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  1. Comprehensive list of GFriend activities This database consists of GFriend activities (performances, appearances, etc.) I started making this list because there was none on GFriend Reddit Wiki like on other Reddit pages do. So I started with their music show performances and stuff, then it went grow. I'm happy that the list is now pinned on GFriend Reddit. Also thanks for pinning this on GFS Forums. List of tabs: Home GFriend Schedule Archives GFriend YouTube GFriend VLive Music Shows Music Shows (Alt Ver.) Television Appearances (Part 1) Television Appearances (Part 2) Radio Appearances Miscellaneous
  2. official

    Spam pictures about Umji
  3. instagram

    GFRIEND snaps some photos with the anniversary billboards on gfriendofficial Instagram~ We also came again today for #authentication time 💕 returning after seeing the 3rd anniversary electronic advertisement boards which were filled with #Buddys’ love and sincerity🏃‍♀️ We feel touched however way we see it😭 our Buddies who we’re always thankful for❤ Whether it’d be the 3rd anniversary, 30th anniversary, or even 300th anniversary! Let’s always be together❣🙏
  4. instagram

    Umji posted on gfriendofficial Instagram! During Japanese class break, #SinB drew #Eunha unnie ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it was cute so Ddin cut it out for her #kawaii 😻 #DrawMeToo #👍
  5. instagram

    Umji posted on gfriendofficial Instagram! Even the time on the way to the movies is fun heh 💗_ after messaging +EunJjang☆ by phone.. we went to watch a movieㅋㅋㅋ_ #euna with #muji Messages Translation: Eunha: Yeah, it’ll end soon Let’s go watch a movie Movies suggested: 1987: When the Day Comes Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds The Greatest Showman Eunha: There’s always….No one to play with me… I’m an outcast.... Yuju: I don’t really feel like watching a movie Let’s watch it at home I want to have a massage as well Yuju: What should I do.. Hah Eunha: Go massage then... Anyone want McDonald’s Umji: Heol unnie I really like that movie I only just saw your message... EunJjang.....☆ Eunha unnie, I’ve also got a request, when you open the fridge door, there should be some artificial tears on the right side where we put the red chilli paste and bean paste. Can you rip one off and bring it over?!! Eunha: I’ll be there soon Umji: Okey Dokey Eunha: What if I bring the red chilli and bean paste instead of the artificial tears Umji: Alright, but you do know that it’s for my eyes right? Eunha: Hmm I’ll look for the cheongyang chilli as well then hehe Yuju: You’re such a bad unnie.. Umji: Don’t even mention it.. I’m going to pick up Eunha unnie now and I can already smell the spiciness Sigh Please come down
  6. What more can I say. Thank you so much for joining us today and yesterday, Everything was possible because you were all there. Keep today’s emotions and happiness forever. I’ll make you happier in the future. Thank You. +Stay warm and sleep well♡..
  7. instagram

    Umji posted on gfriendofficial Instagram~ There is evidence of yesterday all around the house..😂😂 this photo was taken on #OneDay during our concert practice Have a delicious lunch😚
  8. instagram

    An all member post on gfriendofficial Instagram! You thought we’d forget, right? It’s not like that, we had a party together hehe are you jealous? But you do know that all of this was possible because of Buddies, right? Thanks to Buddies, we are very happy about the concert and our 3rd anniversary ❣️Thank you!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (There are 7 exclamation marks and 7 hearts for Buddies huhu 😁)
  9. instagram

    Some photos from all members after their concert on gfriendofficial Instagram! The 2nd day of our first concert! Today’s #LunchBox was also delicious 🍯 it’s because it was filled with #Buddy’s love🎶 We were able to perform hard today due to Buddy’s sense of choice😚. We had fun during #Season_of_GFRIEND due to Buddies. Thank you and we lub you ❤️💕
  10. instagram

    Umji posted a short vid on gfriendofficial Instagram! I really wanted to see Buddy today…..Today, I have Buddy’s #heart #💖 on my #ring #ShowingItOff
  11. instagram

