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Child Adoption

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As you guys know, G-Friend recently did a photo-shoot to endorse child adoption. I thought we should spread the word about programs that do let you adopt a child. Many buddies like myself are teenagers and can't do anything to help but we can spread the word. I know there are a few adult buddies here so I hope you guys spread the word to your friends that are interested in adopting or sponsoring a child.

I got the following information straight from a fan page but didn't know how to get the link: 

These are children from Texas, many of them are teenagers and don't have a high chance of being adopted because people usually adopt babies. These older kids are left with the thought that no one wants them and are forced to grow out of the adoption system. It's advisable that the person who wants to adopt lives in the US.

Here's something for Syria, it isn't possible to adopt them because of Syrian law but you can sponsor them. What that means is that you can help pay for their housing, food, and education. Sponsoring is open on an international level

The link below is one that allows you to adopt a child from anywhere, places like Congo in Africa or China in Asia. This will allow you to adopt a child from a nearby country or one in your own country. You can also sponsor a child and this is also open on an international level.
If you want to adopt hover over the "adoption programs" and a drop down will appear and you can choose a continent to adopt from. If you want to sponsor or donate, hover over "Orphan Care".



I think the last link is the most useful because it gives you multiple countries.



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I looked up some more by myself, I think it may be easier to sponsor for some buddies or people in general so here's another great website.

This one gives you things that the child is at a higher risk at, for example things like abuse or if they live in an area with a high mortality rate.

Here's another one that let's you sponsor and adopt a child which is also on an international level. You sponsor kids across the world and there is also information on the team (organized by the charity) that volunteers to take care of them. You can also see the problems in the specific country that can hinder the child's ability to do anything.

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