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The sequel to the sequence of comments from 'Eunha Comments Explosion Day'...
This one features Yerin and Sowon!

For their respective FROMs, click: Sowon | Yerin



Yerin: Omo is everyone thinking about meee?

Buddy: I'm scratching my legs 🖤🖤💕
ㄴ Yerin: I was just scratching my legs too whoaaaa!!!
ㄴ Buddy: LOOOOOL

Buddy: I'm eating at 'Nature Kitchen'!
ㄴ Yerin: Uwaaa... looks delicious....

Buddy: I'm at an academy eeek
ㄴ Yerin: Fighting on your studies!!

Buddy: I'm playing Overwatch, would you like to join me?
ㄴ Yerin: That... I'm debating whether to try it or not

Buddy: I'm thinking of Yennie
ㄴ Yerin: I think that photo is sooo cute heeeheee

Yerin: I am I am at the practice room~~~~
ㄴ Buddy: Don't tire yourself out too much!! Take care of your health!!
ㄴ Buddy: Practice fighting!!

Yerin: I came because I got curious as to what Buddies were up to ~~~
ㄴ Buddy: I miss you T_T Hiiiiing

Buddy: Which "tang" do you like the most Yerin-yang? I like "cute-tang" and "rumble-tang"
ㄴ Yerin: I like "pretty-tang"
              (TN: might be a Showtime reference, cutely altering the pronunciation of 'yeonpo-tang', one of the dishes they cooked)

Buddy: I was copying this Ahahaha
Yerin: Your lips are drooping!!


Buddy: I am falling into a lunch mood listening to 'Future Boyfriend' ^^
Yerin: *I just want you to be with me~~*

Buddy: If your on a diet by any chance, stop now... You can't lose your precious mochi-cheeks...
ㄴ Yerin: Diet, what's dat??

Buddy: So awesome kyaaak ><
ㄴ Yerin: I'm meot-ppumi!~~~~ (TN: illuminating awesomeness)

Buddy 1: I'm eating right now, don't forget your meals, health is the best, and indeed you gotta dip the sauce 😘
ㄴ Yerin: I eat sweet and sour pork without the sauce~~~
ㄴ Buddy 2: Whoa
ㄴ Buddy 1: Look at the photo, I don't have sauce either

Buddy: Is the rap part in 'Contrail' Yerin noona???
ㄴ Yerin: You're curious, aren't you!!!!!!!
ㄴ Buddy: I'm curious!!!!!!

Buddy: I want to fly away, during a day like today. Like Yenni~
ㄴ Yerin: I don't want to ever fly again....

Buddy: I think I like 'Crush' from this album. What is Yerin-nim's favourite song?_?
Yerin: Our songs are all gooood~~~

Buddy 1: I lov... lov.... I mean like you, so so much! Please don't get hurt and eat well!
Yerin: Why aren't you telling me you love me!!!
ㄴ Buddy 2: I love you

Buddy: Noona please leave a comment T_T I love you.. T_ just waiting for Monday now ..
ㄴ Yerin: Jja-jan

Buddy: Could you please tell me that you love me.. It's the wish of my lifetime
ㄴ Yerin: Lov-lov... I like you!!!

Buddy: Yerin noona must be gone now, work hard for your practices, but don't overwork! Yerin noona fighting :)
ㄴ Yerin: I'm still here!~~~~


Buddy: Yerin-yang, practice hard, and take good care of your health. Don't skip meals or anything like that, eat when you need to!
Yerin: I'm always able to eat when I need to~~~
ㄴ Buddy: If so, thank goodness haha, always fighting

Buddy: How is your typing speed now Yerin noona?
ㄴ Yerin: I'm still at 'hunt and peck typing' level... still....

Buddy: Yenni noona, here!! What crossed your mind???
ㄴ Yerin: 'I must appear pretty on screen!!!' Hehehehe

Yerin: Hello!~~ It's SinB here
ㄴ Buddy: SinB noona?
ㄴ Buddy: Wait what LOL
ㄴ Buddy: For real????!?!?!
SinB: Unnie has the computer right now, but she randomly decided to post as if she was me, wow? haha
ㄴ Buddy: Is this real??
ㄴ Buddy: AHAHAAAHA??
ㄴ Buddy: SinB-yang, hello!!

Buddy: Unnie, why are you so pretty here?
Yerin: True... Why am I so pretty....
Yerin: Sorry hehehehe

Buddy: Melon Radio's MC Yenni was really good at rapping kekeke
ㄴ Yerin: Maybe I should switch to rap...

