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Found 225 results

  1. Picture thread for our loveable Yerin!! Post one picture per day per member here of Yerin! Don't forget to like the photos you like! Source
  2. Time: 3:00 PM KST Location: Hapjeong Evans Lounge
  3. So I wanted to post some tutorials for BUDDY so we'll be able to support GFriend during their comeback. Something as little as watching the MV everyday is more than doing nothing because every contribution helps. That's why I'm going to share the criteria for each music show so that every BUDDY is knowledge on how each system works and how they can do their part. I'll also be sharing this information on Twitter when it's closer to the time of GFriend's comeback, so make sure to check out my Twitter (@cel_cellec) for more details. GENERAL SUPPORT FOR GFRIEND One of the most important things I-Buddies can contribute to help GFRIEND is: Stream their MV on YouTube everyday as much as you can Stream their music on stream sites like iTunes, Spotify, etc. YouTube: Watch + Like + Comment + Share the MV on the 여자친구 GFRIEND OFFICAL / 1theK YouTube channel ***NOTE*** You must watch the entire MV Be logged into your account Don't mute the audio on the YouTube player Watch in 720p or higher Create a YouTube playlist of the new MV and chose the repeat playlist setting. Make sure to add another MV to the playlist (ex. Rough MV) so the views are not seen as spam, meaning the MV views could become frozen. Additional YouTube Streaming Method used by K-Buddies: Korean Search Engines: Search 여자친구 on DAUM, NATE, and/or NAVER Gaon Social Chart (SNS Points): Official Facebook: Comment + Like + Share Official Twitter: Search (여자친구 or GFriend) + Retweet + Mention MUSIC SHOW SUPPORT: SBS MTV The Show (Tuesdays 6:30PM KST) MBC Show Champion (Wednesdays 7PM KST) - I-Buddies Can Vote! MNET M! Countdown (Thursdays 6PM KST) - I-Buddies Can Vote! KBS Music Bank (Fridays 5PM KST) MBC Show! Music Core (Saturdays 3:50PM KST) SBS Inkigayo (Sundays 12:10PM KST) And there you have it! Please support the girls any way you can during this comeback, whether it's buying a physical copy of the album or simply just streaming their MV on YouTube. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with me on Twitter (@cel_cellec).
  4. Time: N/A
  5. Hi Buddies! GFSquad will be doing a Birthday support project for Yerin's 22nd Birthday and Umji's 20th Birthday this year! As we have been for our past projects, we will celebrate again by collecting funds to purchase a wreath to donate under the Ye-Sister's name as well as give them each a message book with message from Buddies! We will also be purchasing gifts for the Ye-Sisters! Like our previous Birthday support for Eunha and SinB, we will have member and donor involvement as well! See "GFS Member Project Involvement" below for more details. For those who haven't seen the types of projects we do, please visit here to see reviews of all our previous projects! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DONATIONS Donation Goal: $650USD $750USD This donation goal will be to cover the cost of purchasing wreaths and message books for both Yerin and Umji (They will both get their own wreath and message book.) All extra donations will then be allocated to purchase gifts for the Ye-Sisters. With the voices of Buddies, it has been decided that Yerin will receive a Rice Wreath and Umji will receive a Powdered Milk Wreath! The donation goal has been updated to accommodate for this as Powdered Milk wreaths are a bit more expensive. Minimum Donation Amount: $5.00USD Donation Period: July 2nd, 2017 - July 23rd, 2017 (Ends at 11:59PM KST) Benefits for Donors: A Forum Donation Award added to your profile. Example of previous awards: Your forum status will also be changed from "Bud" or "Buddies" to "Donors" A free forum title change. (Post your title change requests here) A chance to win an exclusive 4" x 6" Print of Yerin and Umji! (15 of each available) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GFS MEMBERS PROJECT INVOLVEMENT To make Buddies feel more involved in our projects, Buddies can help make decisions on the outcome of the project! Donors