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Found 204 results

  1. official

    Picture Thread for our main vocal, Yuju! Rule: one picture per member per day Don't forget to like your favorite pic.
  2. So I wanted to post some tutorials for BUDDY so we'll be able to support GFriend during their comeback. Something as little as watching the MV everyday is more than doing nothing because every contribution helps. That's why I'm going to share the criteria for each music show so that every BUDDY is knowledge on how each system works and how they can do their part. I'll also be sharing this information on Twitter when it's closer to the time of GFriend's comeback, so make sure to check out my Twitter (@cel_cellec) for more details. GENERAL SUPPORT FOR GFRIEND One of the most important things I-Buddies can contribute to help GFRIEND is: Stream their MV on YouTube everyday as much as you can Stream their music on stream sites like iTunes, Spotify, etc. YouTube: Watch + Like + Comment + Share the MV on the 여자친구 GFRIEND OFFICAL / 1theK YouTube channel ***NOTE*** You must watch the entire MV Be logged into your account Don't mute the audio on the YouTube player Watch in 720p or higher Create a YouTube playlist of the new MV and chose the repeat playlist setting. Make sure to add another MV to the playlist (ex. Rough MV) so the views are not seen as spam, meaning the MV views could become frozen. Additional YouTube Streaming Method used by K-Buddies: Korean Search Engines: Search 여자친구 on DAUM, NATE, and/or NAVER Gaon Social Chart (SNS Points): Official Facebook: Comment + Like + Share Official Twitter: Search (여자친구 or GFriend) + Retweet + Mention MUSIC SHOW SUPPORT: SBS MTV The Show (Tuesdays 6:30PM KST) MBC Show Champion (Wednesdays 7PM KST) - I-Buddies Can Vote! MNET M! Countdown (Thursdays 6PM KST) - I-Buddies Can Vote! KBS Music Bank (Fridays 5PM KST) MBC Show! Music Core (Saturdays 3:50PM KST) SBS Inkigayo (Sundays 12:10PM KST) And there you have it! Please support the girls any way you can during this comeback, whether it's buying a physical copy of the album or simply just streaming their MV on YouTube. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with me on Twitter (@cel_cellec).
  3. Yuju getting ready to snatch Judging You Looking for stuff Join the party!
  4. so far, we have sungjae and yuju duet. I want a DK and yuju sing all for you or umji and yuju sing a korean version of do you wanna build a snowman... please kpop godss!!! im begging...
  5. For me, since Yuju wasn't introduced as predebut-GFriend, i was more interested in Sowon and SinB. But as soon as i listened to Glass Bead for the first time and Yuju's part in the first verse came out i took no time to fall for her. Her weird personality was a big surprise to me since she looked so quiet during their early debut days, but it just makes me like her even more
  6. Hi Buddies, Word.Phrases.Sentences you want to say to 🇾🇺🇯🇺 ~positive and encouraging~
  7. So it's currently 5:30 PM KST right now and I'm so nervous I did these speed sketches. Posted these originally on my twitter but might as well share them also here haha. Lots of improvement, including proportion. Well, I haven't had enough practice and just drew whenever I can so yeah sorry bout that Sowon A faceless Yuju (sorry Yuju) and the Yujupup
  8. Time: 11:00 AM KST Venue: KBS Annex Studio
  9. I dropped a three part bomb today, and will most probably be talking a short break from creating these compilation since they take a lot of effort, but it's also somewhat of a therapy for me.
