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Found 278 results

  1. official

    Instructions are easy, post a pic of Eunha, but you can only post one pic per person per day! I'll start PS. If you like the pic, give it a like
  2. Saw someone made for Sowon, so why not do one for my baby Eunha? <3
  3. While waiting for GFriend’s comeback this 2018, let’s watch first some GFRIEND music videos. Let’s look back on 2016 to one of legendary song of GFRIEND that won 14 wins on various music show in Korea. The song Navillera! Maybe some of you who watched the MV seems a bit confused on the plot of its story. Yes, it’s somehow different from their various music videos before which is easy to analyze and to understand. If the trilogy, Glass Bead, Me Gustas Tu and Rough were directed by Zany Bros, this time is different. Navillera was directed by Kim Seong Wook, a film director that is also associates with GDW film. Yes director Kim Seong Wook puts a little unique, modern director of photography techniques that applied to the MV. It’s somehow GFRIEND has never done before. The way they act the scenes, Retro, fresh, old style and full of youth, it’s a story that brings the importance of friendship and their success journey too. So let’s start analyze the MV Navillera! In this scene, all members are having a group shot with trophies and toys displayed in front of them. They are wearing an outfit too. These indicates their victory through the competetion as a team. Capturing those memories that you want to keep forever. Why with toys and trophies? Toys indicates innocence and youthful life and trophies as teamwork. So what are the trophies for? To introduce the origin of the trophies from the MV, the scene suddenly switched into outdoor while wearing roller skates. Seems like they are playing with roller skates? Why roller skates? In this scene you can see an outdoor background. Trees with road. This indicates that they are adventurous and active in playing outside. It’s seems like a free time vacation for them because they won a lot awards from the competetion. They are free and independent kids who wants to explore wherever they want. This is the start of the story. First part, Members going inside the gym and getting their own roller skates. These indicate the time for their practice as a team. Practice inside the gym with Roller skates? To know the history, Retro roller skates were famous back in 1970s. Most schools organizing events such as competetion to young students by using roller skates in dancing. Inspired by the outfits, blouse and skirts match with rollerblades are the main and original trend outfit that time. In the bulletin board, there were posters displayed too. Those posters are related to roller skates competetion. There was a scene where Eunha holding a paint with paint brushes. In a competetion, a name should be given to a team. Now they finally introduce their name ‘Team Roller” This scene where Yerin holding a big stuffed toy indicates as their mascott. Mascotts are used to be a symbol representing as the face of the team. Yerin acts playful here as she deciding where shoud place the mascott. After the practice, it’s time to explore outdoor. This scene is a cut from the end of the MV that separates from the first part of the story. This indicates a free time to explore and play outside. This also shows their playful side not just as team but their closeness to each other. After packing all of their stuffs, what they did is to play outside! all day until night. Bonding together, go to a picnic. Just having a good time! To make the story more meaningful, The director relates the story from the color of GFRIEND. Innocence, great teamwork, and beautiful friendship. Not just with the group but with every individual’s personalities too. Now let’s focus to each member’s personalities. In friendship, everyone are close with each other but there’s also individuals who are close to only a friend. Many Buddies pointing to love mystery of Eunha and Yerin or Eunha as a ghost that Yerin loved? Maybe some of you who watched the MV is really confused each of their roles but maybe some didn’t realise or saw one thing.. In order to show every personalities, the director put the roles as friendship partner. Partners by two, Umji and Sowon SinB and Yuju Eunha and Yerin Partner? How is that? Let’s start on the first partners Sowon and Umji. In this MV, Umji personality is being polite and close to Sowon. Even Sowon is the oldest member, the maknae always beside her to take care of her older sister. The scene where Sowon fell and Umji puts banaid, having same bags and holding hands while running. The second partners, SinB and Yuju SinB’s personality is naughty, playful and a kid who always tease her sister Yuju. The scene where SinB throwing something to Yuju, touching her bangs, tickling her left foot. While Yuju’s personality is calm, who takes the lead in the group and an observer. The scene where Yuju holding a video camera, using it to capture memories and the one who lead the skating. But