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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Buddies! We did it! has made 1 year today! *CHEERS * It all started last year April with a goal of building a community for GFRIEND, and for a friendly place where Buddies can gather together as one. After a few months of much planning and preparations, we launched in July 2, 2016. It's truly been a fantastic and awesome year! Here's a list of some of the cool things we've participated in so far... GFRIEND Emoticon Making Contest 2016 GFRIEND Debut 2nd Anniversary Coal Wreath Project 2016 GFRIEND Debut 2nd Anniversary Video (by @Buddies_art and @Ria) DCINSIDE GFRIEND GALLERY x GFSquad - GFRIEND Debut 2nd Anniversary Project GFSquad Special Project: GFRIEND 2nd Debut Anniverary CD + 1st Signed Album Under's Name GFSquad Mwave Meet and Greet Group Order GFRIEND 1st Fan Meeting "Dear Buddy" Rice Wreath Project Eunha & SinB 2017 Birthday Support Project Ye-Sister Birthday Project 2017 (has just started!) Thank you to all of our Donors, for your generosity made many of these projects possible. A special shoutout to @YujuHeroes, @Elliote(소원의정다움²), @skysky0520, and DCINSIDE GFRIEND GALLERY, and ㄱㅅㅎ for their help and support! Lastly, thank you Buddies, for without you there is no GFS Community! On behalf of the staff, I'd like to sincerely thank all of you who have supported our community and projects. We will continue to work hard for GFRIEND and Buddies all over the world! Together let's make happy memories! Events have ended. Thank you for playing! Congrats to the winners! In celebration of our 1st Anniversary, we'll hold events", with chances to win prizes! *Check back as we add more details and possibly more events! Event #1: Custom Titles: To start off, members with 100 non-spam posts (or more) may request a custom title here! Offers good until 7/31/2017! Event #2: Chat Triggers: In the chat I've placed hidden triggers (not the regular chat triggers), and if you are the 1st person to find one of these triggers, you'll win a regular The Awakening CD! Yes, it's that simple! Triggers can be a word, a phrase, a number, etc. Finding the correct trigger may be challenging of course. Where's the fun if it's too easy, haha! Only 1 person can win per hidden trigger! Only 1 win per person. Special Hidden Triggers: I should mention that there are special hidden triggers (in addition to the hidden triggers), and if you're the 1st person to find one of them you'll win 1 regular signed by all members CD (of your choice: The Awakening, LOL, Snowflake, Flower Bud, or Glass Bead). As of now there are at least 2 special hidden triggers. Qualify: As long as you can chat, you qualify. *3 non-spam posts to enter chat Time Zones: Not to worry. Members from different time zones will have a chance to win. How do you know if you found a hidden trigger? The trigger will say "GFS 1st Anniversary!..*, and that you won (a CD). These hidden triggers will also have a different color than regular triggers. How do you know if you won a signed CD? The trigger will clearly say that you've won a signed CD. If the trigger does not say that, then you win a regular The Awakening CD. How to claim your prize: Take a screenshot of the trigger that you found and post it in this thread. The member who finds the trigger first will win, regardless of who post the screenshot first. We can verify the chat logs to see who found the hidden trigger first. What if you cannot accept the delivery of CD? If for any reason you cannot accept the CD, we'll try to work something out. Hint: The hidden triggers will have something to do with GFRIEND, Buddies, or the GFS Community. Hint #2: The word, phrase, number, etc., must match correctly. Hint #3: One of the triggers was " 1st Anniversary". A few members were very close, but left out the ".com" or typed "GFS" instead. Try not to over-think things. These hidden triggers are easier to find with a clear mind...And sometimes staring you right in the face. Hint #4: All of these hidden triggers have reference, and can be traced back to something specific. Hint #5: GFS, GFSquad,, or anything close to it, and anything "Anniversary" are no longer hidden triggers. Hint #6: If you're posting something long save your energy. Unless I've forgotten basic math (which is possible), these hidden triggers will not be more than 5 words max. Hint #7 (Mega Hint): Fingertip + Weekly Idol. Hint #8: The combination of Fingertip + Weekly Idol is no longer in play. Good luck to all! Winners (congratulations!): @Yujunie won 1 regular The Awakening CD (for triggering "World Peace") @Corgi Eunha won 1 regular The Awakening CD (for triggering "") @Fahmi won 1 regular The Awakening CD (for triggering "GFSquadproject") @YuaremySin won 1 regular The Awakening CD (for triggering "Interval Training") @YOJUyodiyuju won 