Buddy: You displayed a variety of different hairstyles since debut, which one is your favourite?
Yerin: Yenni is the Best (TN: Mamamoo's song title parody)

Buddy: I hope 12pm of the 6th strikes soon
ㄴ Yerin: Me too~~

Buddy: Looks like her PC is off..
ㄴ Yerin: Nope~~


Buddy: Yerinnie is so lucky because she's Yerin..... Because she can listen to the entire song of 'FINGERTIP' T_
             And she knows the choreography too.........
ㄴ Yerin: I know everything~~~

Buddy: After replaying the 'Tang-tang-tang' part over and over, I want to eat a 'tang' now (TN: soup/stew) 
             I'm trying to decide which 'tang' to eat for dinner
Yerin: 'Pretty-tang'~~ try it

Buddy: Unnie, do you think you'll be frequently doing half up for this promotion?
ㄴ Yerin: We'll see

Buddy: Q_q no reply for me.... but I still love you!
ㄴ Yerin: Love, love

Buddy: Jung : Jung Yerin-yang
             Ye    : Yeppeoyo (TN: pretty)
             Rin   : Rinjeong (TN: agreed)
Yerin: Jung : Jung Yerin is
               Ye     : Yeppeuda (TN: pretty)
               Rin   : Injeong?? (TN: agree??)

Buddy: What is Yerin's charm point in 'FINGERTIP'?!
YerinThe loveliness within the awesomeness~~

Buddy: I'm only replaying the teaser haha, but by the way are you a doll or human? Please explain T_T
ㄴ Yerin: DollRin~~

Buddy: I said I would buy my class pizza if unnie replied to my comment haahaa
Yerin: Do it!!
ㄴ Buddy: LOOOOOL

Buddy: Is she practicing hard right now??
ㄴ Yerin: I'm a multiplayer~~

Buddy: If noona replies, my friend said he'd take me to a convenience store
ㄴ Yerin: You too!!


Buddy: Unnie, should I eat seasoned, soy sauce, or boneless for Hosigi Chicken?
ㄴ Yerin: Spicy soy sauce!!

Buddy: Oh dear noble and honourable Yerin-nim who represents the ray of light for our era, I plead you to take care of your 
             health until the come back so that we may see you healthy T_T
ㄴ Yerin: Understood~

Buddy: Yerin-yang, should I buy coke or cider?
Yerin: Cider!

Buddy: Do you know what day today is? Pork.Belly.Day!! Yerin-yang, are you eating meat today by any chance?!
ㄴ Yerin: Hmm, do I have to eat pork belly today for dinner

Buddy: Ah.. today was 'sam-sam' day~ (TN: March 3rd)
             Speaking of pork belly, it reminds me of Team Best's faces in front of the Jeju Black Pork during 'Where are we Going?'
ㄴ Yerin: Memories,,,,

Buddy: Hmm why do you stop Eunha-yang when she tries something similar to ttek-tti?
ㄴ Sowon: It's just... not right and I'm just thinking 'what's wrong with her'..

Buddy: I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited that I want to lean on Sowon noo-... ahem....
            Excited, and I want to lean on you.... xDDDDD
ㄴ Sowon: Hey? AHAHAHHAHA I'll scold you
ㄴ Buddy: LOOL Sorry.... kekekek

Buddy: It's true that you said 'FINGERTIP Daebak' in the ISAC clip, right? kek witty Sowon LOL
Sowon: About that... Why did I shake my body so much....

Buddy: So skinny.. You didn't overwork yourself trying to go on a diet for the comeback, right? Thank you 💕
             My heart flutters thanks to all these FROM postings 😳 I hope GFRIEND and Buddies can stay close like this, as always,
             and congratulations on your comeback, and you do know that your health is always #1 priority, right?
             We are saddest when Yeochin is hurt T_T Fighting 💕 Take Buddies' love and cheer up
ㄴ Sowon: What's going on a diet..

Buddy: Sowon unnie T_T I'll really root hard for you and stream as much as possible T_T
ㄴ Buddy: For all of those days spent preparing, let's work hard together unnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sowon: Streaming hard together!!!!!!!!!!


Buddy: Is the person behind noona you too????
ㄴ Sowon: Huh? What person are you talking about

Buddy: Look here I'm a Chinese Buddy T_T wo ai ni T_T Sowon~~~
Sowon: Wo ai ni T_T T_T veryvery wo ai ni

Buddy: Cheer with energy! What's Sowon's charm point in 'FINGERTIP'?!
ㄴ Sowon: Me myself?

Buddy: Could you do a pun T_T I don't think I'll have any regrets if I died with Sowon-nim's pun..... for real
SowonI'll go with "nam-han"
                 (TN: one of the words used by the Buddy was "yeo-han" and 'Yeo' means female, 'Nam' means male)

Buddy: Yeah~ But if noona replies to me this time my friend said he'll be buying dinner for me!!
ㄴ Sowon: Have a nice meal~~
ㄴ Buddy: Noona thank you!!! I'll have a nice meal~ Noona, you have a delicious dinner soon as well ^~^

Buddy: Wow Sowon-nim T_T What is this charisma T_T So amazing T_T You fit this concept the best, do you agree?
ㄴ Sowon: I too think I'm pretty fine this time

Buddy: My daily life *tang-tang-tang* isn't functioning *tang-tang-tang* What can I do *tang-tang-tang* for 3 days? T_T
ㄴ Sowon: That's right, everyone will fall in love with 'tang-tang-tang'

Buddy: There are only 3 more days left now keke I thought my heartbeat was stopping listening to the highlight medley today T_T
             Please take care of yourself and I hope to meet you healthy!
ㄴ Sowon: It'll probably be much better than the highlight hehehe

Buddy: Kim : (at) Kimbob Heaven
             So   : (I ordered stir-fried) Sausage
            Jung : Jungmal delicious... (TN: jungmal = very)
            Sowon-nim, how is my 3-line acrostic poem?
ㄴ Sowon: ....... 


