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Found 50 results

  1. It was a normal day - well comeback was imminent, but anyway - of February the 26th. But as the clock struck midnight, signalling the beginning of February the 27th in Korea, the official trailer for 'Fingertip' was released. 2 hours later, Umji's FROM was posted on the official fan cafe, followed by Eunha's shortly after. The members then started commenting on their own FROM postings, on the comments on their own FROM postings, and on each other's FROM postings. SinB followed up with her own FROM, and the members began commenting away. The rest is history. Please enjoy the comments below! SinB: I can't sleep either because my heart is beating so much... I'm replaying the trailer for the billionth time T_ ㄴ Eunha: T_T T_T My heart won't calm down waaaahhhhh Buddy: Whatcha doing not sleeping Euna-yang heh ㄴ Eunha: I'm reading Buddies' comments lied down on our warm living room floor~ Buddy: Jjanyang-nim what are ya doing not sleeping!! Your skin might go bad *crying* Eunha: I didn't know there were this many Buddies who couldn't go to sleep today T_T Go to sleep everyone T_T Eunha: I'll be the only one whose heart flutters, not being able to sleep, and getting ahead of herself T_T Sowon: My stomach too feels sick -__ save me Sowon: Buddies sleep quick.... sigh we're all just goofballs !! Eunha: Tonight we are SickStomachFRIEND Buddy: I was about to fall asleep... then the trailer woke me right up haha. When I was watching the trailer, I felt as if Eunha noona sniped my heart...💕 Whether it be power innocence or girl crush, GFRIEND is love 💕💕💕 Eunha noona good night! good GF night!!💕 ㄴ Sowon: What about the part where I was walking towards the camera????????? Buddy: Your stomach is sick because you're lying down on the floor ahaha get up ㄴ Sowon: That girl is still on the floor with her face down sighhh... Sowon: You get off your phone first sissy Buddy: If no pictures, please leave lots of comments! ㄴ SinB: Shuure Yuju: Why is everyone still awake, it's getting late Buddy: Listening to SinB noona's words, I've taken my hands off my computer and phone !! SinB noona, good nighhhht ~ heh g'night ! ㄴ SinB: You liar. How did you right that comment then Yuju: Are you not sleeping too, Ttin? SinB: Wait, is my thread kinda hot right now? Eunha: Umji blehh Eunha: Come quick T_T Eunha: Wow sooo many comments ~~~~~~~~~ ㄴ Eunha: Should I sleep after hitting 1000 comments ~~~~~? Eunha: This thread is 1st, 1st place! Buddy: SinB give me your number! Let's talk! Love you forever ㄴ SinB: Your nickname is 'Eunha's boyfriend', why are you saying that to me? Eunha: Stop saying 'you won't grow anymore', I'm all grown up already! 😤 Buddy: Kekekeke unnie's FROM overflowed with cuteness so much that it pulled out all of the apartments from 1-dong to 7-dong;; If I lived in Seoul I think Nonhyun-dong would've been removed whew; Good thing I live in the suburbs ^^* I too can't fall asleep as my heart is pounding hohoho, I'll look forward to this new concept ㄴ SinB: Wow... (call) 112... Buddy: Eunha-yang, you're the average height~~! It's just that the members are tall ㄴ Eunha: Agreed! Buddy: Heh heh, I wuv you SinB-yang 💕 ㄴ SinB: You're sure that you love me, right? ㄴ Buddy: For sure Buddy: Any words you want to say for the Buddies who aren't able to fall asleep? ㄴ Eunha: Sleep already T_ Buddy 1: I'll bet my cellphone on them sleeping now ㄴ Buddy 2: Then is that phone mine now? kekek ㄴ SinB: Hand it over keke Eunha: Woohoo passed the 900 mark Buddy: Who will be after SinB-yang's FROM? !! ㄴ Yuju: It's getting late today, wait just a bit *wink* ! hee Eunha: Uwaaa!!!!!! Eunha: Buddies!!!!!! Are you watching this? Eunha: I'll celebrate today as 'Eunha 1000 Comments Day'! Buddy: SinB noona's appearance on the trailer reminds me of Sombra from Overwatch hahahaha Maybe it's thanks to the gun, but you look similar hahahaha ㄴ SinB: Is she pretty? I'll agree if so Eunha: Omg even surpassing the 1200 mark, daebak.... Buddy: SinB-yang may I print this photo and take it to the upcoming fansign? ㄴ SinB: Pardon? Eunha: Cool, cute, and pretty Buddies T_T Eunha: Since it's too late, let's not go to 2000, but go to sleep =_= Buddy: Please order chicken as late-night meal for me keke ㄴ SinB: 100% Korean Harim-Chicken! Chicken is Hosigi! Even the hot pepper powder is from Korea! Eunha: @Buddy if that's what your heart desires, I won't stop you. But I'm so sad when Buddies can't sleep Yuju: Eunhayaaaa ㄴ Eunha: Hmm >_<? Buddy: I heard girls like the word 'princess', Eunbi too..? Eun.Bi.Prin.Cess 💕 ㄴ SinB: Heh-..Are you Prin.Cess too? Eunha: Wow this thread hit the milestone too, Buddies are the best !!!!!! ㄴ Yuju: Stay asleep until I come Buddy: Ttin, you thought you wouldn't be caught writing comments after saying you were going to sleep, eh? ㄴ SinB: WaaaHAHAHAHAHAHAAH What is this LOOOOOOOOOOOL I'm saving this AHAHAHAAHA Buddy: Let's step up our game and catch Eunha-noona!! ㄴ Eunha: That's a no-no! SinB: What what are you doing, come to our room, quick Buddy: 97s' chemistry is amazing 👍👍👍 ㄴ Yuju: Of course, Eunha is a precious star in my heart Buddy: Will I get in trouble if I don't sleep? ㄴ SinB: Yup. I'll scold you, now go to sleep~ Buddy: I'll bet