    Sowon posted on gfriendofficial Instagram! Buddies, it’s late now but I wanted to talk to you! Today’s stage was really awesome. As expected from Buddies, thank you for waiting for us in the cold ㅜㅜㅜ We will work harder to prepare for the next stage. Good night everyone and fighting for tomorrow! Photo with #Maknae Muji
  12. Hello Buddy~~ First off, Merry Christmas 🎄 We started the morning out with rehearsals, the red carpet, and then our stage, But now there is less than 3 hours of Christmas left..... haha I'm a little sad that I wasn't able to fully enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, But I was very happy to be able to greet Buddies from stage!! Oh, I suddenly wanted to know about how Buddies spent their Christmas.. could you tell me?! 😊😊 I'm sure you all watched Gayo Daejeon, so besides that!!! ㅋㅋㅋ We're commuting back right now and we just really wanted to get into the Christmas mood, So the fact that we're listening to carols is no secret 😋 I think we'd be happy if we could listen to carols while reading Buddies' Christmas stories, so here is my request p.s. Despite today being right at the peak of winter, thinking about 'Christmas' gives me a feeling of warmth! Is that just me heh.... Yeah... Well heheh... That's how I feel heee Translated by Albatro
  13. Hey i came up with a Gfriend tag that has 10 questions for you to answer i thought this would be fun for you guys to do. Here are the questions Questions: 1. How did you Discover Gfriend? 2. Bias in Gfriend? 3. Your top 3 favorite Gfriend songs? 4. Show that has featured Gfriend (Not counting Reality Show) E.g. Weekly Idol, Happy Together, ... 5. Your Favorite Gfriend Reality Show? 6. Favorite Moment/Memory with Gfriend 7. Your Favourite Gfriend Solo Song from a Gfriend Member? 8. Your Favourite Song that has featured a Gfriend Member in it ? 9. Are you a boy or girl Buddy? 10. Why do you love the Buddy fandom?
  14. Hi Buddies! GFSquad will be doing a Birthday support project for Sowon's 23rd Birthday this year! As we have been for our past projects, we will celebrate again by collecting funds to purchase a wreath to donate under Sowon's name as well as give her a message book with message from Buddies! We will also be purchasing gifts for Sowon! Like our previous Birthday supports, we will have member and donor involvement as well! See "GFS Member Project Involvement" below for more details. For those who haven't seen the types of projects we do, please visit here to see reviews of all our previous projects! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DONATIONS Donation Goal: $350USD This donation goal will be to cover the cost of purchasing wreaths and message books for Sowon. All extra donations will then be allocated to purchase gifts for Sowon. This donation goal will change once Buddies have voted for what type of wreath we will want to purchase for Sowon (Current donation goal is based on a 50kg Rice Wreath). Please vote on the poll above (Ends on October 17th, 2017 at 11:59PM KST). Minimum Donation Amount: $5.00USD Donation Period: October 10th, 2017 - November 5th, 2017 (Ends at 11:59PM KST) Benefits for Donors: A Forum Donation Award added to your profile. Example of previous awards: Your forum status will also be changed from "Bud" or "Buddies" to "Donors" A free forum title change. (Post your title change requests here) A chance to win an exclusive 4" x 6" Print of Sowon! (15 available) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GFS MEMBERS PROJECT INVOLVEMENT To make Buddies feel more involved in our projects, Buddies can help make decisions on the outcome of the project! Donors of the project will be invited to join a project team group chat, on the instant messaging app LINE, to brainstorm and work together on project tasks like: decide on what wreath to purchase the wording on the ribbons on the wreath type of gifts wrapping of gifts etc. For all Buddies who have donated to the project, please visit the below Donor thread (Only accessible to donors) to find the link to the chat. Please join this chat ASAP as we will start discussing the wreath ribbons, gifts, etc ASAP. Due to how close GFRIEND's 3rd Anniversary is to Sowon's Birthday, we will need to have decisions made much earlier so that there is also time to prepare for their anniversary. Sowon's Birthday and GFRIEND's 3rd Anniversary support projects will run concurrently. Our initial donation goal will be to cover the cost of the Wreath and message book as that is the core of the project. The donation goal will be finalised once the type of wreath is decided. If we exceed our donation goal, the excess donations will be used to purchase a gift for Sowon! This will be decided jointly with members. The process for deciding what gifts we will buy will be something like this: Take suggestions from Buddies and compile them together Create a poll for Buddies to decide on what to purchase The winner of the poll will be the gift chosen to be purchased. *We will try to make this as interactive as possible. However, if we run into unforeseen obstacles that may hinder the project timeline, GFS will make the executive decision on what will be done* CURRENT INVOLVEMENT: Please join our group chat with the link in the thread mentioned above. Please vote on what type of wreath we should purchase for Sowon! Deadline: October 17th, 2017 @ 11:59 PM KST RESULTS: N/A PROJECT TIMELINE To ensure that we are able to compile the wreath and gifts together by Sowon's birthday, there will be a schedule that we will follow: Donation Period: October 10th, 2017 - November 5th, 2017 Wreath Poll: October 10th, 2017 - October 17th, 2017 Message and Fanart Compilation for Message Book Process: October 22, 2017 - November 7th, 2017 Wreath Ribbon Decision: October 18th, 2017 - October 25th, 2017 Gift Decision (if applicable): October 10th, 2017 - November 17th, 2017 Ordering and Compiling of Gifts: November 5th, 2017 and on **Timeline subject to change** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TUTORIAL] HOW TO DONATE: We hope you can donate whatever you can to support the Sowon, GFRIEND, our cause, and GFSquad! -GFS Staff
  15. instagram

