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Found 996 results

  1. has anyone sub this already.. if not,, sub this plss..
  2. Is GFriend really preparing for a new song? a comeback already? source: GFRIEND DC Gallery Many Buddies posting a picture of recording studio where in the caption says, "GFRIEND recording". This has been left many questions whether it's a recording an album, song or Japanese debut? Let's find out every detail and infos if this is for comeback.. It is true that GFriend using Vibe Studio as their main recording studio for their albums, sometimes they use Bighit Studio for recording, remastering etc. But Vibe Studio is also known for recording mainly for instruments and for bands too. On January 19, 2018, a guy posted a photo of a recording studio where he mentioned GFriend in his post. The caption says "Will show GFRIEND happy memories from that day" This staff is known to be a pianist, Hong Seong Jun was a band performer who already played as pianist on GFriend's first concert Season of GFRIEND. There is also a short video where he reveal the recording process.. The song is same like GFRIEND song Rainbow pt 2 like an extended version. But what is the purpose of it? @hongdunk Instagram post video This is either he's just reminiscing those happy memories during the concert and the recording was real, or recording it for Season of GFRIEND Asia tour that maybe will start this February.. The next week, January 31, The pianist posted another photo of recording studio and mentioned GFRIEND once again. caption says, "GFRIEND recording" posted again. Is this still part of recording process? This time he answered one of the question from the comments : Is this for GFriend comeback? Did you met them? I'm jealous Hongduk: Ah. Nope this is modified recording for their concert It's for GFriend's concert. If it's a modified version, maybe it was meant for Asia tour concert that will held this February as preparation. There will be some modifications or adjustments from few of their performance songs. Maybe we'll see that soon! A proof it's taken from concert. It was written a date 180107 GirlFriend Concert in the editing process. Another additional info, another band member (Guitarist) who participated on GFriend's concert posted a preview video of recording process again. This was posted before January 13, 2018 The caption says: 오~우~ kang sang!! ㄱㅅㅌ!!! 🎸 #gfriend #여자친구 📷: 노쭈쭈 Is this another recording/editing before? or just reminiscing those memories(?) Either for recording, for the upcoming Asia tour concert, GFriend will make sure International Buddies will really enjoy it! Good luck and fighting Buddies! Conclusion: Will source music still use live band for GFRIEND Asia tour concert or will add/modified additional changes for the songs to the concert(?) These days we are getting thirsty for GFriend's comeback news. It still mysteryㅋㅋ We are all always excited in their comeback and these hints makes us feel really hyped! Buddies are hoping to get a real hint, or news someday! We hope GFriend will reveal more spoiler, hints this time! Plz.
  3. GFRIEND did a group post on their Official KakaoTalk Plus Friends for '2018 Lunar New Year with GFRIEND' Who were you expecting to come today? The main characters, Yeochinnies of course🎁💝 During this holiday! How was it being with GFRIEND, Buddies?😶 We were so happy to meet Buddies everyday! Of course we believe that our Buddies would feel the same way too👀 We hope that the rest of your holidays will be filled with happiness and hopefully you'll meet DayGFRIEND again next time❤ P.S Try to find out when these photos were taken!🕶
  4. I wanted to create a thread in which indonesian buddies could update in their native language and just share here! There's no need to be shy! Ga usah malu-malu fren, gua cuma berharap thread ini lebih rame dari thread kaskus Gfriend.. Ramein yaaa
  5. ㅡ Hear My Love Whisper ㅡ project by @GFRD_YOUTUBE on twitter Follow @GFRD_YOUTUBE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS PROJECT LET'S MAKE 2018 GFRIEND'S YEAR! Report by snowbabypjm 02142018
  6. subbed list

