groups that are under a top Music Label.


This means they have to take each comeback as it comes and are never guaranteed success. Alternatively if a bigger group such as Twice, Red Velvet or Blackpink release a new song it is a lot more likely to succeed even "if" the song isn't that great, simply to their rabid fanbases. (I'm not intending any of them they release bad songs)


I'm not saying that the groups I mentioned are guaranteed success but it has been and will be a lot easier for them to obtain it in comparison to Gfriend and similar groups such as Mamamoo, Lovelyz etc.


But the advantages of such companies are certainly not easy to receive with 1,000s of applicants wanting to debut with them. So props to the group members for persevering and debuting with companies such as SM, JYP & YG.



International Buddies


A big percentage of Gfriend's fanbase is in Korea. They often lose out on things like polls (although they'd probably lose out in Korea too but probably by less of a margin). They also seem to get bashed often with not many Buddies around to defend them (on other forums). 


International Buddies are still pretty rare. As for groups like TWICE, Red Velvet and Blackpink, they will always have an advantage over Gfriend and are very popular internationally so comparing them to them is a little unfair at times. That being said Gfriend has held up their own even against the giant girl groups of the notorious "Big 3!"


If you don't know why I'm explaining this, it is because I want you to understand why Gfriend seem like they get bashed often or not many people seem to appreciate them.





You'll be able to tell that Gfriend's recent comeback recieved a lot of "Flop" comments floating around. This can also be seen as a good thing. It shows that even though Gfriend have achieved so much with their recent comeback, they still did not satisfy some peoples expectations. Of course this also means that they didn't hit the expectation that some people had of them but hey, they didn't do bad... well I don't think they did anyway.


Again, Gfriend cannot rely on a big fanbase to stream their songs, stream their music video, vote for them on music shows or buy their albums in the way that other groups can. This makes the general public and promotion a key aspect in Gfriend's success. They are popular enough now to spread their songs throughout Korea through their name and promotions. As long as the public likes their song they should do well.


I believe this keeps Gfriend from getting complacent or lazy and which is why we can always expect awesome choreo and great songs every time Gfriend have a comeback smile.png



Keep Your Head Up Buddy!


I believe Source Music will learn from this comeback and where they fell short and return with a stronger Gfriend later this year. I am actually really looking forward to their next comeback smile.png


So lets keep our heads up Buddies and and enjoy Gfriend's promotions, support them as well as we can and see what they have up their sleeve for their next comeback! laugh.png



Thank You For Reaching The End:


You made it to the end! Congratulations becuase it was really long! xD









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It is very well written ! Good points throughout the message.

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Yea the change of concept is risky. And I think they did well but underappreciated.
The thing about music shows is that this time around, they are against really big groups such as twice and got7 ,now beast as well. Where before there were smaller threats(WG) going against big groups is already a big achievement. No matter how you look at it GFriend was never flopping.


But still. Let's support them because they be slaying no matter.what

Plus this comeback really makes sure who are the real buddies. Wins are good but they aren't the reason why you stan someone. Good music , great dancing and awesome personalities are what got me to GFriend and that should be the only reasons why we love them. last thing. Me gustas tu didnt win anythying yet its super well known in korea and the longest charting on melon :D

btw there is still a.chance they'd go back with the school uniform as I read somewhere that what they doing is basically the life cycle. School - trips- graduation - teenage life - (university) - (marriage) - and Sowon

I don't know how true is this but I'll leave it to.them I'll just be a fan forever and hopefully meet them. speaking of not sure things. Do you guys know if this is real ? Or wiki trolling us


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Let’s start, this is perfect
I’m all ready now




새롭게 시작해 볼래 그리고                우릴 아프게 했던 시간들은 다시는 없을 거야 ~ 

 Let’s start fresh, you and me                 Times that hurt us will never come back again 

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