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[Translation | FanCafe] From SinB - Jjaaan

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170312 SinB 1.png

Buddies~ What might Buddies be up to at this moment?

While checking the clock, I was thinking, 'Ah, the first week being back with Buddies is passing by like this~~' 
And so I came to visit our FanCafe

I was sad that we weren't able to appear more on stage for Buddies during this comeback week due to the cancellations
But hey! There is always next week, the week after, and the week after that week, right?

And we also held a fansign with Buddies for the first time in about 8 months since our 'NAVILLERA' promotions!
Being able to meet each and every one of the Buddies' eyes and talking with them felt really great. I mean really

To be honest, there were many occasions such as during commutes or at music shows where I'd be sad for not being able to meet everyone's eyes

Wooooo coming back feels so~good heuheuheehehehehehhheh
And my cold is okay!!! I'm all healthy and energetic again

Anyway Buddies, let's maintain our pretty relationship for a long, long time, I'll be better
I have to leave quick now byebye!

The photo is our adorable Kkiri-kkiri-Umkkiri 
(TN: Elephant in Korean is 'Kokkiri')

170312 SinB 2.jpg


Translated by Albatro


"이거 하나만 약속해, 변치 않기를 바랄게. 그때도 지금처럼 날 향해 웃어줘"

"Promise me this one thing, I hope you don't change. Smile at me then like you do now"

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