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[Translation | FanCafe] Umji's Letter For Buddies

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[Umji] That Heart That Was Shocked by the News, Let it Not be Shocked by this Letter

Our Buddies~~ You were quite shocked, weren't you? T_T

I feel like you're overly worrying about me, so I'm here to leave a letter!

I wanted to make the fans feel at least a little bit better, so I put a witty? title*... but if it wasn't funny, I'm sorry hehe..

As mentioned in the announcement and the news reports,
I decided to take a temporary break, while receiving medical care.

So because I'll be unable to participate in festivals or other schedules for a while,
I'm sorry for the members and the fans

But I think that gives me even more, more, and more motivation to
maturely handle the receiving of medical care and to quickly recover,
so I can return to being bright.

Thinking about the fans that must have been shocked after reading the news, I didn't feel good about it either T_T

But although everyone is sad and upset, they all told me that the first priority is to recover and regain health,
and also they all offered me really nice words,
so I was really energized by everyone!!

Oh, by the way
The thing is......
I have this filtering device in my eyes that filters in only Buddies' cheers heh
So if there are any fans that are concerned with such things, don't worry! Okieee??
Thank you our Buddies for always providing energy~~
You Buddies, too, know that health always comes first, right?

Love you :)


* Translator's Note: I'm not sure what '프롬' from the original title was referring to, so I couldn't translate it, sorry!
Edit: '프롬' likely refers to the fan message she writes on the fan cafe.


"이거 하나만 약속해, 변치 않기를 바랄게. 그때도 지금처럼 날 향해 웃어줘"

"Promise me this one thing, I hope you don't change. Smile at me then like you do now"

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