    Variety Shows Glass Bead Era 150128 Mnet Moon Heejun’s Pure 15+ (SinB, Umji)150203 Mnet Meet & Greet150216 Mnet Yaman TV150219 MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships (Yerin, SinB)150220 MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships (Yerin, SinB)150308 SBS Running Man (Yerin)150325 KBS MV Bank Stardust150409 MBC Music Picnic Live150415 MBC every1 Weekly Idol with Berry Good150712 MBC King of Mask Singer (Yuju)150715 KBS MV Bank Stardust (Sowon, Yuju)150719 MBC King of Mask Singer (Yuju) 150722 KBS MV Bank Stardust (Sowon, Yuju) Me Gustas Tu Era 150728 KBS MV Bank Stardust 150805 KBS MV Bank Stardust (Sowon, Yuju)150805 Mnet Today’s Room150812 KBS MV Bank Stardust (Sowon, Yuju)150811 Mnet Meet & Greet150819 KBS MV Bank Stardust (Sowon, Yuju)150826 KBS MV Bank Stardust (Sowon, Yuju)150903 MBC Music Picnic Live150904 KBS MV Bank Stardust (Sowon, Yuju)150928 MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships (Sowon, Eunha, Yuju, Umji)150928 KBS2 National Idol Song Contest150929 MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships (Sowon, Eunha, Yuju, Umji)151004 KBS The Golden Bell Challenge151007 MTV Idols of Asia151021 MBC every1 Weekly Idol 151028 MBC Radio Star (Yuju)151101 MBC King of Mask Singer (Yerin)151108 MBC King of Mask Singer (Yerin)151108 SBS Running Man151110 Cool Kiz on the Block (Yuju)151206 KBS Gag Concert (Yerin, Yuju)151212 KBS Immortal Song151214 KBS Hello Counselor151222 SBS New Star King151223 MBC Weekly Idol Christmas Special with Twice and Lovelyz151225 SBS Baek Jongwon’s 3 Great Emperors151227 KBS Golden Bell Challenge Rough Era 160203 MBC every1 Weekly Idol 160206 SBS The Boss is Watching160207 KBS Dream Team(Yerin)160208 KBS National Idol Family Song Contest (Umji)160209 MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships 160209 MBC InstaWars (Yuju)160210 MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships160210 KBS Duty Olympics (Yuju)
  7. list them here~ i've included some of mine under the spoiler
  8. Let's reminisce school days During 2016 Yuju and Eunha's graduation One of their classmate took photos together with other members too, SinB Umji and Yerin. So sad no photo of Sowon
  9. Hello! Since there's a monthly Buddy Selca Day. I think it's possible to apply it here. It will be fun and great to see buddies' Selca
  10. What's your favorite GFriend's b-side from each era?
  11. hello buddies! i know i am a bit late, but i'm curious what hopes and dreams you all have for gfriend this year. here are mine: JAPANESE DEBUT. me gustas tu and navillera are dying for a japanese version. maybe even a japanese mv for rainbow? that is my favorite gfriend song after all... please make it happen. BREEEAK. gfriend needs a break. they have been working super hard these past 3 years, they deserve a little break. (not toooo long though... i'll miss them!) SOWON RAP. i'm not a big fan of rapping, but i would loveee for sowon to get an ACTUAL rap line in a future title track. she needs to get more lines somehow... EUNHA, SINB, YERIN, AND UMJI VOCALS. everyone in gfriend can sing, but i really want to see these 4 get some more vocal training and possibly more vocally challenging lines. we all know that eunha can sing, and sinb gets a decent amount of vocal recognition as well, but i feel like yerin and umji's vocals go unnoticed. i hope they get to shine and maybe get some adlibs/high notes in future title tracks^^ YUJU DANCING. yuju is such an amazing dancer. i would love for her and sinb to share a dance break together or something, that would be so cool! despite being the main vocalist, she's one of the best dancers in the group. NEW HAIR COLORS/STYLES. fingertip was really the only time gfriend drastically changed their hair colors/styles besides eunha's bob in navillera. in 2018, i would love to see yuju and yerin to get rid of their bangs and maybe try a new hair color, eunha to grow her hair out, sinb to keep her current black hair with grey highlights (she looks beautiful like that!!!), sowon to maybe go blonde, and for umji to dye her hair some wacky color like pink or blue (idk why, but i feel like that'd suit her hehe). feel free to share what you think!
