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Found 827 results

  1. Update: Gfriend is planning for their summer comeback at the end of July -Source Music Article: On June 27th it was revealed by multiple insiders that Gfriend is currently preparing for a summer comeback in July after their last comeback with their 4th mini album THE AWAKENING back in March. After 4 months, the group will be returning once again. Gfriend made their debut January 2015 with the title track Glass Beads, and from there released hits Me Gustas Tu, Rough, Navillera, and Fingertip. Alongside their completion of their school trilogy, Gfriend wrapped the trilogy with their first regular album, and made their comeback in March with Fingertip. The July is also a special time for Gfriend as they have made both their summer comebacks in the past during July with title tracks with Me Gustas Tu, and Navillera in July of 2015 and 2016 respectively. In addition, other females are preparing for July comebacks like Lee Hyori and Red Velvet so its expected to be a hot summer.
  2. Rules: Play once every 6 hours. Add +1 to your most fav and -1 from your least fav. Always check the previous post to make sure your count is correct, in case you get ninja-d. To prevent excessively long threads due to stalemates, a draw shall be declared when no elimination has occurred for at least 10 days and has been the same for at least 5 pages, with no end in sight. The thread shall be declared a stalemate, officially ended with no further voting after the announcement, and a new episode may be started. Anyone may do this as long as the above condition is met. (PLEASE ASK A STAFF TO CLOSE THE PREVIOUS EPISODE WHEN YOU START A NEW ONE). The only exception is if someone is obviously winning or imminently facing elimination despite the thread meeting the above conditions. Draws can only be permitted for up to 3 girls. The member who has a SOLO win for the previous episode will not be allowed to participate in the next one. Conditions for winning solo: Win by eliminating all the other girls or have at least twice the points (or roughly) over the other remaining members when a thread is declared a stalemate. Else it is declared a tie for all survivors. Current Standings: Hall of Fame: Since it was declared a draw last episode, all 6 girls will be in this round. Sowon 15 Yerin 15 Eunha 15 Yuju 14 (-) SinB 16 (+) Umji 15
  3. sooooooo this is my first time posting in playground so please forgive me if i do something wrong! basically i thought it would be fun if we all created a fanfic about gfriend together, each user will add 6 words (no more no less!) to the story as it goes along. let's see where this takes us!! example: user 1: once upon a time in korea user 2: a powerful girl group called gfriend user 3: just finished their first performance ever RULES: PLEASE DO NOT GO TWICE IN A ROW. AFTER YOU ADD YOUR 6 WORDS TO THE STORY, PLEASE WAIT FOR AT LEAST 1 OTHER BUDDY TO ADD THEIR 6 WORDS BEFORE YOU GO AGAIN. LET'S KEEP THIS PG13! WE CAN HAVE ROMANCE BETWEEN THE GIRLS BUT PLEASE NOTHING TOO GRAPHIC (can't believe i have to say that ) ok... i guess i'll start! after a day full of performances
  4. Greetings Buddies, the aim of this game is simple. Beat the staff at GFSquad forums!. This is a "count-up" game, basically it pits the regular members up against the staff. RULES: Count up by one number each time, simple right? Any staff member (listed below) who posts anything breaks the chain and makes us start all over. Do not double post, okay? If you get ninja'd, please edit your post to the correct count. Staff member edits do not break the chain. If a staff member closes this thread (without any reason), then members will be declared the winners! If a member of Gfriend comments, everyone wins! New rule as of 24/3/2017: A staff can break the chain only if no non-staff member has commented within 30 mins. List of Staff who may break the chain: Luv Stars Tongdari Compass Translators Fish Pens Crush Sunshine Click Toilet Paper CURRENT RECORD: 769 (Set by Ashley 20/4/2017, Stopped by Haechi해치) Previous Record: 413 (Set on 6/4/2017 by 23peaches) Want an upvote? Be the last person to set a new record! P.S: If a new record is set but i didn't notice, do PM me! CREDITS TO SOSHIFIED FOR THIS AWESOME GAME HAVE FUN BUDDIES!! Staff please be kind to us... I'll start. 1
  5. Hello! Since there's a monthly Buddy Selca Day. I think it's possible to apply it here. It will be fun and great to see buddies' Selca
  6. Yerin will be flying to Bali, Indonesia today for the filming of SBS 'Law of the Jungle' with Lee Soo-geu, Lee Taehwan, Yang Jungwon and Choi Won Young. The broadcast date will be in August. Stay safe Red Ginseng Yerin and have fun. PRESS PHOTOS PRESS VIDEOS Fansite Previews Official Update On of the cast of SBS 'Law of the Jungle' posted at his instagram Actor Lee Tae-Hwan some flight info. Yerin and the crew will be arriving at Denpasar Internationational Airport, Indonesia around 7PM KST. (GARUDA INDONESIA 871)
  7. The rule of the game is to create a four sentences poem but it must contain at least one word that is the title of a GFriend's song. I'll start: How could this happen to me? Why did I trust you? How could you hurt me? Why did I ever love you?
