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[FOCUS NEWS] [Birthday Talk To You] Yuju, 'I Won't Easily Forget My Members' Birthday Song' Why?

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[FOCUS NEWS] [Birthday Talk To You] Yuju, 'I Won't Easily Forget My Members' Birthday Song' Why?




Q. [What will you like to do on your Birthday?]

I will woke up excitingly with a birthday song as my alarm, Eat the seaweed soup that my mom sent to us. Visiting our fan cafe and read the fans' written letter to me.

Q. [Your Thoughts on your Birthday?]

Birtday on eating age feels always exciting.  (TN: Talking about being an adult (?)) My birthday is on October 4th and my fans gave me a nickname like 'Angel'.(TN: 1004 is cheonsa meaning Angel).  Thank you to my parents for being born on this day.

Q.[ What does your birthday means to you?] 

Originally I was congratulated when my birthday comes, I'm so proud when I hear when they are saying it's 'My Day'. But gradually over time, during the day that I was born I think I am really more thankful to my parents.

Q.[ What do you think on growing old?]

Hmmm.. Actually, I want to keep the old times and be a teenager and my age will increase by one year and I'm bit sad but these days I think I want to grow old prettily and go well.

Q;[ Your most anticipated age?]

25, I'm curious on what I am have been after 5 years

Q.[ Your Conception Dreams?] (TN:  태몽=Conception Dreams Meaning

Dreaming of catching a dazzling and shiny fish.

Q.[Your most memorable birthday is?]

Last year, it's my first birthday during debut, thanks to many fans who also born on the same day where many celebrate this day.I won't forget my members who sing a birthday song for me personally (laughs)

Q.[A particular special gift?]

One by one all are special and I can't choose a specific one but, one memorable thing was my friend who preparing hard for university entrance exam day and night in my school, writing a journal day by day from the day we meet.

Q. [ A gift that you want to receive in the future?]

Everlasting love!

Q. [Things you want to do on your birthday vacation?]

Going to a family restaurant with members, everyone won't enjoy just sitting.

Q. [A stat that you want to receive a birthday greeting?]

Locco Sunbaenim, SaengChuk! (TN: 2 syllables for Happy Birthday) I will be honored to receive a 2 syllables

Q. [Please say birthday greetings for you]

Yuju happy birthday! You're really 20~ you grown a lot. Always be happy!




새롭게 시작해 볼래 그리고                우릴 아프게 했던 시간들은 다시는 없을 거야 ~ 

 Let’s start fresh, you and me                 Times that hurt us will never come back again 

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