  12. [Starcast] "From today, it's PyeongChangFRIEND"...GFRIEND, Winter Olympics Link: From today, it’s us! 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics “How do we enjoy the olympics?” “It’s not difficult!” With GFRIEND! GFRIEND join the Olympics. No, they join first. On the 16th last month, they shot event introduction videos which will be used for the Olympic Games (On MBC-TV). As expected, GodFRIEND. From snowboarding to iceskating, there’s nothing they can’t do. Bob-sleighing, snowboarding, alpine skiing, curling, hockey, figure skating… ‘Yeochinnies’ are the complete package. “From today, it’s the Olympics!” Starting from the waiting room. Umji is a blossoming flower. The ‘National’ Beauty is done. Shall we go out to the snow now? First up, it’s snow sports. Yerin and Eunha 2 They climbed into the bobsleigh. Bobsleighing is a race where you ride a steel sled through a snow track. The most important thing is to, Breathe and breathe again. “(Steel) Run the sleigh~” Yerin and Eunha are having fun. The feeling of virtual speed, thrilling. Umji, SinB and Yuju challenge alpine skiing. Can they handle the speed? “I’m scared” (SinB) “We’re confident about snow fights!” “Good aegyo~” “Still, Olympics fighting” “I just pretended to be fine, but it’s so hard. I’ve run out of breath. How much sweat and tears have you shed (National Athletes). Always, fighting. Don’t get hurt.” Wait! Take a breath Melt the frozen body Next up is curling. It’s a game where the ‘stone’ is put into the middle of the ‘house’. First, Umji went out as the pitcher. “Throw it” “Stick” “This is a sweeping pictorial” GFRIEND has the talent for it. They’re hooked into sweeping because it’s fun. Until now, it’s PyeongChangFRIEND’s Winter Olympics. The best athletes Be Au Ti Ful "GFRIEND supports the National Teams' campaign! Wow~. We wish you all the best and don't get injured. More than winning or losing, it's the Olympic Spirit." Article: Kim Jiho Reporter (DISPATCH) Photos: Lee Hojoon . Jung Youngwoo (DISPATCH)
  13. Season of Glass: 1,030 Flower Bud: N/A Snowflake: 1,000 LOL: 1,040 The Awakening: N/A Rainbow: 1,100 Total (estimation): 6,000+ Source: … source
  14. I see a lot of goods sold on redbubble, ebay, etc. and while they're not officially sold by Source Music or anything, people must buy them...have any of you ever bought stickers, clothes, posters, or any other goods from these places (or places similar to them)?
  15. Feb. 28 - TaiwanTBA - ThailandTBA - Hong KongTBA - SingaporeTBA - Japan source
  16. Welcome American Buddies!!!! Don't forget to put the states or the territory that you're from. Dates to Remember KCon New Jersey - Prudential Center in Newark - June 23-24 (Friday - Saturday) GFriend will be performing (Date TBA) Ticket will be on sale : 05/12/2017 at 10:00 AM PST for combo tickets and 05/15/2017 at 10:00 AM PST for single tickets More information : KCon Los Angeles - LA Convention center - August 18-20 (Friday- Sunday) No artists have been announced yet
  17. Gfriend Loves Europe- eng sub, full, hd?
  18. It’s been 3 years that we are together with GFriend. To commemorate the most important and meaningful day, is back to gave a beautiful presentation to everyone. First, let’s watch the 3rd Anniversary video. We hope Buddies will like it! 3 years of hard work, friendship and amazing journey. This video represents the very memorable scenes of moments being together with Buddies. As continuation from the 2nd Anniversary, which almost best and beautiful scenes are summarized, now this is a new chapter which focused on their beautiful relationship. This is a review that will show the details of each stories. The Action Intro: GFRIEND BEST STAGES The Intro represents like a movie trailer. An action trailer where all of GFriend’s best stages are included and compiled. Those scenes were the most amazing and beautiful. These stages came from different shows such as major awards in Korea, Concert festivals and Showcases. Beautiful stages that made Buddies even more proud when watching their amazing and mind blowing performance. We definitely loved it! The Beautiful Eras : Season Of GFRIEND The beautiful eras represents each seasons of GFriend. 6 seasons of music videos including Glass Bead, Me Gustas Tu, Rough, Navillera, Fingertip, Love Whisper and Summer Rain. Each part contains the most beautiful scenes where it shows strong bond of friendship and being together for a long time. Since these scenes summarizes all moments in the field of working as an artists. It is a representation of a story and concepts within just the music videos. The Youthful Climax : The Real Colors Of GFRIEND The climax part represents the real themselves. Revealing their personalities, relationship, bond and friendship. It is more focused in behind the scenes. Showing their youthful moments not just as group, but also as a family. Every people who will watch it, will definitely more in loved with GFRIEND Another fact. Yuju recommended a song for the members to listen is Troye Sivan's, 'Youth' song that was discussed during radio broadcast. The song and Its lyrics is definitely great and related to them. You can read the lyrics of 'Youth' by Troye Sivan here They are like young kids who likes to play always. They are full of innocence and very energetic. Trying new things. Experiencing extreme adventures. They are brave enough to show they are strong kids. On the last part, a transition of last stage from their first ever concert into predebut days.. It’s time to reminisce everything back from the start. Special memories are captured like the format of VHS tape. Let’s Reminisce: Memorable Pre-debut days Rain In The Spring Time as the background song (piano cover version). To give emotional feels that will touch everyone heart, It’s the sequences from their past days. Training, Pre-debut even the most memorable days such as anniversaries, celebrations into the present day. The Ending: Our Successful Journey The climax chorus part represents the glory days of their journey. As the part of the song says “Will you be with me forever?” together with the voice announcing them as the ‘Best Girl Group’ (GFriend’s award during 2018 Golden Disk Award), it indicates their success being together as a group with Buddies. In 3 years, many challenges came through. Their journey has been very successful. As a fan who will always stay for them, let’s be together and keep supporting them in our way we can. Let’s keep our relationship with GFRIEND forever, Buddy.