my height and my phone on Euna noona being in bed ㄴ Eunha: I'm still on the floor Eunha: '1500 Comments Day'... ㄴ Yuju: Did you read what I just wrote? Those are my sincere thoughts, please do read Yuju: Our Buddies, sleep tight, people whom we're always thankful for ?? Buddy: When Eunha-yang rolls on the floor, do you roll from the left, or from the right? ㄴ Eunha: Left? Buddy: Unnie, be honest, you think you're good at sexy, right? ㄴ Eunha: (TN: Photo here) Buddy: Eunha unnie, when you sleep, do you sleep facing the right? Or do you face the left?? ㄴ Eunha: The ceiling! Buddy: SinB unnie . You don't like me, do you ? Why did you do that back then ? ㄴ SinB: ..Were you dreaming? Buddy: Unnie I collected all of Hosigi kekekekekekeke I feel proud ㄴ SinB: Darn.. I thought you meant you collected all the coupons.. I was about to compliment you... Buddy: SinB-yang, don't you want to try ttek-tti like Eunha-yang? ㄴ SinB: AHAAHAHAHHAHA What? Ttek-tti? Who are you talking about? Ttek-tti who? Buddy: What level are you on Cookie Run? ㄴ Eunha: 34 ^^ Buddy: SinB unnie is making fun of Eunha unnie's ttek-tti hahahaha ㄴ Eunha: Whoa, you mean in the other thread? Eunha: ?'Eunha 2000 Comments Day'? Buddy: Going for 2000 comments?? Eunha-yang, are you lowkey aiming for it? hahaha ㄴ Eunha: nuunuu, whaddaya meaaaan, that's total nonsense! I only hope for Buddies to enter dreamland soon! Eunha: Huh wait, do emojis not work? Everyone, can you see my star? Buddy: I miss Yuju-noona.. ㄴ Yuju: Indeed, you look pretty (TN: the Buddy's nickname is 'You look pretty') Buddy: Unnie, I'll call you oppa now ㄴ SinB: Who are you to change my chromosome orientation. Buddy: SinB-yang, don't you think Eunha-yang is good enough at ttek-tti by looking at this? ㄴ SinB: Isn't that just cleaning up the static on her hair? Umji: I think it really is time to sleep now, congratulations on your 2000 comments, although I'm a little jealous and the ':P' kinda teased me, but I'm a cool adooolt so I won't hold a grudge so go to sleep nowww Eunha: I got a report from my thread so I'm here ㄴ SinB: Smh you learned sexy from a textbook ㄴ Eunha: 👻 Eunha: @Buddy heh Buddy: TinB noona, I think a Charmander might pop out. I thought it was 3D ㄴ SinB: You learned the art of sarcasm real well at school, didn't you?! Buddy: Unnie when will you come into my heart? ㄴ SinB: Wut are you telling me to come or not ㄴ Buddy: I'm telling you to come 💕 Eunha: '2300 Comments Day' Buddy: SinB noona, does Eunha noona really sleep like this? ㄴ SinB: AHAHAHAHAAHA Umji: Hehehh thanks.... But I feel like if I keep on leaving comments like this, I'm preventing Buddies from falling asleep T_T Is what I'm doing a good thing or a bad thing? T_ Buddy: I'll fill out our marriage form, unnie just has to stamp ㄴ SinB: I..I..I don't have a stamp, sowwy... Buddy: Noona, please recommend a good song to listen to at dawn!! ㄴ SinB: Lucia - Ophelia Umji: Omg, everyone said it's a good thing...Then I guess I should listen to Buddies? ㄴ Buddy: Oh yeeeee~~~~ Buddy: Is Omuji in the living room too?! Or at her room?! ㄴ Umji: I'm in my room, with a warm heating blanket on my bed ㅢ Buddy: SinB, what song do you listen to when you sleep? ㄴ SinB: I've been listening to Billy Acoustie's songs recently~ Buddy: What song do you listen to when you sleep? ㄴ Eunha: Fingertip 👻 Buddy: Do you like your newly dyed hair? ㄴ Umji: Yeah!! It's goooood heh Buddy: Umji-yang, you have to get taller! Go to sleep already T_T T_T ㄴ Umji: I'm 164, with full honesty Buddy: Eunha-noona, I love you💕 TinB noona doesn't want her husband.. T_ ㄴ Eunha: Adultery is a no-no Buddy: Umji unnie, I'll always love you! ㄴ Umji: I love you too Buddy Eunha: Sleep everyone Eunha: This isn't Euna, but it's Oona (TN: 'Oona' in Korean pronunciation is 'crying') ㄴ Eunha: SinB made fun of me after videotaping this Eunha: The reason I'm crying is... I was very heartfelt after watching La La Land.. Buddy: SinB-yang, what's your alarm song heh? I'm using the 2nd album's intro! It feels very clean and pure, so I really like it 💕 ㄴ SinB: A siren. It's so loud that it makes me shut it off within a single second Eunha: La La Land is a masterpiece, make sure to watch it everyone Buddy: Should I eat Shin-Ramyun or Jin-Ramyun? ㄴ Eunha: Yeol-Ramyun Eunha: Sigh, this is no good, the comments keep on coming ㄴ Eunha: I'll just declare today as 'Eunha Comments Explosion Day', why not! Buddy: Umji-yang, what song do you listen to before going to bed?! ㄴ Umji: I listen to a lot of calm songs SinB: American Eunbi Buddy: I want to play hide-and-seek with SinB noona ㄴ SinB: If you get caught, I'm giving you a clo-ut on your head! heheehehehehe Buddy: Umji-yang, you're pretty, so don't worry and "konnene" (TN: good night)!! No matter whatever look you take on, I can treasure it unnie!! Love you, I-love-Umji 💕 ㄴ Umji: 77ㅑ (TN: Kkyaaa) I think the phrase "konnene" is really cute, Aguuuu so cuteee!!!! Eunha: Let's hit just 3000 and sleep Eunha: Kkyak it's 3000! Buddy: I'll bet my bed on unnie being in bed ㄴ Eunha: Gimme your bed Buddy: Our Yewon-yang pops into my head here and there. Your smiling face. When I come back to my conscience I'm smiling ㄴ Umji: Uhh thank you so much, but then you shouldn't think of me in a subway T_ Umji: Whoaaa ......Are you me? I spend over 10 seconds on each comment geeeeez me Eunha: Pikachu and Eunbi Buddy: SinB, is your phone background a photo of yourself? ㄴ SinB: I don't have a set background. If I have one, it feels like I've made a mess.. Buddy: Looks like Omuji is sleeping! Have a sweet dream and good night 😍😍 ㄴ Umji: Omuji no sleeping ? Eunha: In fear of us staying awake for the entire night, I'm logging out now Love you Buddies, sleep tight 💕💕 SinB: Buddies, you're getting tired now, right? I'm logging out now bye Buddy: Umji-yang please type in alien-tongue heh ㄴ Umji: Ablbibebn tbobnbgbube ibs kbibnbdba hbabrbd tbo tbybpbe obubt abnbd sbobrbtba wbebibrbd abnbd abwbkbwbabrbd ㄴ Umji: Whew I tried my best Buddy: Umji-yang has to sleep after seeing 1000 comments, okay? Heeehe ㄴ Umji: Yass yasss Buddy: Fried+seasoned vs fried+soy sauce vs seasoned+soy sauce, which one should I order? I'll be ordering in the afternoon ㄴ Umji: Fried+soy sauce Then with an aegyo-filled voice, say 'Seasoning sauce please' This way you can eat all of fried, soy sauce, and seasoned Buddy: Umji unnie, song recommendation please! ㄴ Umji: Coffee Boy - Blending It's a song I've treasured since middle school? Buddy: Aim kainda baad et Koreen.. I lobe yu ㄴ Umji: Ouh reely? Aim nawt shur wheech countree yor froom bhut ssank yu saw muchee um.. ssank yu fo beeng a Buddwy Buddy: Umji noona, you mentioned in a VApp that you didn't like the name 'Kim Umji', but my internet cut off at that point... so could you tell me why you don't like the name...? ㄴ Umji: I'm really not sure myself.... It just feels like wearing a training uniform with military boots... ㅠ0ㅠ Buddy: Umji-unnie, what's the most different thing about being an adult? ㄴ Umji: I can boast in front of Buddies for being an adult Buddy: Am I not supposed to have 2 ketchups T_ ㄴ Umji: You can have 2 ketchups, but someone else can't have 0 T__ Buddy: Doenjang-Jjigae vs Kimchi-Jjigae?! ㄴ Umji: Doengjang-Jjigae Buddie: Uwaaat heh let's all sleep now, I'll be really sad if you don't sleep from now on Hurry to sleep baiii Translated by Albatro
  2. While failing to fall asleep because my stomach felt sick... I heard Umji wrote a FROM and so I came to write a few words as well. You know how excited and nervous I am, and how much my heart is pounding right now? It's beating so much that simply drinking water might make me throw up 😱 Because our new concept is so different from our previous 'GFRIEND concepts', I was worried about whether Buddies would like it or not, so how is it ~~~~?!!!? Aaaahk Kkyaaaaa Now there really isn't a lot of time left until comeback! Wowww kyaaahaa Please do look forward to all of the videos and photos that will be released in the near future, and feel free to spend all the time in the world watching us heeh >_< Buddies, it's getting really late right now, so if you aren't asleep yet, go to sleep after reading this T_T I wonder if I'll be able to sleep tonight with my heart fluttering like this. It's not like we came back yet, but aren't I really getting ahead of myself? Waaaaaaahhh Buddies I wuv yuuu good night Translated by Albatro
  3. Buddies. Buddies must be feeling the same as me right now My heart is pounding so much right now that I can't fall asleep This is like, reminiscent of our debut? No, I'm even moreeeeeee nervous than debut Like, maybe it's showing new looks to Buddies that made me very worried and nervous But I think I'm shaking even more so than usual T_T There will be lots of teasers, photos, as well as the digital release and M/V to come, So Buddies, make sure to stay on top of things. We'll make sure to show you new and improved looks! And also all of you must be walking on clouds right now, but let's all take a deep breath, calm down a bit, and go sleep Eeeeeeehhh I don't think I'll be able to sleep... it's WEEKDAY BUDDIES!!!!!! Okay, now we'll all put away our phones, take our hands off our keyboards, and sleep - g'night Oh, no photo today, why? Because I said so HAHAHahahaahahH Translated by Albatro
  4. If you're reading this... that means your heart is beating so much that you can't sleep, right? T_T Same here....⭐ Our Buddies must have waited a long time, looking forward to this day Oh, how happy you must be... As we mentioned in the VApp just now, we are one with Buddies in that our hearts are also fluttering in excitement I think the fact that we are having a comeback is only now being felt as reality *pit-a-pat* T_T I feel very nervous thinking about meeting Buddies with our new looks after 8 months ㅇ0ㅇ Anyway, since tomorrow is Monday, all of you should take a deep breath for now and go to sleep!! If you put down your phone to fall asleep, but suddenly wake up to re-watch the trailer again or to see the photos again... Well, I won't stop you from doing that ^^ hehehehehe I'm actually not that confident eitherrr hehehe eheeh But thanks to everyone's positive and delighted reactions, I think tonight will be a really really happy night, don't you think so too? And... please look forward to more teasers that are to come, and be sure to like them too, okay? Good night everyone Translated by Albatro
