Review of's GFRIEND 2nd Anniversary Video [여자친구 2주년 축하 영상]

By Buddies_art in Announcements,
It's been over 3 weeks since when we celebrated GFriend's 2nd year Anniversary. Many buddies around the world congratulated our girls too! This time, while waiting for the girl's comeback, we GFSquad decided a plan to make a special video for GFriend and of course to all of Buddies. It's another special special gift that we wanted to share and to appreciate. *This 2nd year Anniversary video supposedly done before the celebration of their debut date, but due to busy preparing for our first project, it got delayed*
Every sequences in the video represents their colorful journey, new experiences and beautiful moments together as a family, team and as a friend(Buddy). Buddies who watched it well might not noticed some little details through the video so let's take a look!

This scene where search bar appeared and typing the word 'GFRIEND', represents as curiosity, as news, information referring to netizens and international fans.
Then their predebut image appeared and a short chorus song played. If you will noticed every chorus song played, it formed a whole sentence from their 4 main song titles "I may seem like a clear glass bead" -Glass Bead "starting today, it's the two of us" -Megustas tu
"By running through time" -Rough
"Let’s start fresh, you and me" - Navillera

It's a sequence of 4 main song titles that they performed and all the activities they did. As they are slowly getting recognised by people, this represents the "Red carpet scenes"
until they reached the moment of their first win on every music shows It's a new great experience.   From winning only on broadcast studio, they expand and started to win on big awarding events together with great artists. Those scenes are connected. By calling their name... going up on stage.. walking together until they get their award.. until they received.. and every awarding, they need to thank everyone..rather to take a speech, it transforms into predebut/trainee days. A sudden flashback memories despite all of their hard work as a team. A dreams that turned into reality. From Choi Yuna to Gfriend Yuju   Jung Eunbi to Gfriend Eunha   Hwang Eunbi to Gfriend Sinb   Kim Yewon to Gfriend Umji   Kim Sojung & Jung Yerin to Gfriend Sowon & Gfriend Yerin   From singing their first song and debut stage, they entered to big stage event with many people, they were able to share their talent. within just one year, many great experience happened.   After Sowon's message, a sentence appeared which came from Gfriend's 3rd mini album song 'TRUST'   The next scene is all about happy moments, playful time and their great friendship within all different activities..   Then another sentence appeared which came from Gfriend 2nd mini album song, "UNDER THE SKY"   from happy moments, there are instances that they also had a hard time.. but in the end, they care and encourage each other.   This sentence came from Gfriend's 4th album song, "NAVILLERA" This lyrics refers to all the buddies   The part where Umji tells they are grateful for the love of fans, this is a transition where they had first interaction with few k-buddies by giving candies beside the road. And within just 2 years, they met many people and still doing the same thing by throwing candies being thankful to fans Another great moments where they had chance to meet international fans. Which became more memorable for them too   This sentence came from Gfriend's 4th album song, "COMPASS" and "MY BUDDY" "ROUGH" Inspired from Gfriend song "GLASS BEAD"   If you will notice this too.... the background used in every screen titles inspired from.. 1st mini album, Season of Glass (round particles) 2nd mini album, Flower Bud (flower petals) 3rd mini album Snowflake(Snow falling) 4th album, Navillera (Butterflies)   Hope you understand and appreciate the details from the video. GFSquad were really grateful to all the buddies who watched and liked it too. Let's keep support our Gfriend forever and be a nice buddy to everyone!    
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