  10. Time: 7 PM KST Venue: Lotte Cinema World Tower MainLine Yuju and SinB selected as Promotional Ambassador for <Fantastic Journey to Oz> animation movie Yuju and SinB Yuju SinB PRESS VIDEO Main Line VLive just before the Press Conference start
  11. Wanna say something for GFRIEND? Well you're on the right zone buddy! ^^ share your message to GFRIEND! Whether it's a type written message, pictures of your hand written letters or whatever you like! You might not know they are just lurking around here without noticing them ^^ Feel free to post buddies! GFRIEND FIGHTING!!! <3 -GFSquad Team
  12. - KPOP concert convention KCON 2017 NY- KCON 2017 NY×M COUNTDOWN- GFRIEND - INTRO+FINGERTIP▶Watch more videos of KCON 2017:[Kor Ver.] 여친이들의 화려한 퍼포먼스는 뉴욕에서도 탕!탕!탕!_________________________________________________KCON 2017Integration of K-POP gala concert and large K-Wave Convention for K-Culture fans around the world. ▶Subscribe Now! - Mnet K-POP: Network) is an official KPOP music television in South Korea owned by CJ Group.ⓒCJ E&M. Corp ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  13. Real GFRIEND #Yuju Date: 160622 When I think of GFRIEND's songs, I think of your vocalization. That's something I haven't heard before. Pretty unique. Perhaps it's because your voice is full of power? For instance, your parts in GFRIEND's songs stand out, and that feels like GFRIEND. Alternatively speaking, you have some sort of 'tension'. If you think about it, the other parts are pretty, comfortable, and natural. I think having to express a bright and healthy girl's image brings out the times I used to run around in the playground. I feel like my personality is also reflected in my singing. What personality do you have? At first glance, you seem quiet, but much different when someone approaches you. I heard that a lot when I was attending school. I don't appear very approachable at first glance, but then end up being the opposite of that once they get to know me. At times, I appear so desperate that others feel sorry for me. It's shown in the stepping stone game in < One Fine Day > and through running in < ISAC >. Maybe it's because I naturally like exercising? I feel very natural about that. I think varieties turn out better if I take a more relaxed approach to it. I believe you've participated in many singing competitions since you were young. I thought the sincerity and consistent desire to be a singer is now being reflected in your songs and TV appearances. I'd be hesitant to think that they had no impact. It's more so that I didn't want to waste my time rather than me liking challenges. That seems like where the 'tension' I talked about originated from. But it's also important to commit when I have to, and relax when necessary. I have to relax enough so that I can fully engage in whatever I do next. I'm more lenient with myself when I relax. Does that mean you sleep when you're tired, regardless of day or night? I'm not good at taking naps. When I spend time on my own in our car, that's when I freely do whatever I want to do. What kind of stuff do you do? I can't really dance in the car, nor sing because members are around, so I found that practicing facial expressions for music videos is the best. I put on my earbuds and practice reacting to each song, from cheerful songs to dark songs. I guess 'tension' could be explained like this. Something that shows when a prepared person presents themselves, versus someone who isn't prepared. I guess it has to be a good tension? Haha. Have you ever thought about why you fell the most during that stage? (The performance in the rain, surpassing over 10 million views on YouTube) We practiced the same way, and I thought I had a pretty good sense of balance. So I was kinda embarrassed. I guess my moves were just more extreme? That's right. It relates to the discussion we had today, about how you were working more than others. And that was shown once you encountered a bad situation. You were working more than others because you practiced so much. There is definitely something to be earned from practices. Even if I don't become better at singing or dancing through practicing, I always learn something that only I know while going through trial and error. Those are valuable to learn. Do you know how your eyes open wide on stage? Haha. Our fans talk about that a lot. Even that seems like you are showing your will. I think so too. It's not like my eyes appear pretty or something. I personally think that I'm trying to deliver some sort of message with my eyes even in the short moment I'm on camera. Source: GQ Korea Translated by Albatro
  14. Buddy! My Buddies heh what did you do today? The weather got hotter, are you guys drinking lots of water and checking your health? Today I danced internally while listening to 'Water Flower' and spent a heart-fluttering day thinking about spending the summer together with our Buddies We seemed to have met again late at night, but... it's at a time that's late! Only those who aren't sleeping yet are reading this It feels as if I haven't said this in a long time so it feels awkward heh I love you my Buddies everyone goodnight!
