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By kpopasiawroldwide,
Questions: 1. How did you Discover Gfriend I heard the Kpop community talking about this new Girl Group and i was like i need to check this group out and i remember when glass bead was released. 2. Bias in Gfriend yerin is my bias in Gfriend 3. your top 3 favorite Gfriend songs - 시간을 달려서 Rough - 물꽃놀이 Water Flower - My Buddy 4.  Show that has featured Gfriend (Not counting Reality Show) Weekly Idol 5. your Favorite Gfriend Reality Show Where are you going Gfriend in Jeju & The Europe Gfriend Loved 6. Favorite Moment/Memory with Gfriend my favourite memory is the day Gfriend won there first award 7. your Favourite Gfreind Solo Song from a Gfriend Member - The Way By Umji & 슬픔 속에 그댈 지워야만 해 (상큼한 산토리니) By Eunha 8.  Your Favourite Song that has featured a Gfriend Member in it  - 미남 (미래남친) (Feat. Yerin) - El Comino 9. Are you a boy or girl Buddy boy 10. Why Do you love the Buddy fandom i love the fandom because the people are willing to talk to you know matter who you are they are so nice and kind to everyone in the fandom.