'Weekly Idol' GFRIEND, the best in 2x dance speed.... The Power Of The Pioneers

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'Weekly Idol'  GFRIEND, the best in 2x speed dance.... The Power Of The Pioneers

Xports News via Naver Starcast



[Xportsnews Park So hyun Reporter] Girl group GFRIEND was selected on Best in 2x speed dance.

Packed on the 28th at the broadcast of MBC everyone's 'Weekly Idol''s 6th Weekly Awards.

GFRIEND SinB, Twice Dahyun, Monsta X Juheon, Got7 Jackson, Yong Jun Hyung appeared on today's 'Weekly Idol' 

The first award was 'It's your own song but you didn't do well' award. Jackson insisted that 'Got7 didn't do bad' SinB look forward on it same as Twice Dahyun.

The nominees on the '2x speed dance' is GFRIEND including Red Velvet, Twice, IOI, Got7, Infinite, SHINee, Sechs Kies.

The winner was GFRIEND. 'Weekly Idol' said 'despite of being under pressure of ridiculous speed they didn't give up until the end.

SinB convayed her feelings with smile and said 'There was a burden on 2x speed dance, thank you for giving to us this big award'


sohyunpark@xportsnews.com /photo=MBC everyone





(+176) (-12) The legends of 2x speed dance ㄷㄷㄷ

(+139) (-9) Congratulations Kim Sojung Jung Yerin Jung Eunbi Choi Yuna Hwang Eunbi Kim Yewon YeoJaChinGu!!!!

(+129) (-11) GodFRIEND ♡♡♡♡ You guys deserve it

(+117) (-10) 2x speed dance 'ROUGH'!!

(+131) (-15) 2x speed dance indeed it's GFRIEND

(+52) (-2) 2x speed dance it's GFRIEND

(+51) (-2) Make a comeback next year with an amazing single

(+53) (-3) for the time on having a 2x speed dance I'm thinking of GFRIEND congratulations on being the winner!!

(+52) (-3) Weekly Idol's 2x speed dance's pioneers!

(+46) (-1) 2x speed it's really good

(+36) (0) To a one girl buddy who doesn't know GFRIEND's 2x speed dance myth created a gateway to idols.

(+38) (-1) Clap Clap Clap~~

(+35) (-1) GFRIEND is the origin

(+34) (-1) I really like 2x speed

(+36) (-2) Congratulations GodFRIEND 

(+35) (-2) GFRIEND ♡♡♡♡♡

(+30) (-1) Honestly on 2x speed it's GFRIEND!! GodFRIEND let's make fun

(+27) (-1) Indeed GFRIEND

(+26) (-1) It's great!




새롭게 시작해 볼래 그리고                우릴 아프게 했던 시간들은 다시는 없을 거야 ~ 

 Let’s start fresh, you and me                 Times that hurt us will never come back again 

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Thank you!


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thx for translating :D

I hope sometime we can see full Gone with the Win... err.. WIND with 2x speed ;) it will be legend... --wait for it-- ... ddaarryy, legendary :yerin-love:

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Proud to be a buddy. Gfriend & buddies will forever stay and work hard together  

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