2018 GFRIEND 3rd Debut Anniversary Support Project

2018 GFRIEND 3rd Debut Anniversary Support Project Thread

2018 GFRIEND 1st Concert Coal Wreath Project

2018 GFRIEND 1st Concert Coal Wreath Project Thread

2018 GFRIEND 3rd Debut Anniversary Message Books (Due Date: To be determined...)

Birthday Messages: Fill out our Google Form for your messages. Fanarts/Doodles: Send your fanarts/doodles to .

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  1. Post your Gfriend collection here! Whether it's albums, merch, or whatever else you've collected I'll start obviously, under a spoiler bc big images:
  2. Hi im just curious, how many singapore buddies are out there? Leave a comment below ~ We can talk about random stuff too (related to gfriend of course).
  3. [STARCAST] You’re special this year! It’s a new start ♬ Behind the scenes during GFRIEND’s too-perfect 2018 Season’s Greetings! 2017.12.07 Hello STARCAST readers! You still haven’t decided with whom you’ll spend your New Year? So here are our friends forever, GFRIEND! (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡ The girls are going to make our hearts flutter for another whole year! Let’s take a look to their Season’s Greetings pictorial! I’m stunned with SinB’s fatally charming look from the start…She’s simply making a pose but she’s already looking edgy. Can anyone tell me why? There’s this saying that…you should look pretty things closer… These two girls have locked their hands together! Who are these sweet girls? Oh gosh, I have no idea ヾ(´~`)ゞ I bet you’ve already guess who they are coz they’re already cute even their faces are not shown! They’re Umji and SinB! Am I the only one who almost fainted after looking at these awesome and cute girls? _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_ But Umji’s not cute all the time! She’s also serious and girlish too! She has lots of charms! This girl is also one of the cutest girls. Eunha! ˶′◡‵˶)(I just became their fan recently and I have a question. Is her name Eunha because he cuteness can’t be found in earth but in galaxy only? *Eunha means ‘galaxy’) Guys, take a look at the hidden charms of Eunha After the shooting, she never forgets to check her photos! She’s such a professional that I fall in love with her again today… How cute she is in front of the camera that approached to interview her! I’d be too greedy if I wish that I would be the only one to see this pic, right? (˘̩̩ε˘̩ƪ) huhu... Don’t you smell something cool here?Yuju is so cool that she would be the coolest girl on earth… ☆★ She looks innocent when she smiles! She absolutely knows how to control the hearts of BUDDY! ヽ(;▽;)ノ (crying) And another cool girl here. Long explanation is not needed. Sowon is finally here! (∞*’ω`∞)ノ She also played with the prop during break time. You’d thought of her as a charismatic girl but she’s actually a baby (ღˇ◡ˇ*)♡ She becomes serious when the shooting starts…I can see how professional they are… ☆ This is our cute and pretty Yerin! How come she’s like a beautiful statue today? Thanks to her, my heart is beating too fast. Standing in line ♬Look how great their beauty are while holding hands together ԅ( ˘ω˘ԅ) Second part of pictorial began! And here’s when my heart pounded fast again.She’s the real girl crush maker… Have you heard about it? I called her, “Umji” and I didn’t know that this would be the moment when I became her fan… The picture of the youngest girls! I thought my heart would calm down by now but I was wrong :-D Did you know? That wherever Eunha is, the place turns into spring… Yuju was the prettiest this day. Dear angel, thank you so much for coming down to this earth (bow) _(ˇωˇ」∠)_ I don’t know if I have the right to comment on these pictures… They’re just so ☆ awesome ★ . . . It’s their last pictorial! SinB changed to a casual wear and appeared first ヽ(*´∀`)ノ(She’s already perfect here) Yuju’s just like an angel! 。゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。I’ll save this picture of her in double ponytail… ♥ Next is our youngest ♥I feel like I’m just an ordinary girl after looking at Umji’s eyes ヽ(;▽;)ノ Eunha is always giving a generous look (ღˇ◡ˇ*)♡ Where’s the Yerin we saw a while ago playing with Sowon? She really is perfect in any concept. I can’t lose her… (tears) This is why we call her the leader and the eldest! She’s looking like a pro! (˶′◡‵˶) The eldest girls are here so don’t worry about anything! (ว ˙3˙)ง GFRIEND kept on making our hearts flutter these days and once more in this Season’s Greetings! Did you enjoy their 2018 Season’s Greetings? I wish you’ll spend the happiest moments with GFRIEND in this year end and also in New Year. They really put their efforts on this so please look forward to it ♥ Always, GFRIEND! Comments: To be translated soon! Source (1)
  4. http://entertain.naver.com/music/now/read?oid=311&aid=0000784355 They'll be flying to Europe (Italy + Slovenia) on 29th Oct to film the program; broadcast from 6th Dec from K Star This program is meant to celebrate GFRIEND's 1000 days! Live broadcast from the girls will be done before 29th Oct
  5. today on sinb's vlive + ,she said that she will be on vlive+ ever friday except next friday !! and next friday its MAMA hong kong and if they r going what do u think they r gonna win?probably female dance award
