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Found 90 results

  1. Well i figured since stage mixes are quite common now and i have seen many nice ones over the years, i thought why not compile all of them from each era? I'll post the ones which i think are really good and well edited. (Feel free to comment below if you find nice ones as well!). I personally like h leggings & woniee's stage mixes a lot. (the rest are really well done too though). I want to applaud all these people who have taken the time to edit these beautiful videos. OK I HONESTLY DO NOT KNOW WHY MULTIPLE SPOILER TAGS DO NOT WORK ALTHOUGH I LEFT SPACES AFTER EACH ONE I'M SORRY ;-; EDIT: IT FINALLY WORKED AFTER MOVING AROUND THE THINGS URGHH Glass Bead/White Me Gustas Tu Rough/Luv Star/TRUST Navillera/Gone With The Wind Fingertip:
  2. GFRIEND performing a Karaoke version of Navillera on Singderella!
  3. I think the comeback is a ballad for a few reasons: No teasers 2 weeks before release if March 6th is correct. Typically teasers are 1 month before, but a ballad doesn't need lots of promotion beforehand. They mentioned ballad in sma vapp, and Yerin said stop and members laughed. Can comeback at a busy time, but if they don't win they won't seem to have flopped as it's a ballad. Typically when they perform 4 songs at events they use mgt, navillera, mermaid and rough. They'll perform mgt and rough forever because they're smash hits, and navillera is still new*. A new ballad keeps navillera active. And for events with 5 songs they could use mermaid instead of gwtw like they currently do, because dancing 4 songs must be exhausting. *I know navillera won lots of shows, but it has 1m downloads, whereas mgt and rough are 2m. I'm not implying 1m is small though it's still amazing. TL;DR The main reason I predict a ballad is because a new dance will kill navillera from their performances, and it seems too early to replace it imo. It's all guesswork, but for me it answers some of the irregularities of this comeback. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
  5. Back when they're trying hard to hide their wigs. My ears are blessed once again.
  6. Buddies, let's make GFriend win on The Show by streaming Navillera MV! 1. Open this link : 2. Click the orange button beside Navillera MV : after that, the MV will be played in a new tab. 3. Watch it until the end (actually, i'm not sure abt it, but just to make sure it's counted) but close it immidiately after it ends, bcs if not, it will automatically play another artist's MV and gives point to them 4. Back to the main page (with that orange button). Clik the clock button on the left side, it's the history of MVs that we have watched in Tudou. If there's Navillera MV in the history list, move your mouse to it, then the "x" button will appear on the upper right like this : click the "x" button, and then there will be options, click the left one like this : and then the Navillera MV will deleted from the list. After that, back to the main page again. Remember to always delete the history after you stream. 5. Repeat step 2 - 4 as much as you can OR you can stream it in icognito tab (ctrl + shift + N) for Chrome, or private window (ctrl + shift + P) for Mozilla so the MV view won't be listed in History and we don't have to delete the history after streaming. This is so important to help them win. GFriend have worked really hard for us, so now it's our turn, Buddies!
  7. Digital - #29 Download - #27 with 1,113,582+ downloads Streaming - #29 with 56,753,386 streams sources:
  8. Video FromTV Cast Naver :, Dance And Video By. Loen EntertainmentSOURCE MUSIC
  9. I took the the data from a fan page: [ MV Views as of 1/2/2017: Glass Bead (KT Music): 19,915,114 Glass Bead (GFriend's Channel): 802,298 Me Gustas Tu (KT Music): 34,071,661 Me Gustas Tu (GFriend's Channel): 1,882,928 Rough (1theK): 36,549,349 Rough (GFriend's Channel): 1,149,097 Navillera (1theK): 25,697,229 Navillera (G-Friend's Channel): 2,094,697 Wave: 2,902,003 Cherish (1theK): 2,765,919 [The video is also on up10tion's channel] Inferiority Complex: 11,557,536 Spring is Gone By Chance: 3,702,604 Don't Come with Goodbye: 294, 657 Confession: 2,824,047 The Way: 828,624 Firefly: 179,778 Future Boyfriend: 38, 993 Letter inside Pocket: 104, 487 ] They've grown so much in 2016
  10. Navillera has now 1,106,873+ downloads while glass bead has 1,025,731+ downloads
  11. [sales]

    Here are the numbers Glass bead - 1,025,731+ Me gustas tu - 2,047,721+ Rough - 1,763,891+ Navillera - 1,042,748+
  12. Let's put here all charts updates about "Navillera" 7AM KST got the first Roof Hit!
  13. Hey buddies! MRJKPOP does amazing and thorough reviews on KPOP songs. He gives a lot of insight and I think you'd enjoy what he has to say!
  14. Gfriend's live performance of Navillera and Me Gustas Tu at the 2016 Incheon K-Pop Concert
  15. Well, who would expect Korean Police to do a Music Video parody of Navillera. Buddy must watch it ! The video link as below: Well ,this is not the first parody for Gfriend tho.Let's look back at some of the parody done. This parody is a perfect definition of cute.Cuteness overload. I like the part where both of them bum each other.hahaha.(ROUGH MV PARODY) Next is a parody of ME GUSTA TU. THis is simply adorable to watch !! Chia CHia CHia.