of the project will be invited to join a project team group chat, on the instant messaging app LINE, to brainstorm and work together on project tasks like: decide on what wreath to purchase the wording on the ribbons on the wreath type of gifts wrapping of gifts etc. For all Buddies who have donated to the project, please visit the below Donor thread (Only accessible to donors) to find the link to the chat. Our initial donation goal will be to cover the cost of the Wreath and message book as that is the core of the project. The donation goal will be decided once the type of wreath is decided. If we exceed our donation goal, the excess donations will be used to purchase a gift for the Ye-Sisters! This will be decided jointly with members. The process for deciding what gifts we will buy will be something like this: Take suggestions from Buddies and compile them together Create a poll for Buddies to decide on what to purchase The winner of the poll will be the gift chosen to be purchased. *We will try to make this as interactive as possible. However, if we run into unforeseen obstacles that may hinder the project timeline, GFS will make the executive decision on what will be done" CURRENT INVOLVEMENT: Please help us decide on what type of wreath to purchase for the Ye-Sisters! You may vote for the type of wreath in the polls above. Poll ends on July 9th, 2017. Please submit your messages and fanarts for our Message Books for the Ye-Sisters! Google Form: RESULTS: 170709 - It has been decided that Yerin will receive a Rice Wreath and Umji will receive a Powdered Milk Wreath! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROJECT TIMELINE To ensure that we are able to compile the wreath and gifts together by the Ye-Sister's birthday, there will be a schedule that we will follow: Donation Period: July 2nd, 2017 - July 23rd, 2017 Message Compilation for Message Book Process: July 2nd, 2017 - July 23rd, 2017 Gift Decision Process (if applicable): July 23rd, 2017 - July 30th, 2017 Ordering and Compiling of Gifts: July 30th, 2017 and on **Timeline subject to change** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TUTORIAL] HOW TO DONATE: 1. Click link: 2. Click 'Donate Now' located on the right side of the page. 3. Select 'Amount' (Minimum $5.00 USD), 'Goal', and 'Payment Method' (only Paypal for now) 4. Confirm details, with options to stay 'Anonymous' 5. You will then be prompted by Paypal to login and confirm payment. Don't have a PayPal account? You can use your debit card (where available), credit card or bank account (where available). The PayPal interface may vary. We hope you can donate whatever you can to support the Ye-Sisters, GFRIEND, our cause, and GFSquad! -GFS Staff
  6. I dropped a three part bomb today, and will most probably be talking a short break from creating these compilation since they take a lot of effort, but it's also somewhat of a therapy for me.
  7. I love how extra she is.
  8. Yerin will be flying to Bali, Indonesia today for the filming of SBS 'Law of the Jungle' with Lee Soo-geu, Lee Taehwan, Yang Jungwon and Choi Won Young. The broadcast date will be in August. Stay safe Red Ginseng Yerin and have fun. PRESS PHOTOS PRESS VIDEOS Fansite Previews Official Update On of the cast of SBS 'Law of the Jungle' posted at his instagram Actor Lee Tae-Hwan some flight info. Yerin and the crew will be arriving at Denpasar Internationational Airport, Indonesia around 7PM KST. (GARUDA INDONESIA 871)
  9. Anyone interested to order, check link below. It's not through GFS though but I couldn't find a site that does GO for US and Canada other than this.
  10. Wanna say something for GFRIEND? Well you're on the right zone buddy! ^^ share your message to GFRIEND! Whether it's a type written message, pictures of your hand written letters or whatever you like! You might not know they are just lurking around here without noticing them ^^ Feel free to post buddies! GFRIEND FIGHTING!!! <3 -GFSquad Team
  11. Saw this on twitter recently. This youtube singer named Jannine Weigel who is half-german half thai looks a lot like Yerin at some angles doesn't she? hahaha Here's her youtube channel: What do you guys think?
