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Found 14 results

  1. - KPOP concert convention KCON 2017 NY- KCON 2017 NY×M COUNTDOWN- GFRIEND - INTRO+FINGERTIP▶Watch more videos of KCON 2017:[Kor Ver.] 여친이들의 화려한 퍼포먼스는 뉴욕에서도 탕!탕!탕!_________________________________________________KCON 2017Integration of K-POP gala concert and large K-Wave Convention for K-Culture fans around the world. ▶Subscribe Now! - Mnet K-POP: Network) is an official KPOP music television in South Korea owned by CJ Group.ⓒCJ E&M. Corp ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  2. Hello Buddies, I'm pretty new here to GFSquad, but I'm a veteran Buddy from Toronto, Canada. I would like to share my experiences with GFriend to all of you in hopes that you can one day do the same and live the ultimate dream! Please enjoy the many fan accounts that I have had throughout the year. ---- Pre KCON NY Its the morning of Thursday, June 22 and I still haven't decided if I was going to NYC or not for KCON. Throughout the morning I contemplate to myself, "Do I go for KCON? Will GFriend actually remember me from March?" As the afternoon swiftly approaches I decide to myself, why not? YOLO! Who knows when the next time I see GFriend will be. Time to quickly gather my belongings (Yugu Bong in check) and before I know it, I'm off to the airport. ---- 17.06.23 @KCON NY I'm at KCON NY in Newark, NJ (Not New York!) and the sun is beating hot. My friends were off to JFK to meet TWICE's airplane while I on the other hand was there to only see GFriend. With my concert ticket and hi touch pass in hand, I was ready for an absolute fantastic day with GFriend. I was even wearing the same outfit from the Ilsan Fansign on 170311 from top to bottom. Am I ready to meet GFriend again? Totally! Yugu Bong ✔️ Navillera Cheer Banner ✔️ Canada Fan Meet Banner ✔️ Dear Buddy in Seoul Banner ✔ ---- Fan Engagement Interview & Game 1:30PM rolls around and I figure its time to line up for the Hi Touch with GFriend. I know tons of fans have already lined up, but I don't want to be at the very front (or first in line for hi touch at least). I head inside the venue just before the Audience pass holders were let in. It wasn't too bad, I was in the 4th or 5th row from the stage. Around me were fans from all around the eastern states and even a couple of faces I had recognized from Toronto. Chatting and mingling were cut short as the fan engagement started promptly at the advertised time. Walking onto the stage to their latest release "Fingertip", GFriend graced the stage in stunning black outfits. Minus Yerin, fans were treated to an interview and game session which was translated to English. GFRIEND Playing Charades at Fan Engagement Interview ---- Fan Engagement - Hi Touch With the fan engagement coming to a close, only the Hi Touch remained. Hi Touch ticket holders were called to stage for their opportunity to meet GFriend. Knowing I did not want to go first (I wanted to be last to maximize time with the memebers). I went straight up to the stage (with yugu bong & navillera banner) and started the fanchants to "Fingertip". Another Buddy decided he wanted in on this experience and joined me soon afterwards. We had caught the attention of GFriend, KCon staff and even Source Music staff who had then started recording us. Were we going to be on KCON TV or the next GFriend Special Clips video? More than likely! The end of the line was coming to an end and KCon staffed had still noticed me fanchanting so they had made a final call announcement. That was the signal for me to go up and I was literally the second to last person to go up. I proceed up on stage with a gap in between me and the preceding fan. I proceeded to high five and say hello to Yuju, then onto Umji, nothing irregular. Then it changed when I got to SinB!! As I approach SinB she squints her eyes and then opens them wide smiling happily and saying "I KNOW YOU!". Holy smokes, that was so weird..... SinB spoke to me in English (which she never did until this past March). I was more surprised of the fact that she spoke to me in English (Wait we are in the US... DUHH!?) rather than in Korean as usual. Stunned, shocked, and happy.. SinB ended up delaying the girl behind me as she wanted to talk to me. (LOL) Too bad we didn't have time to talk like at fansigns, however this was a hi touch, not a fansign. As I approached Eunha, I felt a similar vibe of happiness and her remembering me. (Eunha has had a long track of remembering me since Rough comeback.) I don't know what I did one time, but I have a feeling Eunha will always remember me. Damn the feelings right then were so amazing, however I was soon told by Source Music fan managers to move along (in Korean). While I was taking my time with SinB and Eunha, the preceding fan was able to grab a hug with Sowon, I just went for my normal high five as I did not want to delay the rest of the fan engagement any longer. I definitely took way too much time on that stage.. LOL ---- Thank you all for reading, I hope to share my other experiences with GFriend to you. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions.