1 regular The Awakening CD (for triggering "Just Dance") @Thanatos_D won 1 regular The Awakening CD (for triggering "Hey girl, ding-dong") Event #3: The Key to Success!: Eligibility: Logged in Members Only What about staff: Nope. The prize: (1) GFRIEND Where Are You Going?! (2 DVD) (Photobook + Postcards) (Limited Edition)! How to play: Enter this thread!!! Ah, but there is one problem. The thread is password protected. Your task is to find the password and enter the thread. Once you enter the thread, make a post (as proof), and take a screenshot of the winning message. Post the screenshot in this thread to seal the deal! Only 1 winner: There can be only 1 winner so the first to fulfill these tasks will be the winner. The Hint: How well do you know our Site Rules and GFSquad Staff? Find the link between these 2 sections and you'll find the key that unlocks the thread. The Advice: If you're using the GFS app you're at a huge disadvantage, since you won't be able to see these sections of the site. It's recommended that you view the site using the browser. (in either the regular or mobile themes). Good luck! Hwaiting! Winners (congratulations!): @adha . @Edregol Yuju *Due to an error on my end, I'm awarding 2 winners instead of 1. *If for any reason you cannot accept the prize, we'll try to work something out. Event #4: The Game of Chance: Eligibility: Members Only What about staff: Nope. How this game works: It's very simple. If this happens, 1 lucky Buddy will win the prize. What is supposed to happen: Shhh...It's a mystery. How do you know if you win: A message will appear! How to claim the prize: If you see the winning message, immediately take a screenshot and post it in this thread. Only 1 person can win so HURRY!!! The Prize: 1 Official GFRIEND Glass Marble Lightstick! *If for any reason you cannot accept the prize, we'll try to work something out. Winner (congratulations!): @mnalrp Questions about the Events, please ask!
  2. Hello, We are, an international fan community for GFRIEND. It has come to our attention that, an online shop, used our name and logo in their giveaway last Oct. 28, 2017 at the K-Pop Republic 2 Concert in the Philippines. On several occasions the party that distributed the goods said that we sponsored the event. That is completely false, as we did not agree to collaborate with or sponsor any project of the said online shop (or other groups). Furthermore, we are absolutely appalled that they used our name and logo without our knowledge or consent. Facebook live video of the goods that were being distributed Let us make it perfectly clear, that we are not associated in any way with We are making this statement to 1) demand that issues us a public apology, and 2) notify other businesses or groups that we do not endorse in such unethical practices. We at, work hard and do not appreciate being used by anyone for their own benefits. All we want is the respect for our name and community. Thank you! Team
  3. I've seen various ways of pronouncing "GFSquad", and so I am curious, how do you say it? Me: "G-F-Squad"
  4. Uploaded on Jul 6, 2017 *Recommended to use earphones, headset for best quality experience* It's been a wonderful one year since was first officially launched in July 2, 2016. A place where everyone gather, interact and spread the loves for GFRIEND. We at are really grateful and blessed to have BUDDY here with us. A big shout out for DCINSIDE GFRIEND GALLERY for helping us in many ways. It has been absolute pleasure and honour to support GFRIEND alongside BUDDY. Special warm fluffy hug and kisses to BUDDY that have been with us since the beginning. Do enjoy this beautiful video specially made for BUDDY. Visit and have some fun with Buddies @ Join GFSquad's Chat and have fun with fellow Buddies @
  5. Published on Aug 16, 2017 2nd subbed radio show for Love Whisper era done!! Enjoy! (STARTS AT 4:28) Follow us here: Website: Twitter: Dailymotion: Tumblr: Instagram: Onehallyu official thread:
  6. Let's welcome "GFSigns" to our emoticon family! Created from scratch for GFS. Just thought I'd let you know. To select them, click on the emoticon button. Scroll down to "GFSigns" It's highly likely that more "GFSigns" will be added in the future, so keep checking back.
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  8. Just a short while after announcing the app on Android, I'm excited to share with you all that app is now on iOS too! YES YES YES! Great news for all you iOS mobile users! Download App for iOS! For all of you iOS mobile users, hope you install it and have fun with our new app! Download App for iOS!
  9. has finally made it's way into Google Play! Yes!!! You've heard me right! app is now available for Android. Download App for Android! This is our first app and we hope all of you with Android devices will enjoy! Download App for Android!