  15. Music Video: Choreography M/V: Teasers: Military Teaser Photos: Knight Teaser Photos: Tracklist:
  16. Update: Gfriend is planning for their summer comeback at the end of July -Source Music Article: On June 27th it was revealed by multiple insiders that Gfriend is currently preparing for a summer comeback in July after their last comeback with their 4th mini album THE AWAKENING back in March. After 4 months, the group will be returning once again. Gfriend made their debut January 2015 with the title track Glass Beads, and from there released hits Me Gustas Tu, Rough, Navillera, and Fingertip. Alongside their completion of their school trilogy, Gfriend wrapped the trilogy with their first regular album, and made their comeback in March with Fingertip. The July is also a special time for Gfriend as they have made both their summer comebacks in the past during July with title tracks with Me Gustas Tu, and Navillera in July of 2015 and 2016 respectively. In addition, other females are preparing for July comebacks like Lee Hyori and Red Velvet so its expected to be a hot summer.
  17. Here are the Fancams of each member during their performance of FINGERTIP in DingDong Live: Eunha: NOTE: I got Tang tang tang'ed a lot by this fancam SinB: Yerin: Sowon: Umji: Yuju: UPDATE #1: I managed to find a link of it (Thanks to yodi) but its quality is only 360+. Here's the link: I'll try to update again if there is a 4K uploaded video ^^ UPDATE #2: 1080p Yuju Fancam is now available~ Still no sign of 4K tho ~.~ (Thanks to SinBCosB!!) (c) to the fansites of each member
  18. 여자친구 유주-신비, 애니 ‘오즈’ 홍보대사 발탁 GFRIEND Yuju-SinB, Promotional Ambassador 'Oz' sports donga On 26th July at 3:30 PM KST, there will be a special vlive of GFRIEND Yuju and SinB as the ambassador for an animation movie <Fantastic Journey to Oz>. There will be some quiz session during the vlive and special gifts will be given out by GFRIEND themself. Don't forget to watch it buddies. Vlive link : Poster by Watch the Preview Vlive of MainLine Yuju and SinB for <Fantastic Journey to Oz> :
  19. Source Music posted these behind the scenes image of GFRIEND at KCON 2017 Japan onto Official Fancafe!
  20. Buddies! For the past 1year+ , our girls have said tons of hilarious and relatable catch phrases in both Korean and English! Let us all state what they have said here for memories' keepsake! Do state who said what! For example, Sowon - 'No Englisheu' !
  21. What's your favorite GFriend's b-side from each era?
  22. I have always found GFriend members incredibly beautiful and since the voting for the Independent critics's 2017 list has started,i have decided to vote for our members to enter the list.This will help other fandoms admire us more. You can vote for any celebrity you want on Twitter or Instagram.The voting is very simple;just comment: I nominate/vote for #IdolName @IdolAccount for #100mostbeautifulfaces2017 @tcclander . You can add more tags if you want. These are Tcclander's account to vote: Official Site Instagram Youtube channel Twitter Don't forget to nominate all our mambers. And don't be sad if we couldn't make it in the list, because if not this year, we WILL enter next year.If not, it will only prove the site is biased. Good luck...
  23. Gfriend cute drawings .They definitely have talent. Within 3minutes , all Gfriend members will draw lots to determine who they will be drawing. After the lots : Eunha will draw Sowon Yerin will draw Sinb Sowon will draw Yuju Sinb wil draw Umji Umji will draw Eunha Yuju will draw Yerin Let's see the outcome. Eunha(obviously the drawing symbolize tallness ) and Yerin(I cant recognize SinB at all) Umji(Eunha long hair(I miss that time) and Yuju(Yerin Figure Skating) Sowon(Well seems like Yuju smile tho and her hair looks the same) Sinb(The details in the hair drawing really resemble our baby umji) Who do you think has the best art??
  24. And why? Mine is click because the vibe of the song just makes me really happy for some reason.