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Found 1 result

  1. Little into debut when stating kpop groups/idols they looked up to, Yerin said one of her favourites was SHINee and that she wanted to be like them. (lol I can't find the interview anywhere since it was over a year ago! But she also said she likes IU and i think suzy.) Not long after that, Yerin got to MC with one of SHINee's members, Jonghyun: IMO she was a bit shyer and more nervous during this MC (but it was a long time ago so I can't remember lol she could've just been nervous bc she was MCing! Don't quote me on this) total fangirl moment?? Jonghyun also tweeted about her: translation: (150206) @realjonghyun90: yerin and crush’s cute confrontation. zi.on. t. ssi. ex. clu. ding. me. how. is. it to.get.her. jongh.hyun.ssi? (source: sylvinie89) (i don't really have any idea what he's talking about, lol ) if you're wondering who her favourite member is, it seems to be SHINee's leader, onew: (since elementary school? whoa! yerin's graduated now, so that's dedication. i wonder if that makes onew feel old ) yerin also sang and danced to SHINee's "View" in a v live broadcast when gfriend were talking about their favourite boy groups! (video in spoiler:) in the same broadcast, (i think) yerin expressed her love for SHINee yet again LOL i'll leave it here for now because this post is getting loongg but I'll add to it! fangirl yerin is so cute, right? i definitely wouldn't be able to keep my cool around my favourite kpop idols like she does! like if i had to mc with yerin, i think id faint! lol isn't yerin fangirling cute~?