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Found 5 results

  1. GFRIEND - 1st Full Album <LOL> Release Date: Digital: July 11th, 2016 Physical: July 11th, 2016 Tracklist: INTRO (LOL) - 1:06 Lyrics: N/A Composed & Arranged by: Yo Rae Yo 물들어요 (Fall in Love) - 3:18 Lyrics: Yo Rae Yo Composed & Arranged by: Yo Rae Yo 너 그리고 나 (Navillera) - 3:14 Lyrics: Iggy & Seo Yong Bae Composed & Arranged by: Iggy & Seo Yong Bae LOL - 3:30 Lyrics: Kim Ina Composed & Arranged by: Master Key, Phat Music, SCORE 한 뼘 (Distance) - 3:37 Lyrics: Iggy & Seo Yong Bae Composed & Arranged by: Iggy & Seo Yong Bae 물꽃놀이 (Water Flower) - 3:41 Lyrics: Yo Rae Yo Composed & Arranged by: Yo Rae Yo Mermaid - 3:27 Lyrics: MIO Composed & Arranged by: MIO 나의 일기장 (Sunshine) - 3:31 Lyrics: E.ONE Composed & Arranged by: E.ONE 나침반 (Compas) - 3:30 Lyrics: ZigZag Note & Retro Funkee Composed & Arranged by: ZigZag Note & Retro Funkee 찰칵 (Click) - 3:18 Lyrics: MAFLY Composed by: Hyuk Shin, Mrey, DK Arranged by: Hyuk Shin, Mrey 바람에 날려 (Gone with the Wind) - 3:50 Lyrics: E.ONE Composed & Arranged by: E.ONE 너 그리고 나 (Navillera) (Inst.) - 3:14 Lyrics: N/A Composed & Arranged by: Iggy & Seo Yong Bae Contents: 1x Photobook (124 pages) 2x Photocard (Random 2 out of 21) (3 Photocards per Member, 3 Group Photocards) 1x Letter from Member (Random 1 out of 6) 1x Member Paper Doll (Random 1 out of 6) 1x Sticker Sheet 3x Post Card 1x CD Photos - Laughing Out Loud Photos - Lots of Love Photocards: There are a total of 21 Photocards for this Album: 3x Photocard per each Member 3x Group Photocards Sowon: Yerin: Eunha: Yuju: SinB: Umji: Group: photo cr. my5star (ebay) & k-pop.korea (ebay) Where to Buy: Digital: iTunes Lots of Love: International: yesasia yesasia (USA & Canada) ebay (ajoutool) ebay (ajoutool) (w/ 1 of 2 Posters) ebay (grapemusiccd) (w/ 1 of 2 Posters) Kpopmart Korea: Hottracks Synnara Laughing out Loud: International: yesasia yesasia (USA & Canada) ebay (ajoutool) ebay (ajoutool) (w/ 1 of 2 Posters) ebay (grapemusiccd) (w/ 1 of 2 Posters) Kpopmart Korea: Hottracks Synnara
  2. So I wanted to post some tutorials for BUDDY so we'll be able to support GFriend during their comeback. It may seem like we are just a small community of people and that our input is insignificant, but every vote counts. Something as little as watching the MV everyday is more than doing nothing. That's why I'm going to share the criteria for each music show so that every BUDDY is knowledge on how each system works and how they can do their part. I'll also be sharing this information on Twitter when it's closer to the time of GFriend's comeback, so make sure to check out my Twitter (@cel_cellec) for more details. GENERAL SUPPORT FOR GFRIEND - YouTube Watch + Like + Comment + Share the MV on the 여자친구 GFRIEND OFFICAL / 1theK YouTube channels ***NOTE*** - You must watch the entire MV - Be logged into your account - Don't mute the audio on the YouTube player - Watch in 720p or higher - Create a YouTube playlist of the new MV and chose the repeat playlist setting. Make sure to add another MV to the playlist (ex. Rough MV) so the views are not seen as spam, meaning the MV views could become frozen. - Korean Search Engines Search 여자친구 on DAUM, NATE, and/or NAVER - Gaon Social Chart (SNS Points) Official Facebook: Comment + Like + Share Official Twitter: Search (여자친구 or GFriend) + Retweet + Mention SBS MTV The Show (Tuesdays 8PM KST) - MBC Show Champion (Wednesdays 7PM KST) - MNET M! Countdown (Thursdays 6PM KST) - KBS Music Bank (Fridays 5PM KST) MBC Show! Music Core (Saturdays 3:50PM KST) SBS Inkigayo (Sundays 3:30PM KST) And there you have it! Please support the girls any way you can during this comeback, whether it's buying a physical copy of the album or simply just streaming their MV on YouTube. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with me on Twitter (@cel_cellec).
  3. Hey Making this thread to resume sites where you can buy/pre-order the albums Remember: Only sites with Hanteo logo ( ) sells albums that will count on Hanteo. Kpoptown - Very known, has a nice package and the album is only $16.90 there. The shipping is a bit expensive and the shipping value is calculated by weight (the more you buy, the more it will cost). Pre-order/Buy here. Kpopmart - Probably the most used site. The package is very protected (they usually put a stick so the album will stay still and not bounce inside) , they also send you a photo of the package before sending (not sure if they always to it but I have seen people talking about it). The shipping is very expensive (starts from $10 and goes to $30 depending of the method and is per item) but is very trustworthy. The album is $17.90. Pre-order/Buy here. Yesasia - You have free shipping on orders over $39 BUT the albums there are expensive. The album is $33 (even tho it comes with 2 posters but isn't worth compared to other sites). Pre-order/Buy here. Ktown4u - Not so used but growing fast. They have a nice price/quality/shipping. The album is $20. The shipping starts on $6 and goes up to $18 (depending of the method and is per item, they also offer you many methods so you can get a shipping with tracking but taking 30 days to arrive and is very cheap). Pre-order/Buy here. GMarket - Some people buys from it because you have Synnara there. From youtube unboxing videos that I watched, it comes well sealed and protected. The album is $17.33. The shipping will depend of your country (I'm from somewhere in Europe and the shipping was $40 and would take up to 30 days). Pre-order/buy here. Be aware that prices goes up and down every day, even almost in few hours a day. The prices I mention here were seen when the pre-order option started.
  4. I really want them to take a break! They've worked so hard and they really deserve it. What do you guys think?
  5. What do you guys think about the Laughing Out Loud official Album cover? Is it Yay or Nay?