  19. GFRIEND has taken the time to thank their fans for their love last year on ‘VLIVE’ [OSEN - Jung Jiwon Reporter] Source: On the 5th, ‘2018 GLOBAL VLIVE TOP 10 - GFRIEND’ was shown via portal site Naver’s VLIVE. On this day, for being selected as VLIVE TOP10, Sowon said, “I am pleased to receive this award and feel really happy. I also think that I worked hard this year.” Eunha also said “I think our success is due to our fan club Buddy” GFRIEND then revealed their feelings of releasing their first repackaged album since debut. Eunha said “I’ve never released a repackage album so it was a really new and rewarding experience. It was good that I was able to complete the stages despite being really tired.” They also talked about their feelings of completing their first solo concert in January. Sowon said “I remember crying with Yerin while preparing for the concert.” There was also time to reflect back on the year 2017. Umji said “We now have 7 title songs. There were many new challenges so I could take part in everything as if it were the first time. It was a year where I felt I had a lot of things to do.” SinB also added “I didn’t know that 20 years could go by so quickly”. When asked about their break Sowon said that she was into bowling with Umji and SinB. Yerin watched the latest movies, Eunha fell in love with hamburgers, and Umji caused great laughter when she said she fell on an electric blanket. They also talked about their most memorable VLIVEs. For Sowon, it was when they revealed their comeback and their new dorm, for Eunha, it was when they played a game live to determine who got to eat pork belly, as well as other memories. Finally, Yuju said “I’m happy that the fans are giving me. I look forward to seeing them more. In 2018, I will be back with various fun contents and more communication.” They also added “Let’s see each other when it’s warm”, adding a surprise comeback spoiler. Photos: Naver VLIVE
  20. Post your Gfriend collection here! Whether it's albums, merch, or whatever else you've collected I'll start obviously, under a spoiler bc big images:
  21. On my November trip to Korea, Japan and China (in that order), Season of GFRIEND was announced during the Japan part of my trip! I was on a tour bus at the time when it was announced and the ticket sales dates would be during the China part of my trip.. which got me worried because where I stay in China had no wifi and the 3G/4G was absolutely terrible. Luckily my cousin's shop had decent WiFi so I could get the tickets Fast forward to Day 1 of the concert (January 6th), I get to the venue at 9:30 am for the concert goods.. but the line is already extremely long. Luckily ma boi @AznSeoul was there and helped a brother out A little while later, @Jkyc and @flamestalker show up and join me in the freezing cold weather to wait to buy concert goods. Almost 3 pm by the time we were finished buying concert goods and that was around the time when fansites began to hand out free slogans and goodies so we tried to get as much as we could. Also met @toncanan near our wreath! Really nice to meet everyone during this event, really was a fun experience. It was almost 2 pm by the time we were done buying concert goods, still had some time to spare so we decided to quickly get Samgyetang before the concert. For the first day of the concert, it started at 6 pm but we got back in the nick of time just before the concert started. The venue and our wreath This was the setlist for both days! Each stage was amazing! Their live vocals were incomparable to youtube videos. Although they didnt perform White (my favourite song), and a few other favourites of mine but I'm not complaining. Day 2 for me started much later than Day 1 as I had already completed my shopping list of concert goods! I arrived at the venue at around 4 since the concert started at 5 pm for Day 2 and everyone in standing sections were already lining up! Honestly, I was expecting a different setlist for Day 2 since there were 2 different concepts from the teaser posters but oh well, still the best thing I could've wished to start the year with. I had to leave the day after the concert, so unfortunately couldn't stay around for dinner with some of the buddies from GFS but there'll be a next time ^^ Also I don't care what anyone says but I swear to god SinB looked me in the eyes and waved back at me on the second day of the concert A few more pictures that I snapped during the concert It was an amazing experience especially since it was the first time I've ever seen them in person! Meeting some international buddies from the forums made the experience even better ^~^ I'll be aiming to get into a fansign for a future comeback but not sure when
  22. Looks like Source is planning on GFRIEND's debut in Japan soon!
  23. She's so cute and I want to play with her cheeks.