  3. Time: 6:00 PM KST Streaming Links:
  4. KPOP concert convention KCON 2017 Japan- KCON 2017 Japan×M COUNTDOWN- GFRIEND-FINGERTIP
  5. HEY BUDDIES! Let's write about our KCON experiences so that international buddies can read about what happened!! (And buddies that weren't able to go ) So the convention check-in started at 9 am, but I heard that the lines were really long, so I planned ahead and arrived at 5 am. I was one of the first people to go in, so the line wasn't that bad for me. Once I got my scratch cards, I was very disappointed to find that I had gotten a IOI and Davichi hi-touch. (IOI and Davichi had already done their hi-touch the day before, so it was practically useless!). Luckily, my friend scratched his and got a Monsta X Hi-Touch. He gave it to me, so I immediately traded it with someone for a Gfriend hi-touch. The Gfriend hi-touch was the first one that day at 11 am, and the time was about 10:30 by the time I got through bag security. I got in line and was able to secure a really close spot. The fanbase GFRIEND USA was handing out fan signs, so many of us were holding that up. Finally Gfriend came out at about 11:30, and they were DAZZLING. I am not even kidding about this. Seeing them in pictures and on Youtube only show about like half of their beauty. They were absolutely gorgeous and I had a mild heart attack. They did a short 3-minute interview before moving onto hi-touch. Umji was super shy hehe but she was so cute. Also, I noticed that Yuju injured her hand . I wasn't able to say much to them during the hi-touch because.. well like I didn't think I would ever be face-to-face with Gfriend so I was super nervous. I told Umji I love her but I don't think she heard me cuz the staff was pushing everyone along really fast . They were all so small and adorable; Yuju was much taller than I thought!! After the hi-touch, they went to the Toyota booth and did another interview there but unluckily I didn't know about it so I missed it. But, I had a red carpet pass and was able to be in the front by the rails. When they came out, Sowon and Eunha hi-fived me again!! Probably the tenth heart attack I had that day. The concert was absolutely amazing; they went third (after IOI and Dean). They performed Navillera, MGT, and Rough. Afterwards, they did a special stage before Turbo, and then another special stage with Turbo & Astro. I don't know if anyone noticed this at the end of the concert when all the artists came out: as the artists were walking back to the middle stage, Eunha thought she was supposed to leave the stage so she was walking toward the exit of the stage, only to run back. Haha her running was so cute Overall, I was very satisfied with my experience at KCON. I did not even imagine that I would ever hi-five Gfriend and see them up close at an arm length away. In case anyone wants to see everything Gfriend did at KCON, I posted the YouTube links below. None of these videos are mine, so kudos to all the uploaders and all credits to them. Fan Engagement Interview: What the Hi-Touch would have looked like if you were up there: Toyota Booth: Red Carpet: Gfriend's Concert Stage: Gfriend's Special Stage: [PART 1] // [PART 2] Sorry guys this was long haha hope you guys enjoyed my personal story of how my experience went Please post your experiences down below!!
  6. Time: 6:00 PM KST Stream Links:
  7. GFRIEND has been announced in the line up for KCON 2017 New York! Fuse : " Since breaking out into the K-pop scene in 2015, GFriend has grown and evolved as artists with their latest release The Awakening featuring the retro-tinged single "Fingertip" earning them their highest-charting effort in America to date. The girl group performed at KCON Los Angeles last year and the New York appearance will be their first on the other coast. " Will you guys be attending KCON 2017 NY to see GFRIEND?
  8. Time: June 23rd, 2017 (EDT timezone) 2:00 PM = Artist EngagementTBA = AT&T Booth Artist Visit5:20 PM = Red Carpet7:30 PM = Mcountdown Concert All times are in EDT. Location: Prudential Center - Newark, NJ Stream Link: (Concert @7:30PM EDT)
  9. Time: TBA Venue: Makuhari Messe
  10. GFRIEND - 2016 Official Goods There are GFRIEND's Official 2016 Goods. Both of these were on sale at 2016 KCON NY & LA. Beach Towel: Where to Buy: N/A Card Holder: Where to Buy: kpopmart
  11. These aren't my photos, I found them on Facebook from a fanpage --------- Arrival and fan engagement --------- Red carpet and performances
  12. Toronto KPOP CON 2016 - GFriend in Toronto