  6. I wanted to create a thread in which indonesian buddies could update in their native language and just share here! There's no need to be shy! Ga usah malu-malu fren, gua cuma berharap thread ini lebih rame dari thread kaskus Gfriend.. Ramein yaaa
  7. [ 171127 ] Gfriend has just release teasers for their first upcoming two-day Solo Concert in January 6th to 7th of 2018 at the Seoul Olympic Hall. The pictures were posted on Twitter showcase a soft, velvet display and show uniform like logos. OSEN later posted a article on Naver announcing the event. This will be the group's first concert ever since their debut in January of 2015 just in time for the group's 3rd year anniversary and possible comeback given the hints placed by Sowon. Let's hope our KBuddys fill the venue with a beautiful ocean for our girl's in their special month and celebrate such a big milestone in their careers.
  8. [STARCAST] Time to enjoy GFRIEND’s ‘real trip’, off to the Adriatic Sea! 2017.11.27 Hello, NAVER STARCAST family! Aren’t you excited to find out what GFRIEND brought for you today? That is, GFRIEND’s behind the scenes of GFRIEND’s trip. There’s something you should focus on today. Not only GFRIEND’s radiant look, but also, don’t miss the beautiful scenery of Europe! Then shall we walk with GFRIEND holding ♪ hands ♪ together? ٩( ᐛ )و 2017ver. GFRIEND’s first trip! As soon as I got on the ship to Venice …☆ Pretty princess ★ Eunha greeted me °˖✧◝(*´꒳`*)◜✧˖°(Captain…Is this… going to heaven…?) Yerin who became prettier every day in Korea was still beautiful outside the country…Also, enjoy cute Umji who found the camera ლ(ゝ∀・ლ) Eunha’s freshness definitely pierced the core. She definitely crushed my heart.My heart is like a calm, calm, calm night. (a.k.a Eunha the icon of calm)Is her beauty real? Is the scenery real? Yes, it’s real. Finally arrived in Venice! Someone greeted me as soon as I got off…I recognized her 20171206 minutes later due to her halo ^^;; I almost passed by Sowon thinking that she was a sculpture;It’s her fault for being so pretty ! ! ! They also took pictures with their foreign fans who recognized them!Aren’t GFRIEND’s fans beautiful as well? ლ(◞‿◟ლ)Oh Oh ♥GLOBAL GFRIEND♥ Oh Oh Ta-da! It’s dark now. Raise your head, Mafia… Never mind!Yuju greets me (ฅ ´ ˘ ` ฅ) Yerin the angel of Venice!How can she be so cute from wearing a red hat…? SinB is still hot in Europe!The scenery of Venice and the sunset were in perfect match with SinB ˚‧º•(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º•˚ The girl crush duo, Sowon and SinB finished up the night of the first day.Their 2017 chemistry is just unbelievable…. (ㅠㅠ) The second day! Italy is still beautiful,and so are SinB and Umij… I recovered my eyesight as soon as I got up instead of washing up ^^! Looking at complete GFRIEND makes my heart beat fast and I breathe faster... Help…(The gradation in their smiles, have you noticed?) I went to a café to get some caffeine, and I got a heart attack by a familiar worker _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_So I asked her. Your name is… The home of Illy, it’s SinB a one day worker in Italy! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ She showed off coffee she brewed herself, and the barista complimented her!SinB was a perfect worker with talents♥ “Did you just get here? I’ve been waiting for you.”That’s what she would say… in this sentimental scene… Oh, Umji… Where is this place Eunha and SinB are posing?It’s Bohinj Lake in Slovenia! Isn’t GFRIEND beautiful as well as the view? SinB took many pretty pictures here for Buddy! I’m happy when Yuju is happy (*´˘`*)Enjoy Yuju’s warm smiles in Slovenia~ GFRIEND must be excited to see the beautiful view They wanted to take pictures competitively, so they got the best shot for life (*๓´╰╯`๓) Bonus shot! On the third night of the trip, GFRIEND received a gift from gingerbread store in Radovljica! SinB’s wearing the ☆ Pretty Princess ★ tag we saw in the first picture.Check the secret behind this tag yourself! >▽⊙b (Sneaky) Yerin’s already so beautiful from just standing, but I can’t believe she’s reading for intellectual nourishment.What do I do? ㅠ▽ㅠ? Not even the coat could hide Eunha’s cuteness.Eunha the flying squirrel. She’s so cute. (Bursting) Oh Oh the goddess of coat, Sowon Oh OhShe still looks beautiful and tall in the red coat… for real? Seriously? SinB changed to mysterious outfit in a mysterious place (@Krani)!It’s like welcome to SinB’s house, isn’t it? Where’s cute SinB sitting in?It’s a popular winery in Slovenia!(It’s not a secret that I actually prefer SinB over wine) GFRIEND had fun here that night! (*ゝω・)ノ(Sowon and Eunha are so intimate and beautiful…) Finally, it’s the last day in Slovenia.Yerin looks sad for some reason, have you noticed ㅠㅠ? But we know we will meet again soon!Yuju’s cute V wrapping things up ^▽^V (My love) Opening angel (Your love) Eunha the ending angel! (STARCAST) ends with her. She’s waiting for you to find her (ㅠ^ㅠ) Are you going to make Eunha wait? Aren’t you going to watch the show live? You all remember December 6th at 9pm, right? Let’s run through time♬ Let’s go on a trip to Europe with GFRIEND♡ Comments: To be translated soon! Source: (1)
