[Collection]GFriend's Songs(Besides Group Project)

By Neshy in Let's Talk GFRIEND!,
For buddies ,this is a thread for Gfriend's songs other than group project. Enjoy !!     Group   -Gfriend x American Tourister Wave-       -with BTS - Family-   -with several artists- Holgabun Night Market-       Yuju   -with Loco - Spring is Gone By Chance     -with Sunyoul (Up10tion) - Cherish-   -Billy and the Brave Guys: Chicken Heroes-       Eunha   -with Pro C - Han River At Night-   -Don't Come with Farewell-     -with Park Kyung (Block B) - Inferiority Complex-     Eunha with Hwang Chi Yeul - Firefly       SinB   -Confession(ost)     -The Fairies in My Arms-   -I'll Be There-   -Shawing Song-     Umji   -The Way(ost)-       Yerin with El Camino - Future Boyfriend *The list will be keep updating with every new release later.         This is the compilation of Gfriend(usually cover) live singing in broadcast/radio show/events. Recommended for all buddies to download it. Superb Collection. (MADE BY A DEDICATED FAN)       If there is some missing ,do inform !!  
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