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Found 85 results

  1. (OFFICIAL) GFriend Sales and Achievements Thread Data updated until: 18th January 2016 Summary (Physical and Digital - graphic update until 18th January 2016) Season of Glass (Glass Bead) Flower Bud (Me Gustas Tu) Snowflake (Rough) LOL (Navillera) Other B-side songs
  2. Well i figured since stage mixes are quite common now and i have seen many nice ones over the years, i thought why not compile all of them from each era? I'll post the ones which i think are really good and well edited. (Feel free to comment below if you find nice ones as well!). I personally like h leggings & woniee's stage mixes a lot. (the rest are really well done too though). I want to applaud all these people who have taken the time to edit these beautiful videos. OK I HONESTLY DO NOT KNOW WHY MULTIPLE SPOILER TAGS DO NOT WORK ALTHOUGH I LEFT SPACES AFTER EACH ONE I'M SORRY ;-; EDIT: IT FINALLY WORKED AFTER MOVING AROUND THE THINGS URGHH Glass Bead/White Me Gustas Tu Rough/Luv Star/TRUST Navillera/Gone With The Wind Fingertip:
  3. Black & White VS Colour SKetch SinB awakening era (B&W) http:// SinB awakening era (Colour) http:// Sowon eunha awakening era (B&W) http:// Sowon eunha awakening era (Colour) http:// Gfriend Rough era (Colour) http://
  4. I came across this video of her again and I cannot help but notice how she tried to keep her devastation from showing. at 3:00 my heart shattered.. for her and for her 2 missing members. Hwaiting Jung YeRin!
  5. [music]
  6. [art]

    my drawing collection of SinB of rough era and fingertip era http://[/img http:// http:// http:// http://
  7. SinB's Sexy version of Rough on Weekly Idol
  8. Back when they're trying hard to hide their wigs. My ears are blessed once again.
  9. [Star News Kim Mi-Hwa Reporter] /Photo credits = Source Music Girlgroup GFRIEND has surpassed yet another milestone. According to Source Music on February 3rd, 'Rough', released in January 2016 as the title song of GFRIEND's 3rd Mini Album, surpassed 100 million streaming counts as of the 4th week of January, according to Gaon charts. This is even more impressive considering that only a year has passed since the album's release. Previously in August 2016, GFRIEND had surpassed 100 million streaming counts with 'Me Gustas Tu'. They further polished their incredible résumé with yet another 100 million streaming counts with 'Rough' this year. With this feat, GFRIEND achieved 'Double 100 Million Streaming' with 'Me Gustas Tu' and 'Rough', proving themselves as the undisputed top girlgroup. GFRIEND also own a grand accomplishment in that they were able to popularize 4 of their songs, starting from their debut song 'Glass Bead'. They have continued to show unrivaled strengths in the music charts, spreading their name as the 'Charts Homeowners'. At the time of release, 'Rough' set impressive records such as: music charts 'Perfect All Kill', maintaining 1st place on Korea's biggest music chart Melon for 416 hours, and 15 music show trophies. In response to these achievements, 'Rough' even got a nickname called 'Run Through Charts', further manifesting the popularity of the song. As shown above, GFRIEND is monopolizing keywords such as 'The First' and 'The Most' in the music industry, rewriting the history of girlgroups. We now anticipate for the records to be set by GFRIEND in the future. Source: Naver TVEntertainment News Article Comments: +652, -24 'Me Gustas Tu' and 'Rough', looks like those two songs have surpassed 100 million streaming counts.. That's really impressive +504, -17 GFRIEND♡♡♡ Amazing work♡♡♡ Congrats on 100 million streaming and let's walk only on flowery roads in 2017 as well +469, -19 Congratulations GFRIEND❤❤ +442, -18 As a Buddy, I'm so happy that GodFRIEND accomplished 100 million streams~~♡♡ Yeochinnies, I'll be looking forward to your upcoming comeback promotions as well~~♡♡ +411, -15 Hope that they can be loved for a long long time in the future with great songs~ +228, -7 Listening to the song again, it's still a masterpiece with that fading, vague memories vibe to it +217, -7 'Rough' is a good song, mhm +211, -5 I'm so excited for the next album !!! +205, -7 GFRIEND, congrats, love you, wuv u +188, -5 Yeochinnies, let's keep walking only on flowery roads ^^ Translated by Albatro
  10. In less than 5 hrs it will be 1 year since this bop was released! Happy 1 Year Anniversary with Rough! Lets keep running through time with GFriend
  11. Digital - #3 Download - #1 with 1,903,126+ downloads streaming- #3 with 98,910,973 streams sources:
  12. at 1,903,126+ downloads
  13. GFRIEND - 3rd Mini Album <Snowflake> Release Date: Digital: January 25th, 2016 Physical: January 25th, 2016 Tracklist: INTRO (Snowflake) - 1:16 Lyrics: N/A Composed & Arranged by: Hong Beom Gyu & Kim Woong 시간을 달려서 (Rough) - 3:29 Lyrics: Iggy & Seo Yong Bae Composed & Arranged by: Iggy & Seo Yong Bae 내 이름을 불러줘 (Say My Name) - 3:08 Lyrics: Iggy & Seo Yong Bae Composed & Arranged by: Iggy & Seo Yong Bae 사랑별 (Luv Star) - 3:08 Lyrics and Composed by: E. ONE Arranged by: E. ONE & Cho Jae Seok 그런 날엔 (Someday) - 3:37 Lyrics: Heuk Tae Composed by: Heuk Tae, Cho Jae Seok, Park Chan Arranged by: Heuk Tae & Park Chan Trust - 3:36 Lyrics: No Goo Hwan Composed & Arranged by: No Goo Hwan & Lee Won Jong 시간을 달려서 (Rough) (Inst.) - 3:29 Lyrics: N/A Composed & Arranged by: Iggy & Seo Yong Bae Contents: 1x Photobook (80 pages) 1x Photocard (Random 1 out of 12) (2 Photocards per Member) 1x CD Photos: Photocards: There are a total of 12 Photocards for this Album. 2 Photocard per each Member photo cr. jace0337 (ebay) Where to Buy: International: ebay (grapemusiccd) Kpopmart Korea: Hottracks Synnara Digital: iTunes
  14. G.Friend - Rough 여자친구 - 시간을 달려서 (Rough)▶ LIKE the MBC Fanpage & WATCH new episodes -▶ Playlist for MORE Hope Song at Noon Guest -
  15. GFRIEND - Rough, 여자친구 - 시간을 달려서▶ Playlist for MORE Hope Song at Noon Guest -▶ LIKE the MBC Fanpage & WATCH new episodes -
  16. 여자친구 GFRIEND - 시간을 달려서 (Rough) Dance Practice ver. GFRIEND 여자친구 facebook: 여자친구 twitter: 여자친구 instagram: 여자친구 official fancafe:
  17. I took the the data from a fan page: [ MV Views as of 1/2/2017: Glass Bead (KT Music): 19,915,114 Glass Bead (GFriend's Channel): 802,298 Me Gustas Tu (KT Music): 34,071,661 Me Gustas Tu (GFriend's Channel): 1,882,928 Rough (1theK): 36,549,349 Rough (GFriend's Channel): 1,149,097 Navillera (1theK): 25,697,229 Navillera (G-Friend's Channel): 2,094,697 Wave: 2,902,003 Cherish (1theK): 2,765,919 [The video is also on up10tion's channel] Inferiority Complex: 11,557,536 Spring is Gone By Chance: 3,702,604 Don't Come with Goodbye: 294, 657 Confession: 2,824,047 The Way: 828,624 Firefly: 179,778 Future Boyfriend: 38, 993 Letter inside Pocket: 104, 487 ] They've grown so much in 2016