  9. Hello Everyone I'll state right now that this is not an update post this is just talking about Source being included in the talk about the news not the actual announcement. Since I am new and not only a stan of gfriend I felt this topic would be the best to discuss. Judging by the title, you can guess what other groups I am referring to so I'll spare mentioning their name until later in this post let's get started Situation Basically a new article reported that Bighit CEO, Bang Hik (who we all know is one of Sungjin's close friends) plans to make the company go public by 2019. For private companies like Bighit, going public is an attempt of pushing the company for expansions. This basically plays into investments and other things like IPO, but it's a good strategy. For those who found interest in it you would know that BH has been grow alot with the financial success of BTS and it's really nice not having to watch both them and us at Soumu suffer from our pasts. Where does Gfriend play into this? As I stated above, since Bighit is planning this many things can come into question for their expansion. For this to work the number one thing they have to focus on is getting more groups. We all know that BTS are very talented, loving, and know how to mange their success like those above them, but depending on only them is the company first problem. Unlike girl groups, boy groups do eventually have to put their careers on hold thanks to enlistment and even though they have years until that happen it does threaten the company's moves. They depend too much those boys and it seems like when the time come I'm worried on how well the future groups will be recieved. Now I have seen many fans who have heard this news and have mostly point to a merge or buying of Source Music in and attempt to get Gfriend, Many reasoning varied from providing a girl group who not only has experience, but popularity domestically and doesn't clash heads with BTS. Soumu is already public and have alot of plans on their own, but some think that it would be beneficial to both sides. My Thoughts In my opinion, I favored the merge and saw alot of positive towards it. I was actually suprised to see how many people repeated the same things I pointed out. For us buddies, it does gets hard at times with Soumu's choices regarding Gfriend and their promotion moves for the group. Each comeback we get so many complains about the outfits and how often we get them. These things with BH's influence could improve their conditions and widen their opportunities so Gfriend can develop in many more fields also help increase their international market as well for a higher success rate. I stan both groups and have always kept in mind of the possibilities yet most of my reasoning were in terms "shipping biased" (but not in like relationships wise more like sibling wise) and not very perspective to the idea yet as I grew with both groups and saw how well they improved and achieved I realized that them being under the same name would only increase the expansion and bring in more support. A korean outlet specifically listed BTS and Gfriend the leaders of small company success for this generation. Out of all the success these groups were the biggest signs of that change and the most dominate ones at that. There is also another article explaining the benefits of if Bighit, Source,and RBW merged ( which is good, but I do think just BH and Source would do with RBW's producers being paid like they are now). These types of media spreads can feed into the it as well. Recently, Source moved into the old Bighit building and have really made it into a stable company ground so at this point they were rubbing salt in my wounds. I've wanted interactions, co promotional appearances, a freakin collaboration stage, anything for quite sometime. Some armys grew from the last time we had our falling outs and actually grew fond of GFriend not really stanning, but at least appreciating them. It's to the point where mostly everything check out and guess what? No merge. This is obviously not just some fandom based situation. These are actual company who can be broken by this, but I also saw a video on youtube and the guy basically brought up GLAM and how Bighit went into debt and are still paying it off. Them going public would provide enough to finally erase that debt once and for all which is also another highlight of why the merge could benefit Source as well. Eitherway I just don't want to see these companies have to work off luck again. Gfriend and BTS were came in the right place at the right time and the companies have shown they still have each other's support and love even after parting ways. I just thing that back then they couldn't actually see what would work for them and it cause alot of discouragement. Now that they have it there is no doubt in my mine that they could try again or maybe they really don't want to and that's it. _______________________________________________________________________________ Anyway I hope to hear your thoughts on the matter. Besides thinking of your biases and styles of both companies, could this benefit or just be another burden? Please remember that not only do these groups get affected by it we also have trainees and newer groups coming in the long term. Thanks for reading 💞
  10. help