    Sowon updated the gfriendofficial Instagram again today! Nyhaa~~~ Our baby #OmujiSowon
  16. instagram

    Umji's post on gfriendofficial Instagram! Buddies 😍 Have a nice day👋👋 Heh #👍
  17. instagram

    Umji on gfriendofficial Instagram update! #I'veCaughtYouRascal2 _ #ListenTogether ❓ #YesLet'sListenTogether _ _ #IShouldReallyGoToSleepNow #LastOne #Everybody #GoodNight #SleepTight #Buddy Translated by @Galaxy1004
  18. instagram

    Umji posted on gfriendofficial Instagram~ If you don't let me write my diary #IWillMakeYourClothesDirty 😤 _ #Touch #Touch #😏 Comments: Fan: Who's this! Eunha: Euna Umji: Did you fall in love with the serenade I just sang? Euna: Yep, I'm so in love.. SsinB and Muji are so cute Translated by @Galaxy1004
  19. Umji posted on gfriendofficial Instagram with SinB! I felt sorry for posting an old photo so here's a real-time photo 🕜 _ #CaughtIt #YouRascal Comment from SinB: Let go, or I won't let you write your diary behind me. Translated by @Galaxy1004
  20. Umji's post on gfriendofficial Instagram! I wanted to post something so I brought out an old photo. Eh the hair is so unfamiliar. _ _ #IWillTake #Selcas #FromToday📷 #👍 Comments from Umji: There are lots of Buddies asleep now and lots of Buddies that are awake.. Ddin is awake Translated by @Galaxy1004
  21. Yerin, Umji and SinB on gfriendofficial Instagram update! Omuji and pork belly Ddin also said she wanted to come voluntarily #Yerin #Umji #SinB #PorkBelly I love you Translated by @Galaxy1004
  22. Update on gfriendofficial Instagram with Sowon, Eunha and Umji! #Sad 😢 #Staring 👀 #Destroyers 👿 Translated by @Galaxy1004
  23. Umji's post on gfriendofficial Instagram! Over here, good night 🌙 Over there, good morning 🌞 _ I wonder what time it is #hello👋 to foreign fans🤗 Translated by @SojuYuju