  5. [HeraldPOP=Park Soo-Jung Reporter] Girlgroup GFRIEND decorated the front cover of the March edition of TenAsia's magazine '10+Star'. On the 23rd, magazine 10+Star revealed their March photoshoot filmed with GFRIEND. In their recent photoshoot with 10+Star, GFRIEND wore flower crowns, proudly showcasing their unique girlish charms. GFRIEND displayed their passion to become 'Trustworthy Artists' in their interview with 10+Star. Eunha said, "I don't think we should ever take the public support for granted" and Yuju revealed that she is always maintaining positive tension. They also spoke about a change in their images. Sowon expressed that "Our group has endless potential." In the March edition of 10+Star, there will also be interviews targeted specifically for Buddies. For instance, members answered questions about their ideal romantic partners out of the members if they were men, as well as their own beauty habits. Moreover, behind cuts that present the members' closeness can be found in the magazine. SinB capturing members' beautiful moments on camera, Yerin and Eunha thoroughly monitoring each other, and other behind the scene photos are included. GFRIEND's photos and interviews can be found in the March edition of 10+Star. Source: Naver STARCAST Article Comments: + 134, - 3 Let's walk only on flowery roads ^^ + 123, - 3 Daebak, they become prettier with time. I'm deeply in love with GFRIEND's charms. + 117, - 1 Awesome GFRIEND!!! + 119, - 2 GFRIEND so pretty!! + 114, - 2 They're becoming prettier, I'm looking forward to this comeback as well. + 54, - 0 Perhaps it's because she's the tallest, but Sowon catches my attention the most in these types of photoshoots... I hope Source promotes Sowon more T_T Sowon is really pretty too, but she doesn't get enough care.. + 53, - 0 Sowonnie is really pretty... b + 50, - 0 The photos came out nicely for QueenChinnies + 50, - 0 The photos are pretty. I'm looking forward to the new album's promotions. + 46, - 0 Aigoo..heh so pretty~ I'll look forward to comeback~ ^ ^ Translated by Albatro
  6. [XportsNews Jjwonwon Reporter] Girlgroup GFRIEND has confirmed their comeback date.According to an affiliate in the music industry, GFRIEND will release their newest album at noon of March 6th and will begin promoting then.GFRIEND had previously attended 'The 6th Gaon Charts KPop Awards' on the 22nd, and have revealed for themselves, stating: "We are preparing for a new album, so I hope you will look forward to it." On that day, the members also showed off freshly changed visuals with newly dyed hairs, hinting for a possible comeback in the near future. Due to the recent proposal from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism on changes to the Music Charts, artists and producers whose comebacks are imminent have had concerns regarding their album release times. GFRIEND, also after a long discussion, have decided noon as their release time. They seem to be confident in their ability to dominate the real-time charts as well as their ability to line up songs in the charts, having been called titles such as 'Digital Music Bully' and 'Rising Digital Rookies'.GFRIEND debuted in 2015, successfully promoting 4 songs in a row: 'Glass Bead', 'Me Gustas Tu', 'Rough', and 'Navillera'.It was told that GFRIEND had once again completed yet another 'High Quality Product', succeeding their previous songs. Since the promotions will begin early March - when spring kicks off - GFRIEND is likely to emphasize their unique refreshing, innocent, and pure concept.GFRIEND will promote their new song on music shows such as 'M Countdown' following the release of the new album. / Photo = XportsNews DB Source: Naver TVEntertainment News Article Comments: + 671, - 99 Don't stress about having to succeed 5 times in a row, just be yourself as you promote~ + 467, - 89 I'm so excited~❤ + 430, - 86 I'm always rooting for you, GFRIEND + 373, - 78 GFRIEND's comeback, fighting! + 325, - 69 Whoa whoa really? Daebak + 95, - 12 Comeback at last T_T❤ + 115, - 20 Hoping for great success in GFRIEND's new album! Fighting~ + 82, - 9 Well just by looking at the hair colours, I feel like it will be a completely different concept + 96, - 14 Wot? GF is coming back? + 81, - 9 'Trustworthy artists' GFRIEND, let's have great success this time as well~!!! Translated by Albatro
  7. Buddies you worked hard, today too! And congrats on Bonsang Buddies From now on I'll be heartily emptying my photo gallery on my FROMs!! ahahhahahhaahaaa The photos are from Europe with husband Yerin *^^* Now you're curious to see what photos I'll bring next, ehh? Then until next time, whenever that next time may be... Good bye, G'night?? Translated by Albatro
  8. Buddies are you all asleep~? While cleaning up my photos, I thought of Buddies, and I figured Buddies would like this photo, so I brought it here This one was taken last year during our LA trip when we visited Six Flags Since it's about time you all changed your wallpapers! So sweet dreams now, good night my loves Translated by Albatro