    Is there a possibility of Gfriend performing at MAMA? >.<
  11. truth

    theqoo -This hairstyle looks fine to me.. It's so much better than the previous one, it looked stuffy and frustrating to see.. -Hul.. She looks so much more beautiful without her bangs.. -She looks like Son Naeun who just lost a lot of weight.. -She looks 100x times more beautiful without her bangs.. Whoa.. -I think it would be really nice if she changes her bangs to side-swept bangs instead of the full bangs that she usually has.. It just looks very stuffy.. -It looks fine to me, though..? It's so much more refreshing to see.. -Whoa, she still looks beautiful even without bangs.. -I like her better with her previous bangs... -I'm not a fan of Yuju, but I gotta agree that she looks so much better without bangs! -Yuju always have the same hairstyle in every comeback, I hope she will have a different hairstyle for the next comeback!ㅠㅠ -Hul.. She's so freaking beautiful, please get rid of your bangs.. -It's my first time seeing her without bangs and I have to admit that she looks amazing.. -I couldn't recognize her at first..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ -She looks like a totally different person.. -It looks nice, though..? I want to see her with another hairstyle.. -Her face looks long without her bangs.. I think she looks better with it.. -She looks like Sayaka Yamamoto..
  12. Hello Sowon-stan. Which word best describe to about our Leader Sowon Let me start with POLE
  13. Comprehensive list of GFriend activities This database consists of GFriend activities (performances, appearances, etc.) I started making this list because there was none on GFriend Reddit Wiki like on other Reddit pages do. So I started with their music show performances and stuff, then it went grow. I'm happy that the list is now pinned on GFriend Reddit. Also thanks for pinning this on GFS Forums. List of tabs: Home GFriend Schedule Archives GFriend YouTube GFriend VLive Music Shows Music Shows (Alt Ver.) Television Appearances (Part 1) Television Appearances (Part 2) Radio Appearances Miscellaneous
  14. Although big hit building is no longer there, bts goes to the practice room at the 4th floor while gfriend practice room is at the 3rd floor !!!!! fishy
  15. Hi Buddies, Word.Phrases.Sentences you want to say to 🇾🇺🇯🇺 ~positive and encouraging~
  16. Hello! Since there's a monthly Buddy Selca Day. I think it's possible to apply it here. It will be fun and great to see buddies' Selca
  17. GFriend's legendary's "Me Gustas Tu"
  18. Come enjoy GFriend's debut song!!!
  19. October 28, 2017 is a memorable and unforgettable day for Filipino Buddies! It is a day full of excitement and happiness as GFriend came to visit in Philippines once again! So GFSquad held a project event to all Filipino Buddies in order to support our girls! This is GFSquad's first Buddy Project. It's been a year since Buddies giving us so much support so we will step out to give gratitude to all Buddies who helped us throughout the year! This is our first time to do an event project for Buddies and we are grateful that this was successfully done! preparations of GFriend hand fans and photo cards! First of all we thank all GFSquad staffs who helped and managed the whole project event. With so much discussions and preparations, without you this project is impossible to happen. Thanks to our staffs, @GFSuzr @Haechi해치 @adib @Jkyc For photos and graphic designs we thank, ㄱㅅㅎ @Buddies_art For distributing and handling the goods we thank, @tenjoshinki As GFSquad held an event for Buddies, We are proudly announced that we are having a giveaway goods such as photo cards and hand fans of GFriend. In order to support