  12. Real GFRIEND #Yerin Date: 160622 Your laughing face left an impression on the public. Do you have tips for a pretty laugh? Well, I can't really laugh prettily. So I don't think so? Apparently I use the entirety of my face muscles to laugh. So there was a time where I had to think about how to show a pretty laugh. Was it because of the related search keyword 'Fake Laugh'? Yeah, you know, nobody checks their life on camera. Watching myself after debut, despite seeing myself laugh in funny moments, I questioned why I was laughing like that. I realized people could take them the wrong way. As emphasized as the laughing face is, your normal face is as calm as it could be. You have a clean visual, but you don't stay still for even a moment. There's just so much contrast. I'm naturally bad at staying still. I went to an English academy during high school, and my bum hurt after having sat down for so long. So I remember telling my mom that staying seated is too difficult. What do you do when you're in waiting rooms? I sleep. When I sit down, I usually sleep. I think you are becoming calmer as time passes. Well, I'm at that age where I want to look pretty. Haha. I'm getting more experienced at picking when to be funny and when to be pretty. I think your funny and extreme character you showed early on was what led GFRIEND. Thank you for interpreting my character that way. I think our members were sort of frozen in front of the cameras back then. Now, they're hilarious. But you were okay? I wasn't camera shy. I just had fun on camera, and people liked it. Yeah, I really do think you weren't camera shy, seeing how comfortable you were with making eye contact. With my personality, I'm not so good at making eye contact. I'm doing it on purpose to fix that. I used to pass by people without even saying hello because I had a hard time making eye contact. But then at one point I thought, 'what if that person thinks I don't like him/her?' and ever since then, I try my best to make eye contact although it's difficult to do so. You are good at laughing, competitive by nature, and full of energy, but you have something going. I'm not competitive at all. I won't even care if I come in last place. I wondered why I appear to be competitive, and then I saw myself winning in games all the time. It was just a coincidence though. My goal wasn't to win. You really seem to put on a different mindset when you play games. It's like you roll up your sleeves and get to action. Might as well do my best. Yeah, that's exactly it. But I don't get angry even if I lose to someone. Then I'll ask this. Are you ambitious? No, I don't really have a lot of ambition. I usually lower my expectations with everything. Then I feel that much happier when I acquire something later on. It really saddens me when I really want something, but don't end up getting it. So I like to think that nothing is given to me. I feel more comfortable that way. Then the current GFRIEND must be a huge surprise, right? Yeah, I'm very thankful for the position we are in. Even then, don't you have something that does motivate yourself? Something that you really want to be good at. I haven't thought about it too much. Wouldn't it be better to just be good at anything? You seem to have ambitions as an entertainer. Don't you always want to make people happy? I do have something like that. I feel happy when I see others smiling because of me. You might not have any ambitions, but do you have a goal? Mm, I want to be a friend that can make my close people happy. Source: GQ Korea Translated by Albatro
  13. Yerin stans! Here it is, the thread to only use 1 word to describe our 'Red Ginseng' Yerin! Do take note to only post another word only after 5 posts to prevent spam! I'll start off with : Lovely!
  14. Music Video: Choreography M/V: Teasers: Military Teaser Photos: Knight Teaser Photos: Tracklist:
  15. Hello Buddies💘 I don't know if it's appropriate to post this here, but I'm desperate. I've been trying to find Sowon's Flower Bud photocard but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I have Yerin's Flower Bud card which is up for trade for Flower Bud Sowon. If anyone has Sowon's card and is willing to trade for Yerin's please let me know ❤️❤️ I do have the card on hand :
  16. Update: Gfriend is planning for their summer comeback at the end of July -Source Music Article: On June 27th it was revealed by multiple insiders that Gfriend is currently preparing for a summer comeback in July after their last comeback with their 4th mini album THE AWAKENING back in March. After 4 months, the group will be returning once again. Gfriend made their debut January 2015 with the title track Glass Beads, and from there released hits Me Gustas Tu, Rough, Navillera, and Fingertip. Alongside their completion of their school trilogy, Gfriend wrapped the trilogy with their first regular album, and made their comeback in March with Fingertip. The July is also a special time for Gfriend as they have made both their summer comebacks in the past during July with title tracks with Me Gustas Tu, and Navillera in July of 2015 and 2016 respectively. In addition, other females are preparing for July comebacks like Lee Hyori and Red Velvet so its expected to be a hot summer.