  9. Buddies~~~ you were waiting for my FROM after watching the graduation Behind the Scenes, right? Right!! I'm sorry for coming so late at night T_T But thank you for waiting, I'm so touched.. Today, I received so much congratulations from the fans, And we also did a VApp. But I felt like something was missing.... so I thought, 'hey, maybe I should finish today off with a FROM'... and so here I am ㅋㅋ I think graduation always brings a wave of mixed emotions. 3 years ago around this time of the year, when I was graduating Middle School, Going home after the graduation ceremony, I remember I cried a lot at the thought of all of the fun days in school turning into just a fragment in memory, I didn't want it to end and I was sad, so I teared up... hee But today!! Rather than feeling sad, I feel more happy and fresh instead. Isn't that fortunate?! I actually thought it was kind of a shame that I wasn't able to wear my school uniform often enough But one thought struck my mind recently ㅋㅋㅋ When we were promoting 'Rough', we got to wear school uniforms as much as we wanted to! ㅋㅋ So that feeling of 'aww, I wish I coulda wore my uniform more often' is gone heh Isn't this also very fortunate? But for the fans that promote 'You can't lose your school uniforms!', I prepared a small gift... heh School Uniform Omuji photoooos kyakyakyakya For these past photos... I was quite shocked at the random filters and stickers while looking back at them hahaha It's a little embarrassing for some reason, but I prepared these for all of you, so please take a look at them favourably Everyone, sweet dreams, baiiiii~ (The cherry blossom photo I mentioned on VApp... I couldn't find it... T_T sorryyyy...) Click here for Omuji photos! Translated by Albatro
  10. Sowon | Yerin | Eunha | Yuju | SinB | Umji | Group Original is Korean | Original is English You are my star oh oh One day (a day) passes by (away)We dreamt the same dream (all of my dream)Watching your reflections off the starlights I remember you Hey, (you know) I have (I do) Something I want to say (something to say) I'll tell you a story of our own When you first saw me The bright smiles in my memoriesStill puts a smile on my faceThe times that hurt us in the pastAre now so long gone Just only you Every day I think only about you (I believe) Every day I wait for you (love for you) Sincere thanks to you for coming to me Melody for you, Sunshine for me Just one I only have you Promise me to remember just this one thing That you're the ray that shines on meMelody for you, Sunshine for me Oh My very own sunshine ohI promise you for my love ohThere is only you My very own sunshine Sometimes (you know) when I (I do) Get tired and exhausted (I look at you)Hug me so I can lean on you Do you remember The times we laughed and cried togetherAll of a sudden make us shineAlways like thisI hope you'll be here, I'll pray every day Just only you Every day I think only about you (I believe) Every day I wait for you (love for you) Sincere thanks to you for coming to me Melody for you, Sunshine for me Just one I only have you Promise me to remember just this one thing That you're the ray that shines on meMelody for you, Sunshine for me My heart that shines on you For the reason that is youFor you For you who is always by my side, I'll shine on you Just only you Every day I think only about you (I believe) Every day I wait for you (love for you) Sincere thanks to you for coming to me Melody for you, Sunshine for me Just one I only have you Promise me to remember just this one thing That you're the ray that shines on meMelody for you, Sunshine for me Oh My very own sunshine ohI promise you for my love ohThere is only you My very own sunshine Korean Lyrics & Photo Source: Mnet MusicPart Distribution Source: YouTube NatsuDragneel77 Translated by Albatro
  11. Sowon | Yerin | Eunha | Yuju | SinB | Umji | Group Yuju & SinB | Yuju & Umji | SinB & Umji | Eunha & Yerin Though the scorching summer Makes me exhausted And even the pouring sunlight Might melt me away I want to leave for the beaches Where I can cool off My heart is fluttering too much Please hold onto it On the white sandy beachesShall we draw our wishes togetherBut I won't tell you any of my secrets Like the water flowers in the ocean That sway within the crashing summer waves It'll cool off the hot world Under the sun that shatters above our heads Twinkle, twinkle, shines the water flowerAnd it'll explode like *pop* Like the hot fireworks of the night sky The softly blowing winds Comfort my heart An even the open sky Seems to smile at us On the white beaches during twilightShall we hold our hands and walk togetherBut I won't confess my feelings for you Like the water flowers in the ocean That sway within the crashing summer waves It'll cool off the hot world Under the sun that shatters above our heads Twinkle, twinkle, shines the water flower And it'll explode like *pop* Like the hot fireworks of the night sky In the ocean that is filling with the moon I'm afraid my feelings might reflect to be seen by you The falling stars Whisper in my earsI'll treasure them preciously Our unique memories Like the water flowers in the ocean That sway within the crashing summer waves It'll cool off the hot world Under the sun that shatters above our heads Twinkle, twinkle, shines the water flower And it'll explode like *pop* The blue ocean and the summer we were together in It'll shine forever Like the popping water flowers of the ocean Korean Lyrics & Photo Source: Mnet Music Part Distribution Source: YouTube Jenirus
