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Found 96 results

  1. Hi fellow buddies! Recently I released a project that I was working for a few months. It is a piano mashup of 42 K-Pop girl group songs (in under 7 minutes). It contains songs from many girl groups that I like, but because my ultimate bias is GFriend, I included all of GFriend's title songs (spoiler: including Rough's dance break part)! Except Summer Rain because my cover was posted on the same day as Summer Rain's release day, lol. Check out the mashup here: Hope you guys enjoy it~ Let me know you think!
  2. Hello again dear Buddies! In this post I would like to share with you my experiences during GFriend’s Navillera comeback. I was in Korea June 26th- July 18th. This trip to Korea was my 1st specifically for GFriend which had happened due to events that occurred following GFriend’s Fanmeeting in Toronto. Please enjoy! ----My GFriend Schedule in Korea ----Pre-Comeback ----160711 (Simply K-Pop Ep. 223/224) ----160712 – SBS MTV THESHOW (Pre-rec 1&2 + Live) ----160713 - Show Champion (Pre-rec) ----160714 - M Countdown (Pre-rec+FanMeet) ----160715 - Music Bank (Pre-rec) ----160716 - Music Core (Pre-rec 1&2) + Sangam Fansign ----160717 – Inkigayo (Pre-rec) + Yongsan Fansign Thank you for reading about my Navillera adventures! All comments and feedback are welcome! ....
  3. Well i figured since stage mixes are quite common now and i have seen many nice ones over the years, i thought why not compile all of them from each era? I'll post the ones which i think are really good and well edited. (Feel free to comment below if you find nice ones as well!). I want to applaud all these people who have taken the time to edit these beautiful videos. OK I HONESTLY DO NOT KNOW WHY MULTIPLE SPOILER TAGS DO NOT WORK ALTHOUGH I LEFT SPACES AFTER EACH ONE I'M SORRY ;-; EDIT: IT FINALLY WORKED AFTER MOVING AROUND THE THINGS URGHH Glass Bead/White Me Gustas Tu Rough/Luv Star/TRUST Navillera/Gone With The Wind Fingertip: Love Whisper:
  4. So I wanted to post some tutorials for BUDDY so we'll be able to support GFriend during their comeback. Something as little as watching the MV everyday is more than doing nothing because every contribution helps. That's why I'm going to share the criteria for each music show so that every BUDDY is knowledge on how each system works and how they can do their part. I'll also be sharing this information on Twitter when it's closer to the time of GFriend's comeback, so make sure to check out my Twitter (@cel_cellec) for more details. GENERAL SUPPORT FOR GFRIEND One of the most important things I-Buddies can contribute to help GFRIEND is: Stream their MV on YouTube everyday as much as you can Stream their music on stream sites like iTunes, Spotify, etc. YouTube: Watch + Like + Comment + Share the MV on the 여자친구 GFRIEND OFFICAL / 1theK YouTube channel ***NOTE*** You must watch the entire MV Be logged into your account Don't mute the audio on the YouTube player Watch in 720p or higher Create a YouTube playlist of the new MV and chose the repeat playlist setting. Make sure to add another MV to the playlist (ex. Rough MV) so the views are not seen as spam, meaning the MV views could become frozen. Additional YouTube Streaming Method used by K-Buddies: Korean Search Engines: Search 여자친구 on DAUM, NATE, and/or NAVER Gaon Social Chart (SNS Points): Official Facebook: Comment + Like + Share Official Twitter: Search (여자친구 or GFriend) + Retweet + Mention MUSIC SHOW SUPPORT: SBS MTV The Show (Tuesdays 6:30PM KST) MBC Show Champion (Wednesdays 7PM KST) - I-Buddies Can Vote! MNET M! Countdown (Thursdays 6PM KST) - I-Buddies Can Vote! KBS Music Bank (Fridays 5PM KST) MBC Show! Music Core (Saturdays 3:50PM KST) SBS Inkigayo (Sundays 12:10PM KST) And there you have it! Please support the girls any way you can during this comeback, whether it's buying a physical copy of the album or simply just streaming their MV on YouTube. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with me on Twitter (@cel_cellec).
  5. Title: Monk Dance. (승무) Poet: Jo Ji Hoon. (조지훈) With thin, white clothing, Carefully fold, like a butterfly. Hiding the bald, shaven head beneath the cone hat. The light that flows through the two cheeks is unfortunately sweet. On a silent night, on an empty candlelit stage, the leaves fall and the moon rises. The sleeves are long, the sky is wide, it turns and flies gracefully! Through the black pupils, there exists a star. On the peach colored cheeks, are two tear marks. Though torturous, the troubles are starlight. The hand bends and twists and reaches, but internally, it comes together. Even through the third sleepless night, With thin white clothing, Carefully fold, like a butterfly.
  6. GFRIEND performing a Karaoke version of Navillera on Singderella!
  7. I think the comeback is a ballad for a few reasons: No teasers 2 weeks before release if March 6th is correct. Typically teasers are 1 month before, but a ballad doesn't need lots of promotion beforehand. They mentioned ballad in sma vapp, and Yerin said stop and members laughed. Can comeback at a busy time, but if they don't win they won't seem to have flopped as it's a ballad. Typically when they perform 4 songs at events they use mgt, navillera, mermaid and rough. They'll perform mgt and rough forever because they're smash hits, and navillera is still new*. A new ballad keeps navillera active. And for events with 5 songs they could use mermaid instead of gwtw like they currently do, because dancing 4 songs must be exhausting. *I know navillera won lots of shows, but it has 1m downloads, whereas mgt and rough are 2m. I'm not implying 1m is small though it's still amazing. TL;DR The main reason I predict a ballad is because a new dance will kill navillera from their performances, and it seems too early to replace it imo. It's all guesswork, but for me it answers some of the irregularities of this comeback. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
  9. Back when they're trying hard to hide their wigs. My ears are blessed once again.
  10. Digital - #29 Download - #27 with 1,113,582+ downloads Streaming - #29 with 56,753,386 streams sources:
  11. Video FromTV Cast Naver :, Dance And Video By. Loen EntertainmentSOURCE MUSIC
  12. I took the the data from a fan page: [ MV Views as of 1/2/2017: Glass Bead (KT Music): 19,915,114 Glass Bead (GFriend's Channel): 802,298 Me Gustas Tu (KT Music): 34,071,661 Me Gustas Tu (GFriend's Channel): 1,882,928 Rough (1theK): 36,549,349 Rough (GFriend's Channel): 1,149,097 Navillera (1theK): 25,697,229 Navillera (G-Friend's Channel): 2,094,697 Wave: 2,902,003 Cherish (1theK): 2,765,919 [The video is also on up10tion's channel] Inferiority Complex: 11,557,536 Spring is Gone By Chance: 3,702,604 Don't Come with Goodbye: 294, 657 Confession: 2,824,047 The Way: 828,624 Firefly: 179,778 Future Boyfriend: 38, 993 Letter inside Pocket: 104, 487 ] They've grown so much in 2016
  13. Navillera has now 1,106,873+ downloads while glass bead has 1,025,731+ downloads
  14. sales

    Here are the numbers Glass bead - 1,025,731+ Me gustas tu - 2,047,721+ Rough - 1,763,891+ Navillera - 1,042,748+