Buddy: Wherever and whenever, I'll be always rooting for you. Congrats on your comeback, and may this album succeed as well..
            Sowon fighting!! 😍
ㄴ Sowon: Let's see each other for a long time

Buddy: I really like you Sowon-yang hehehe, what's your wish right now?
ㄴ Sowon: I like you too

Buddy: I still haven't eaten the red chocolate that Sowon-yang gave me on ISAC day, I'll bury my bones with it
ㄴ Sowon: I'll give you another one, you should eat that...

Buddy: Sowon unnie, please don't forget that we're always supporting you, and that we truly truly love you,,,
             I'm getting energy by reading unnie's FROM as well as the comments.
             It's really really hard to be a source of energy for someone, but unnie is fulfilling that difficult task right now
             Truly truly the best, love you love you so much!!!!!!!
ㄴ Sowon: Isn't it that Buddies are energizing us? Without Buddies, we are meaningless

SinB: When are you coming back? My head is about to spin T_
ㄴ Buddy: LOOL
ㄴ Buddy: LOOOOL so funny LOL
ㄴ Buddy: My head is about to spin too T_T
ㄴ Sowon: Do you miss me?
ㄴ Buddy: I really really miss you!
ㄴ Buddy: xDDDD Indeed the funniest commenter Eunbi-nim
SinB: A story not known to unnie.. A story that only I know.. A story of waiting for comeback..
ㄴ Buddy: Buddies know too!
ㄴ Buddy: LOOOOOOOL your lyric re-writing skills are on point 👍👍 
Sowon: @SinB but our feelings are for each other
ㄴ Buddy: @SinB LOOOOOOOL
ㄴ SinB: 'Spring in the Rain'? My body that I've rolled up.. to the sound of waiting for comeback....
ㄴ Buddy: What kind of song is 'Contrail'?
ㄴ Buddy: Kekekeke Wow, this is a hot place 😁
ㄴ SinB: 'Contrail' is... a song with an impressive rap ^*^ *just look back at me once~*
ㄴ Buddy: Those witty lyrics LOL, Buddies really are at SinB-yang's fingertips kek
Sowon: @SinB What in the world -__-
ㄴ Buddy: Wowwwww the spoilers LOOOOL It's so good Hwang Eun Bi-ssi
ㄴ SinB: Oh this isn't a spoiler, it's from the highlight medley
Sowon: Yeah, and that's not my voice either.. so mean


Buddy: I heard rumours that Sowon noona will be the prettiest in the world on March 6th haha 
ㄴ Sowon: I hope so ..

Buddy (Jkyc): That moment when you're waiting for Sowon to reply. T_T
ㄴ Buddy (Yuaremysin): Hi
ㄴ Buddy (Jkyc): So sadd
ㄴ Sowon: Hahaha Aaaaaaaaang here

Buddy 1: They all evaporated.. have fun practicing.... GFRIEND...
ㄴ Buddy 2: EvaporatedFRIEND ... !
ㄴ Buddy 1: EvaporatedFRIEND..... that's very precise..
ㄴ Sowon: What's this EvaporatedFRIEND LOOL

Buddy: Sowon noona, before you go to sleep, what do you listen too??
ㄴ Sowon: Dean sunbaenim's. The songs are so good, but there are lots of songs kids can't listen to :P

Buddy: Which earbud do you like to use? Please recommend me one~
ㄴ Sowon: Is this the so-called rare nickname!!!!!!!!!!? (TN: the Buddy's nickname is 'FINGERTIP')
ㄴ Buddy: I immediately switched because 'FINGERTIP' was so good! Mini 4th Album, 'FINGERTIP', daebak <3

Buddy: If dongsaengs are beside you, grab all of them and give them a kiss!
ㄴ Sowon: Got SinB

Buddy: So Leader-nim, is the 'just look back at me once' from 'Contrail' a rap?
             And also I heard that if I say I'll be buying my class a pizza, I'll get a reply, is that true??
Sowon: Nop, I will reply anyway


Photos Compiled by GFSUzr
Translated by Albatro


"이거 하나만 약속해, 변치 않기를 바랄게. 그때도 지금처럼 날 향해 웃어줘"

"Promise me this one thing, I hope you don't change. Smile at me then like you do now"

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Wah so there was a Compilation. Thank you very much for the Translation!:umji:


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Feels so good to see my name there xD




Credits to ASquirtle & Hana for sigs! ^^


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7 hours ago, Edregol Yuju said:

Wah so there was a Compilation. Thank you very much for the Translation!:umji:

Whooops, I forgot to credit the compiler haha


"이거 하나만 약속해, 변치 않기를 바랄게. 그때도 지금처럼 날 향해 웃어줘"

"Promise me this one thing, I hope you don't change. Smile at me then like you do now"

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