  12. [Star News Kim Mi-Hwa Reporter] /Photo credits = Source Music Girlgroup GFRIEND has surpassed yet another milestone. According to Source Music on February 3rd, 'Rough', released in January 2016 as the title song of GFRIEND's 3rd Mini Album, surpassed 100 million streaming counts as of the 4th week of January, according to Gaon charts. This is even more impressive considering that only a year has passed since the album's release. Previously in August 2016, GFRIEND had surpassed 100 million streaming counts with 'Me Gustas Tu'. They further polished their incredible résumé with yet another 100 million streaming counts with 'Rough' this year. With this feat, GFRIEND achieved 'Double 100 Million Streaming' with 'Me Gustas Tu' and 'Rough', proving themselves as the undisputed top girlgroup. GFRIEND also own a grand accomplishment in that they were able to popularize 4 of their songs, starting from their debut song 'Glass Bead'. They have continued to show unrivaled strengths in the music charts, spreading their name as the 'Charts Homeowners'. At the time of release, 'Rough' set impressive records such as: music charts 'Perfect All Kill', maintaining 1st place on Korea's biggest music chart Melon for 416 hours, and 15 music show trophies. In response to these achievements, 'Rough' even got a nickname called 'Run Through Charts', further manifesting the popularity of the song. As shown above, GFRIEND is monopolizing keywords such as 'The First' and 'The Most' in the music industry, rewriting the history of girlgroups. We now anticipate for the records to be set by GFRIEND in the future. Source: Naver TVEntertainment News Article Comments: +652, -24 'Me Gustas Tu' and 'Rough', looks like those two songs have surpassed 100 million streaming counts.. That's really impressive +504, -17 GFRIEND♡♡♡ Amazing work♡♡♡ Congrats on 100 million streaming and let's walk only on flowery roads in 2017 as well +469, -19 Congratulations GFRIEND❤❤ +442, -18 As a Buddy, I'm so happy that GodFRIEND accomplished 100 million streams~~♡♡ Yeochinnies, I'll be looking forward to your upcoming comeback promotions as well~~♡♡ +411, -15 Hope that they can be loved for a long long time in the future with great songs~ +228, -7 Listening to the song again, it's still a masterpiece with that fading, vague memories vibe to it +217, -7 'Rough' is a good song, mhm +211, -5 I'm so excited for the next album !!! +205, -7 GFRIEND, congrats, love you, wuv u +188, -5 Yeochinnies, let's keep walking only on flowery roads ^^ Translated by Albatro
  13. Buddieees whatchu up to!! I'm in our practice room, ~ Dinga dinga ~ singing, ~ Lala Lala ~ dancing, Thinking about Buddies hehhhhhh eheeheheuheehehhehe hehhhhhhhhh... Oh and today is the day we got 1st place with Rough! It was a day full of gratitude, happiness, and joy... but of course! All of the days that we spend together with you are no different... I wish we were also artists who can make Buddies happy I love you so much, and love you even more I'm uploading this clip just in case you all missed us, but it took me so long to upload Who woulda thought transferring a video from phone to computer would be this difficult!!!! Then byee 🌸 Sowon's Comment (1/3): Am I writing FanCafe letters too frequently... You're not getting tired of them or anything, right? Heeeeeeehhhhhhhhh Sowon's Comment (2/3): (in response to the overwhelming number of 'Noooo we can't get enough of you!' replies) Then I'll come back more often Buddiess Sowon's Comment (3/3): International fans too, thank you so much and I wanna meet you Translated by Albatro
  14. ...Year~? ^ Why do you think I wrote like this? Actually I myself don't really know either I just like wanted to write sorta differently heh EveryBuddy (ooooh keke) did you all have a nice New Year's weekend? Tomorrow is a replacement holiday so some of you may be on a break, And some of you may not be on a break Regardless of the duration, if the weekend was a great break, and a time to recharge for everyone, that would make me really happy And if you felt better after seeing our Hanbok photos, That would make me even more happy We all went back to our own houses for the weekend, spent quality time with our families, and came back from a good break~~ haha Actually, I came today because I had something I really wanted to show our Buddies kekekeke My dad had this dug up when I went home..heh I'm guessing this was written on August 1st of 2003 Looool The 6-year old Yewonnie's LOOOL Letter that she wrote because she didn't like her parents fighting Ahahahahaha Isn't this so awesome? Apparently mom and dad stopped fighting right away after reading my letter heeheeee I had a good laugh, so I sent this over in our GFRIEND group chat and the reaction was awesome So I came here to share the laugh with our Buddies, while also sending a New Year's greetings I hope everyone has a good laugh after reading this, and I hope all of your day's ends be full of happiness.... EveryBuddy sweet dreams, goooood night~ On the top left it says: 💖 <-- the love that was once like this, turned to this -->💔 In the middle: To: My parents Title: Mommy and daddy, please don't fight. Open this up. Quickly? (Look on the other side) I think we need a mediation coupon (TN: coupons like the ones for department stores) and a talent show. Mommy and daddy, please don't fight. Mom and dad. Don't you know you are Queen and King. Mom and dad, I like it better when you don't fight. Please know that. Mom and dad fighting! Mommy and daddy, 💖 💖 🌟🌟 Translated by Albatro
