Watch ALL gfriend variety shows and music shows

By enb0915,
Cr.GFDevil Taiwan While we are waiting for gfriend's comeback, for buddies to catch up on all gfriend variety shows, radio and music shows. Some of them are extremely hard to find. Such as all inkigayo stage (160724 where sinb dislocate her shoulders), most of the radios, Yerin's Secret Weapon, Eunha's Masked Singer Full cut; Sowon and Yuju Stardust MC... On the first tab of the link, the important notice reads: "Please do not use any of these videos for business or illegal activities. They are meant for online viewing and not to be downloaded. All credits goes to the original owner of the video. The site is not accountable for any legal issues with any resources from this collection. Normal update frequency: 1-2 weeks. If any questions," The blue tabs at the top of the spreadsheet are (in order): Important Notice 前言 Members Info 成員介紹 Gfriend MV 官方MV Collaboration/Feat MV 合作&出演MV Single Episode Variety Shows 單集綜藝 Multiple Episodes Variety Shows 多集綜藝 Live(Vapp and Meet&Greet) 直播綜藝 Large Stage/Award Ceremony 大型公演&頒獎 Concerts 演唱會 Other Stage 公演舞台 Radio 廣播電台 Music Shows 音放舞台表演 Music Shows Wins 一位 Commercials/CF 代言&廣告 MC/Hosts 主持 The date format in the link are: YYMMDD Once again, thanks to GFDevil Taiwan