in the opposite, despite of SinB’ being annoying kid to Yuju, she still took care of her older sister While Yuju is sleeping to SinB’s lap, this is the scene where SinB also blocking the sun with her hand to Yuju. SinB has still her reversed charm personality. The last partners is Eunha and Yerin. Yerin’s personality is strong, hyper and being active kid all the time. Just like the real Yerin, showing lots of affections to her friends especially to Eunha. As opposite to Yerin, the reason why she’s always beside Eunha is because Eunha’s personality in the MV is a silent person, her image of being shy, weak and not showing much affection to Yerin. Even though Eunha is shy to show her affection to Yerin, she has still caring personality inside of her. This is the scene where Yerin is sleeping and Eunha trying to put carefully the stuffed toy as pillow to Yerin’s head. The director definitely consider the idea of the story that links to their real behavior even behind the camera. Maybe who knows? These scenes might happens in their daily life. Now, it’s time to watch the Navillera MV! The Navillera MV has an interesting story. Even some scenes are confusing, it is still a great quality film. From my perspective in analyzing this MV, we have own opinions and understandings too. Let me know if you have reactions or different review that you can share Buddy! uh..When is GFRIEND comeback..I missed them already
  4. Buddies ! Hiiii it's Eunha !!! Hehe is everyone enjoying their holidays ? Yesterday, I went to the seaside at night to watch the waves and eat raw fish ~ Today, I visited my relative's and came down to our cottage?! house I've been going around everywhere *oink oink* eating delicious foods ! To be honest, I think eating out is a lot tastier than home food, but holiday food is surely the best My mom keeps telling me to watch how much I eat so I don't gain weight, but everyone, you won't gain any weight if you slowly chew all of your food ~~ You'll end up gaining weight if you worry while eating keke So over the break, I don't plan on worrying about anything . Being full and warm 24/7, I couldn't have asked for a better holiday than this one ㅎㅎㅎ Buddies are enjoying happy holidays like this one too, right ?! If you had any sad or unfortunate events happen to you over the break, look at happy Eunaa and take my contagious happy viruses 💊 This photo was taken when my dad told me, "Eunbi-ya, look at that moon !" The moon was so pretty, so I decided to take a picture . Due to my lack of photography skills, the photo didn't turn out too great, but doesn't it look like there is a full moon inside of a crescent moon ?! Isn't it awesome ??!! Hehe I was inspired by the photo so I drew something, but I'll see you in the comments ~~ 😘 Eunha: Eunha's art skills Eunha: This one is GFRIEND Eunha: He's a guy I showed you before, he's the muscular rabbit Paul Eunha: This one is Chorong! ㄴ Eunha: She also has a boyfriend named Sancho, but he appeared in a photo with my oppa so I couldn't upload the photo so sed ㅠ Chorong and Sancho love loved so pretty baby puppies will be born soon Eunha: I wanted to show you our awesome cottage house but the photo shook too much @_@ Eunha: This puppy is named Berry, brought here by my older aunt, cutie puppie 🐶 Eunha: I'd love to upload more photos but I'm now off to eat some late night snacks heheh ㄴ Eunha: Our loved Buddies, have a happy Chuseok everyone 😍 Keke night snacks yeee *joy* Sowon: Do you learn how to become cute? How could you be so full of aegyo? Ogu oguu? ㄴ Eunha: Whoa unnie popped up just as I refreshed ㄴ Eunha: @GFRIEND[Eunha] Uwahhh !!! It's a celebrity !!!!! Translator's Note: The title of the FROM in Korean is actually a pun with 'Honey' and 'Oink.' In Korean, '꿀' (Kkul) means 'Honey' and '꿀꿀' (Kkulkkul) is the onomatopoeia for 'oink oink'. Translated by Albatro
  5. Hello, this is GFRIEND MAIL MAGAZINE! There is a message from GFRIEND [Eunha]! Eunha’s message Hello Japanese buddies~! This is GFRIEND’s Eunha! I’m really happy that I can communicate with everyone like this! We are working hard too, so please look forward to it! EUNHA We will now introduce Eunha! Eunha’s Introduction Eunha was born on March 30th, bursting with cuteness. Her big eyes and cute voice is very charming and you naturally feel warm just from looking at her. She was a child actor and has been in the industry for a while, and has very nice manners. Please pay attention to her lead vocal voice and personality! This was Eunha’s introduction! Please look forward to the next broadcast! Thanks to @_seulrene for the translation
  6. <Vibrant> JUNGDUO's Support Slogan Set Profits will be used for Birthday Support Projects this year for Eunha and Yerin! International fans: - pay through paypal: - once complete, fill in the form at: - Please remember to add paypal fee (Total amount needed to pay x 0.043) Australians who wish to purchase these sets please contact me through DM here on GFSquad or on twitter @_eunbii Help support JUNGDUO nim as well as Eunha and Yerin!
  7. instagram

