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 [Naver TVCast] GFriend Fanmeet in Singapore and Philippines

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 [Naver] GFriend Fanmeet in Singapore and Philippines


Source: GFriend Trans


Hello to all the family members of Starcast! It's been a long time, we've come to give you more news about GFriend~


Recently GFriend finished their fan-meeting with Singaporean and Filipino Buddies! GFriend starts their march around the word with these on-the-spot scenes on their fan-meeting~ Let's have a more vivid look at them right now! We'll be starting in three, two, one, go, go, go~!



Let's start with Singapore Fanmeet! Brightly shining Yerin is now performing their debut song Glass Bead!



We are looking at SinB from the side. No word is needed for this one~



SinB cheerfully meets with Singaporean Buddies~ Doesn't she looks very happy?



Sowon that radiates a leader-like composure~



Of course we won't miss out the always professional Yuju~ She looks so pretty to sing passionately for the fan-meeting!



Umji who looks so moved by the amount of Buddies who came~ 



Buddies! Receive all of Sowon's hearts ppyong ppyong~!



Yerin and Eunha both looking at fans together



The song is about to start and she closed her eyes to calm herself down. But look she looks like an angel, an angel T_T



These days, Eunha looks excessively cute and sexy at the same time



GFriend's in-charge of girl crush SinB! She's overflowing with chic energy! She looks so cool here



Goddess Sowon~



More Goddess Sowon shot



Umji is about to send cute flying kisses. I want to get one too...



SinB is still so good-looking even while she's working so hard on the performance



Buddies~ Annyeooong~?



Umji looks so cute while carrying that basket of sweets right?



We will always be your Buddy~ We will always be by your side!



I love you all every-Buddies!!



We also have photos from the fan-meeting in the Philippines~ I can't wait to hear Yuju's beautiful voice!



Eunha who looks so resolutely determined on this fan-meeting



Yerin's duck lips[1]  chuuu~



The Diva who received the divine light from heaven! Goddess Yuju![2]



Let's always be together Buddies!



Dreaming while praying, starting from today, we~[3]



We are not ending yet~ Here are some of the bonus photo you've been waiting for! Aren't you curious about how they look at the back stage? Well let's see more of them starting right now!



Umji, do you want to try choppy bangs too?



I want to have a baby sister like her.



Hair and make-up start~



Apeurodo jal butakhae~!



It's so refreshing to see excited Yerin inside the waiting room



Sneaking off on the cookies



The camera keeps on focusing on baby Umji. Anyways we still included Yuju at the back *click~*



Yuju retouching her make-up~



I had a good meal, time to practice singing~



Oh she saw us



And then she winked at us~♥



How are you now that you saw these lovely ladies that are full of life? From now on we will be there wherever GFriend go. Please expect more vibrant and beautiful GFriend in the future~ With this we say good bye and see you all next time on Star Cast!!!


Contents/Photos from Source Music

※ The contents above were provided by the agency


Source: Naver


Comments [428]:


[+692, -73]

The shape of Eunha's hair was really good. The volume, wave, and adding a touch of charming hairstyle looks so good on her. Her hair was pretty well made for her.


[+583, -88]

I love GFriend so much .. let's continue doing well~


[+525, -73]

GFriend's company really did wise moves .. while they are not promoting they are thoroughly widening their marketability by getting them on activities abroad while other girl groups are busy attending variety .. they really are doing well these days


[+473, -61]

Step by step GFriend is growing steadily .. GFriend is really a group that suits to my preference


[+462, -69]

Pretty GFriend members Fighting also on your activities abroad!!


[+406, -53]

I love how GFriend members are so positively hard-working even on international activities. Leader Sowon is so beautiful and I'm such a huge fan of the great singer Yuju. All GFriend members Fighting!!!


[+344, -45]

They are so cute. GFriend I love you~


[+387, -66]

The more I see them and the more they go on they just keep on getting prettier


[+292, -38]

Pretty GFriend! You've worked so hard!! Please don't get sick!! Fighting!!


[+272, -34]

Yerin looks so refreshing on her abundant cute facial expressions


Translator's Notes:

[1] The exact word is 참새 입 (cham-sae ip/sparrow beak) since it would sound weird in English I just changed it to "duck lips" instead since we are already familiar with "duck face".


[2] Actually the phrase use here is "Yuju getting the spotlight (literal spotlight)" but since it looks like a "light from heaven" I just made it that way for aesthetic purposes only.



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It's posted already but the comments are not included ^^



새롭게 시작해 볼래 그리고                우릴 아프게 했던 시간들은 다시는 없을 거야 ~ 

 Let’s start fresh, you and me                 Times that hurt us will never come back again 

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