  8. Post your Gfriend collection here! Whether it's albums, merch, or whatever else you've collected I'll start obviously, under a spoiler bc big images:
  9. I'll start: Glass bead at night
  10. hiii buddies! i'm new to gfsquad forums so pardon me if i'm awkward lol but i just wanted to pop on to discuss something sorta random that i've been thinking about: the possibility of a subgroup or solo debut from gfriend in the (probably distant) future. note: when i say subgroup or solo debut i mean an official debut with promotions and a music video and everything, the whole bit welll of course i think that yuju would be the first candidate for a solo debut as she's the main vocalist, but i think that sinb has the ability to promote decently as a solo artist as well bc she's very popular, charismatic, an amazing dancer and even a pretty good singer for subgroup ideas... i got a lil creative lol we could have yerin (or yuju), eunha, and sowon (or sinb) form a group called YES. get it? bc their names all spell out the word yes lol. honestly, i'd prefer yerin to be in the subgroup rather than yuju bc i'd rather have yuju focus more on being a soloist. having a member be a soloist, a group member, AND a subgroup member is just too much for me. i think for YES yerin would be the main dancer and lead vocalist, eunha would be the main vocalist, and sowon would be the main rapper and visual. i'd love to hear your thoughts!! sorry it's so random LOL
  11. in the first part of this performance sinb, sowon, and umji are dancing and yuju, eunha, and yerin and singing. does this mean yerin is considered as part of the vocal line or did soumu just do this to make it even?
  12. Welcome American Buddies!!!! Don't forget to put the states or the territory that you're from. Dates to Remember KCon New Jersey - Prudential Center in Newark - June 23-24 (Friday - Saturday) GFriend will be performing (Date TBA) Ticket will be on sale : 05/12/2017 at 10:00 AM PST for combo tickets and 05/15/2017 at 10:00 AM PST for single tickets More information : KCon Los Angeles - LA Convention center - August 18-20 (Friday- Sunday) No artists have been announced yet
  13. [art]

    This is my current sig. I thought I'd post something in this section as I love all buddy art and find it loads of fun to experiment myself. I used Blender (free rendering software) to extrude their logos, use a glass texture and create each frame of the GIF. Then I used online GIF tools to adjust the frame times so the logos pause. (It took me 2 days I think in total) This flag was also generated in Blender but from someone else's online tutorial. I simply changed it to a GFriend logo and tweaked the lighting so it looked OK with a white background. (It took my slow computer around an hour to render.) This is just the center of the Fingertip logo. I was trying to imitate the 'G' inside their lightstick and I think they like the color blue. (I'm OK with 3D art but my drawing is awful, so I hope to improve that in the future. My goal is to make more GIFs but from drawings of the members.)
  14. Yerin stans! Here it is, the thread to only use 1 word to describe our 'Red Ginseng' Yerin! Do take note to only post another word only after 5 posts to prevent spam! I'll start off with : Lovely!
  15. What's your favourite thing about Sowon? Is it her dorky yet sincere personality? Her dazzling looks and height? Her leadership skills? Post about it here! I love Sowon's humbleness. even though she's sooo talented and beautiful, she never lets it go to her head! i also love how tall she is because I'm a tall girl (around the same height as Sowon) and i'm really insecure about it. sowon makes me feel proud of my height <3
  16. Hi Buddies, Word.Phrases.Sentences you want to say to 🇾🇺🇯🇺 ~positive and encouraging~
  17. Here are the Fancams of each member during their performance of FINGERTIP in DingDong Live: Eunha: NOTE: I got Tang tang tang'ed a lot by this fancam SinB: Yerin: Sowon: Umji: Yuju: UPDATE #1: I managed to find a link of it (Thanks to yodi) but its quality is only 360+. Here's the link: I'll try to update again if there is a 4K uploaded video ^^ UPDATE #2: 1080p Yuju Fancam is now available~ Still no sign of 4K tho ~.~ (Thanks to SinBCosB!!) (c) to the fansites of each member
  18. 여자친구 유주-신비, 애니 ‘오즈’ 홍보대사 발탁 GFRIEND Yuju-SinB, Promotional Ambassador 'Oz' sports donga On 26th July at 3:30 PM KST, there will be a special vlive of GFRIEND Yuju and SinB as the ambassador for an animation movie <Fantastic Journey to Oz>. There will be some quiz session during the vlive and special gifts will be given out by GFRIEND themself. Don't forget to watch it buddies. Vlive link : Poster by Watch the Preview Vlive of MainLine Yuju and SinB for <Fantastic Journey to Oz> :
  19. Source Music posted these behind the scenes image of GFRIEND at KCON 2017 Japan onto Official Fancafe!
  20. Hello Sowon-stan. Which word best describe to about our Leader Sowon Let me start with POLE
  21. If you want to view the full contents of the message book in HQ, click the link! Message book link: 2017 Jung Eunbi Message Book by GFSquad HQ (1) 2017 Jung Eunbi Message Book by GFSquad HQ (2) 2017 Jung Eunbi Message Book by GFSquad HQ (3)
  22. If you want to view the full contents of the message book in HQ, click the link! Message book link: 2017 Hwang Eunbi Message Book by GFSquad HQ (1) 2017 Hwang Eunbi Message Book by GFSquad HQ (2) 2017 Hwang Eunbi Message Book by GFSquad HQ (3)