  17. 2017.06.23 Fri GFRIEND Yerin's Beauty Secret Women always dream of 'skin that goes well with makeup'. Such skin is even more sought after during the hot and humid summer days! Could it perhaps be possible to maintain a fresh skin condition throughout the day despite being under the scorching sunlight? It's important to pick the correct skin care to strengthen the skin! Like GFRIEND's Yerin, whose base makeup never falters even when she performs powerful dances on stage. Do you remember how we often met in our washroom during trainee days? That's right! The building right across from our practice room was Cosmo's building, so we often used that washroom. When I was a trainee, I also did so much laundry there. Haha. The washroom there was much better than our practice room. You're actually pretty tall, but you appear relatively short on screen. Maybe it's because all of our members are tall, but many people do tend to think I'm short and small. Do you take special care of your body? This is pretty cool, but I don't get much fat on my arms and thighs whereas I start growing a belly as soon as I eat. I don't know why. So when I have to wear an outfit that reveals my tummy, I drastically reduce the amount I eat. I stayed away from exercise for a while because I didn't like it, but I plan on attending pilates sessions starting next month. Is there a reason why you are looking to start pilates despite not being a fan of exercise? Personally, I don't prefer having a skinny/thin body. But having fat hanging down isn't my style either. I could successfully diet by starving, but I realized that I have to exercise to get a well-toned body. After knowing this, I just couldn't not start exercising. It's a tall task to go on a diet in the early 20's when you aren't yet familiar with your body. It's also a time when you get hungry all the time. I definitely agree! Immediately following debut, everything related to going on a diet was difficult, not just restraining myself from eating. But if you think about it, going on a diet is an effort for myself. Because I'm the one who benefits from losing weight. Thinking about it this way, going on a diet became a happy thing. So now I endure the process, hoping for a good result. And if night eating binges start to taunt me, I can just go to bed earlier. Haha. I didn't think I would get such a mature answer from a 22 year old! Do you have any other personal weight management techniques? Anasarca on my legs is pretty bad. So no matter what, I lie down on the floor before going to sleep, lean my legs against the wall, and do a L-shaped stretch. I also never eat to the point where I'd feel full. Do you also actively take care of your skin? Nope. My skin is still relatively healthy, so I don't bother too much. I also take the least time to wash my face compared to the members. I heard you brought your pouch for Cosmo today. If you could tell us your favourite item? I really love YSL's orange lipstick. It goes well with my skin, and I especially like it because it looks natural. So I tend to buy two or three of those at a time. Also, The Face Shop's perfumes and MAC Sculpting Powder are also essentials that I can't leave out. Being fairly young, I don't think you would be too concerned about beauty.... My lower body is prone to scratches. I get a scar even if my skin just grazes some surface, and regularly applying skin refining ointment doesn't seem to heal that. I'm also concerned about my face appearing bigger on screen due to my pale skin. Please tell us your future promotion plans. I guess a GFRIEND album will be released this year? Because we love each other so much, I'm happiest when I promote as GFRIEND. I dare say with confidence that our teamwork is second to none among girl groups. In the future, we'll be working hard to promote, so please wait for us! Source: Cosmopolitan Korea Credit: Editor Ha Yun-Jin Translated by Albatro
  18. in the first part of this performance sinb, sowon, and umji are dancing and yuju, eunha, and yerin and singing. does this mean yerin is considered as part of the vocal line or did soumu just do this to make it even?
  19. Here are the Fancams of each member during their performance of FINGERTIP in DingDong Live: Eunha: NOTE: I got Tang tang tang'ed a lot by this fancam SinB: Yerin: Sowon: Umji: Yuju: UPDATE #1: I managed to find a link of it (Thanks to yodi) but its quality is only 360+. Here's the link: I'll try to update again if there is a 4K uploaded video ^^ UPDATE #2: 1080p Yuju Fancam is now available~ Still no sign of 4K tho ~.~ (Thanks to SinBCosB!!) (c) to the fansites of each member
  20. Source Music posted these behind the scenes image of GFRIEND at KCON 2017 Japan onto Official Fancafe!
  21. Hey~~ Buddies~~~~ A while ago I promised to take a picture of all the Jibangis* that Buddies gifted me, And at last!! I'm able to keep my promise today~ I kept on thinking about when I should post the photo, And today I had time to gather all the Jibangis from our dorm and practice room~~ ^*^ Looking at all these Jibangis, I feel like I might become one too... haha Buddies, thank you for the Jibangis~~ *TN: Jibangi literally means 'Fatty'. It's the official character for an Obesity Clinic located in Seoul. In case Buddies are bored at this hour, Here's a photo!!! Translated by Albatro
  22. Buddies! For the past 1year+ , our girls have said tons of hilarious and relatable catch phrases in both Korean and English! Let us all state what they have said here for memories' keepsake! Do state who said what! For example, Sowon - 'No Englisheu' !