  15. Buddies~~~Myluvvv Buddies~ It's been a while since the last time I've written a FROM for Buddies, how have you all been?! The reason I'm back to write a FROM is no other than the fact that today is the 2nd anniversary of GFRIEND meeting Buddies!!! Uwaaaaaaaa wow, but like really, it's already been 2 years since we've met, we're still very young *^^* right? It's that period when our hearts are still set aflame haha I was extremely happy having a planned schedule on a day like today and being able to spend time with Buddies I felt so proud and happy today because whenever we would turn around, there would be fans shouting their hearts out and cheering on for us hahaha For these 2 not-so-short years, thank you Buddies so much for being by our side, being on our side, and sending us lots of love! And also I'm always striving forward to show even better looks, so please be just a little bit more patient and wait for me~~ Thinking about it, it appears that Buddies have been able to observe me as I transitioned from teenager to adult hohoho uhhh this is quite embarrassing ahahahahaaa And I told you before that my goal was to get my driver's license when I became an adult! I'll make sure to get my license within this year and come back proudly kekekeke though I'm not so sure if I can... For those Buddies that came to ISAC today, you must have been freezing, having sore throats, and exhausted... Thank you for all your hard work from early daylight to late night today, and please do get home safely, shower with warm water, and get a good night's sleep!! And... I'm really sorry for only thinking 'Oh, I should write more FROMs' and never writing any But I'm always taking time to read all your letters, so please don't feel tooooo disappointed for me not writing enough FROMs haha... Anyway! Sincere congratulations for our 2nd anniversary, and thank you Buddies~ Love you and please take care of us ! The photos are Bbonuses Translated by Albatro
  16. Thanks for being with us again today heh *Click*!! Buddies are the best Translated by Albatro
  17. (To celebrate 2nd anniversary, I came with 2 minutes left. Aren't I good at this?) Hellooo Buddies??!! I wanted to write this before the striking of midnight, So I'm here in a bit of a hurry.... Hehe We're currently on our way back home after filming ISAC~~~ Thanks to our Buddies everywhere congratulating our 2nd anniversary, Those sincere emotions and love were well passed on to us, And we were able to participate more happily and excitedly, without tiring out!! On 2015 January 16th, us who were too inexperienced and too young, first revealed our faces to all of you And ever since then, 2 years of time has passed by and now here I am writing a 2nd anniversary letter Some things I'm secretly happy about are, The fans that are reading this letter, the fans that we are celebrating 2nd anniversary with, and the fans that I can always express my thankful gratitudes for, Are always here by us, so that I may rely on them I think that's something I'm really thankful for And also... I turned 20 this year, right..? Hah.... Before debuting, I made memories with friends and teachers at school The fact that I'm able to have debuted and that I'm able to craft each day by day, and each month by month with our fans and members still flutters my heart, and my heart goes pit-a-pat when I think about it All of you are my friends, ehehehhh Literally, Buddy. B.U.D.D.Y You got it? Uh huh uh huh Hahhhahahahhha I tried to make a joke... Hmm anyway!! You know, like there are moments in school you are excited for, Such as 'What class will I be in next year~' or 'Who will I befriend next year~', right?! Because we have so much more to show, And because we still have so much more memories to make, I'm looking forward to our(GFRIEND + Buddies) future! Translated by Albatro
  18. #YeoJaChinGu #GFRIEND #Buddies It's 2nd anniversary today, and we were together for the entire day~! Even for the Buddies who weren't able to be with us, do know that our hearts are at least always together, okay? Thank you for working hard together today <3 Tomorrow we turn 2years and a day old~ Let's keep walking together! >ㅁ< And again, congratulations to GFRIEND's 2nd birthday! Translated by Albatro
  19. Are our Buddies asleep yet? We just finished our VApp.. was wondering if you had a good time hehe If you had fun watching it, that's a huge relief to hear >< We had so much fun, but it ended before I could say something I really wanted to leave till the end.. So here I am, I'll leave my message here. To all Buddies as well as all other exam candidates who have persevered through all this time for the challenge named CSAT, of all the people that will be cheering for you, us GFRIEND will be part of that and sincerely wish you good luck. We know you're probably very nervous, but think positively~ and think of tonight's sleep as medicine, sleep tight, and we hope that you'll come back from the test feeling proud, no harm done. Once again, fighting !!
