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There was surprise group chat with Gfriend members last night and here is the translation for those who missed it! please enjoy

Sowon: Guys!

Sowon: Y'all know we will hold fan meeting ㅎ


Sowon: Have you bought your ticket?

Sowon: uhm we cannot decide what to sing among our songs so what song would be nice? please suggest

Sowon: Oh everyone is so full of ideas

Sowon: It was Sowon but I'm going to hand it off to other members Yerin!

Yerin: Which costume would be nice? please gimme your idea>

Yerin: Now it's Eunha's turn

Eunha: For fan meeting

Eunha: What do you want us to do?

Eunha: Individual stage???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eunha: Each one's lure...!

SinB: Heello it's SinB

SinB: Have you all had your meal Buddy? ㅠㅠ

SinB: It's late what are you guys up to

SinB: Isn't time to go to bed?

SinB: What do you eat?

SinB: For midnight snack

SinB: Hosigi?

SinB: Midnight snack is Hosigi Chicken

SinB: Domestic Harim Chicken with domestic red chilli pepper too!

SinB: next is Umzi

SinB: Thumbs up(Thumb is umji in Korean)

Umji: Holla it's Omuji

Umji: Do you prefer Low Shoes Friend or Sneakers Friend?

Umji: or Boots Friend?

Umji: Okey donkey now it's Yuju unnie!!!!

Yuju: Guyyyys

Yuju: Yuju would like to do last greeting

Yuju: Thank you for coming up with good ideas in short time

Yuju: We are also so exicited ㅎ thank for your great ideas

Yuju: Have your midnight snack moderately! Everyone good night and thank you for today too~ heart heart


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I wish they would come on ch+ chat b4 trial ends

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