our girls, we managed to distribute the freebies to all people and look around for Buddies inside the concert venue. Our representative @tenjoshinki is the one who handled the goods and some buddies even helped her to distribute all. Thank you Buddy! Watch the Facebook video link here The concert will officially start at 7pm but some activities like Press con and Photo op were done earlier. The photo op was held inside a tent and people will have photo sessions with GFriend! Buddies are excitingly wanted to see GFriend during the photo op and there is a Buddy who had our hand fan. A Buddy gave her Sowon hand fan to Sowon and what even makes her surprised is, Sowon took the hand fan. Thank you much our leader Sowon! It's another milestone for us and we GFSquad are thankful to you Buddy! The Photo op segment is still exciting! GFSquad staff @tenjoshinki even asked our girls expecially Umji about GFSquad. The conversation between her and Umji are: @tenjoshinki : Umji, I am from GFSquad. Do you know GFSquad? Umji: Yes! We all know GFriend Squad According to @tenjoshinki, As she asked Umji about GFSquad, other members nodded along and agreeing with Umji too. Thank you so much our GFRIEND for remembering us all the time! Hand fans and photo cards previews! GFSquad are searching for some updates from buddies SNS for those who are using our freebies so here are some proof shots of the freebies in the concert during the afternoon.. and in the night time performance! GFriend sung only 5 songs including Navillera, Rough, Love Whisper, Summer Rain and Me Gustas Tu. and Buddy's fanchant were so loud and clear! But this is what we didn't expect to happen again! During last stage, as GFriend performed Me Gustas Tu, they walked to the front stage and closely singing along with Buddies. Marj who is in the SVIP standing area, tried to gave GFriend members the remaining hand fans but as she saw Sowon approaching, she gave the Sowon hand fan and luckily Sowon immediately took it once again. photo credit from vulpecula twitter: @lightgemthief It is the second time that she received another one of her own hand fan. She must be liked it so much! We thank you once again Sowon! and we will not forget this. It was less than 20 minutes GFriend performed and all people and Buddies were get along and cheered them in the whole time. Also, GFSquad are so glad that you used our freebies well in cheering our girls! You did great job Buddies! Our Buddy project has been officially started and for more upcoming events, we will try to do our best to support our girls. We hope that everyone will continue to support GFRIEND and GFSQUAD! *Filipino Buddies! Did you get one of our GFRIEND freebies? you can post and share your stories here in our forum!*
  20. ENG/ESP/PORT (Turn on CC for subs/Activa CC para subs/ Ative o CC para legendas) We decided to teach GFriend how to sing "me gustas tú" in a full Spanish version! See how the members practiced their Spanish pronunciation and the lyrics in Spanish. How do you guys think they did? ( Spanish Lyric credits fuyu huilai (fuyu) ) ¡Decidimos enseñar a GFriend cómo cantar "me gustas tú" en español! Vean cómo los miembros practicaron su pronunciación en español y la letra en español. ¿Cómo piensan que lo hicieron? (Créditos líricos en español fuyu huilai (fuyu)) "Decidimos ensinar GFriend a cantar "me gustas tú" em versão espanhola completa! Veja como os membros praticaram sua pronúncia e as letras em espanhol. Como você acha que elas foram? (Créditos líricos fuyu huilai (fuyu))"
  21. music

    Music videos Me Gustas Tu and Glass Bead are not available on youtube now.
  22. She's so adorable and she reminds me of the sister I wish I had.