  20. Ding dong ding dong~ Buddies~ It's Yuju hehe The wind was awfully cold today, but you are all dressed warmly for the weather, right? I was passing time doing things I needed to do, and then got bored so I drew flowers, petal by petal I'm not sure why I started drawing a flower, but it eventually became a flower garden kekeheh The only drawings I've ever drawn for Buddies were crumpled hearts, So I'm hoping that I can at least put a smile on our Buddies' faces if I sometimes show you these doodles(?) one by one teehee Speaking of which, I think I've been writing letters only at dawn! Hmm Next time, to not wake Buddies up from sleep, let's meet in the afternoon Amidst these cold days, frequently take care of yourselves at a warm Cafe Of course, none other than this FanCafe! Hehhhh Thank you for reading, see you next time, good night Buddies heh
  21. #YeoJaChinGu #GFRIEND #BUDDY #Buddies #Today #20170116 #GFRIENDDebut2ndAnniversary #2YearsWithGFRIEND #ISAC #ExerciseFRIEND #AthleticFRIEND Thank you for being with us together for the entire day! Sincere congratulations to GFRIEND's 2nd birthday!
  22. Our Buddies~~ Yesterday was a really special day for us, right~? Despite the busy day, I think the fact that I spent the 2nd anniversary day with Buddies will be an extremely exciting and heart-fluttering memory for me heh Personally, the moments during my debut stage are still well vividly alive in my memories and I'm just amazed at how much time we've left behind us since then. During those days, we were through many events together that we learned from, that we gained from, and that us GFRIEND was able to grow from. And the fact that Buddies were always there with us is something I'm always thankful for Just now I finished another cool performance, and even that became a long-lasting, meaningful experience for me. Thank you Buddies for being together with us, like this, day after day~ hah You may not be able to see us, but never forget that we're always by your side, okay? Translated by Albatro
  23. Buddies ~~ Eunha is here! Today is GFRIEND and Buddies' extra extra special debut 2nd anniversary hehehe The days we were excited at celebrating 1st anniversary only feel like yesterday, but it's already been a year ...! Meeting the members, debuting as GFRIEND, and also meeting all of you have been an extremely thankful series of events for me. I was always energized by our fans for the past 2 years, and I live in happiness each day because I'm receiving so much more love than what I deserve <3 2 years of time may feel like a long time, but I believe that it's a mere fraction of the time compared to all the days ahead of us! I'll be showing you more new and improved looks in the future, so please anticipate for it <3 For this cold weather, put another layer on, and stay warm, love you <3 Whewww I almost passed midnight while writing, good night! Translated by Albatro
  24. Kkyaaaakk~~~ How are youuu doingggg Buddieeeeees~~~?!? Although today is wrapping up soon, today which we ran through time to get to is GFRIEND's debut 2nd anniversary~~!! How can time fly by so quick T_T Time just whooooshed!!!! past us T_T Ha... And it was soooo awesome spending our 2nd anniversary together with Buddies at ISAC!! Buddies' energetic cheers were what enabled us to perform better!! Our energy!! Our happiness!!! Our driving forces!!! Buddies!!! Love you so much <3 And I'll work lots and lots so that I can be a proud 'GFRIEND's Yerin' for Buddies!! Please look forward to seeing the always-working hard and the always-giving-it-her-best Yerinnie~~ Love you Buddies!!! If you came to ISAC today, please do arrive home safely!!!!! ily <3 Translated by Albatro
  25. Buddies! Congratulations on our 2nd birthday!!!! Ever since our debut, 2 years of time has passed already.. Our debut stage filled with nervous hearts feels like it happened just yesterday, and yet it feels kinda awkward and strange thinking that 2 years have already passed together with Buddies.. Do Buddies feel the same too..? Thank you for staying with us, and you are aware that GFRIEND exists thanks to Buddies being here, right? All the "thank you"s in the world wouldn't be enough to express how much I'm thankful for you Whenever and wherever, I feel comfortable knowing that Buddies are here Oh, this suddenly reminds me of one of our side tracks, 'LOL' "You haven’t seen half of half of half of an amazing world, GFRIEND will show you" Two years of time can be considered long or short, But I'm confident that there will be even more days ahead of us, and those days will be even greater Please take care of us, love you Buddies- Translated by Albatro