    Eunha posted on gfriendofficial Instagram! Fighting for this week after looking at Eunha❤️❤️😘
  8. GFRIEND did a group post on their Official KakaoTalk Plus Friends for '2018 Lunar New Year with GFRIEND' Who were you expecting to come today? The main characters, Yeochinnies of course🎁💝 During this holiday! How was it being with GFRIEND, Buddies?😶 We were so happy to meet Buddies everyday! Of course we believe that our Buddies would feel the same way too👀 We hope that the rest of your holidays will be filled with happiness and hopefully you'll meet DayGFRIEND again next time❤ P.S Try to find out when these photos were taken!🕶
  9. Eunha and Sowon posted on gfriendofficial Instagram~ Have a happy Lunar New Year 😊😊💕 Happy #Eunha and #Sowon
  10. Eunha posted on GFRIEND's Official KakaoTalk Plus Friends for '2018 Lunar New Year with GFRIEND' Jjan! It's Euna! Do Buddies know what day it is today?🤔 It's... Valentines Day!🍫 I hope our Buddies will have a day sweeter than chocolate while looking at Eunha 💕❤ Also I'll take the opportunity today to say I Lub You (jjangyanghae)!❣ hehe😊
  11. instagram

    A story post was posted on gfriendofficial's Instagram! For Lunar New Year holiday, it's movies of course For movies, it's Harry Potter of course!!!!! Have a nice Lunar New Year holiday Buddies ❤️
  12. ㅡ Hear My Love Whisper ㅡ project by @GFRD_YOUTUBE on twitter Follow @GFRD_YOUTUBE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS PROJECT LET'S MAKE 2018 GFRIEND'S YEAR! Report by snowbabypjm 02142018
  13. instagram

    Eunha posted on gfriendofficials Instagram story! It’s Euna, this song is so good💕 Buddies who are bored should listen to it😌 I watched Pan’s Labyrinth alone last night. Buddies who are bored should watch a movie as well😌😌😎 🚫Buddies with a weak heart beware😎🚫
  14. list them here~ i've included some of mine under the spoiler
  15. Let's reminisce school days During 2016 Yuju and Eunha's graduation One of their classmate took photos together with other members too, SinB Umji and Yerin. So sad no photo of Sowon
  16. What's your favorite GFriend's b-side from each era?
  17. Hello Buddy ~~ I came out for dinner but it was snowing a lot🌨 Really heavily! Be careful not to fall because it’s slippery. It'll hurt😫 Buddys that drive be careful as well!!!
  18. It’s been 3 years that we are together with GFriend. To commemorate the most important and meaningful day, is back to gave a beautiful presentation to everyone. First, let’s watch the 3rd Anniversary video. We hope Buddies will like it! 3 years of hard work, friendship and amazing journey. This video represents the very memorable scenes of moments being together with Buddies. As continuation from the 2nd Anniversary, which almost best and beautiful scenes are summarized, now this is a new chapter which focused on their beautiful relationship. This is a review that will show the details of each stories. The Action Intro: GFRIEND BEST STAGES The Intro represents like a movie trailer. An action trailer where all of GFriend’s best stages are included and compiled. Those scenes were the most amazing and beautiful. These stages came from different shows such as major awards in Korea, Concert festivals and Showcases. Beautiful stages that made Buddies even more proud when watching their amazing and mind blowing performance. We definitely loved it! The Beautiful Eras : Season Of GFRIEND The beautiful eras represents each seasons of GFriend. 6 seasons of music videos including Glass Bead, Me Gustas Tu, Rough, Navillera, Fingertip, Love Whisper and Summer Rain. Each part contains the most beautiful scenes where it shows strong bond of friendship and being together for a long time. Since these scenes summarizes all moments in the field of working as an artists. It is a representation of a story and concepts within just the music videos. The Youthful Climax : The Real Colors Of GFRIEND The climax part represents the real themselves. Revealing their personalities, relationship, bond and friendship. It is more focused in behind the scenes. Showing their youthful moments not just as group, but also as a family. Every people who will watch it, will definitely more in loved with GFRIEND Another fact. Yuju recommended a song for the members to listen is Troye Sivan's, 'Youth' song that was discussed during radio broadcast. The song and Its lyrics is definitely great and related to them. You can read the lyrics of 'Youth' by Troye Sivan here They are like young kids who likes to play always. They are full of innocence and very energetic. Trying new things. Experiencing extreme adventures. They are brave enough to show they are strong kids. On the last part, a transition of last stage from their first ever concert into predebut days.. It’s time to reminisce everything back from the start. Special memories are captured like the format of VHS tape. Let’s Reminisce: Memorable Pre-debut days Rain In The Spring Time as the background song (piano cover version). To give emotional feels that will touch everyone heart, It’s the sequences from their past days. Training, Pre-debut even the most memorable days such as anniversaries, celebrations into the present day. The Ending: Our Successful Journey The climax chorus part represents the glory days of their journey. As the part of the song says “Will you be with me forever?” together with the voice announcing them as the ‘Best Girl Group’ (GFriend’s award during 2018 Golden Disk Award), it indicates their success being together as a group with Buddies. In 3 years, many challenges came through. Their journey has been very successful. As a fan who will always stay for them, let’s be together and keep supporting them in our way we can. Let’s keep our relationship with GFRIEND forever, Buddy.
  19. instagram

    Eunha posted on gfriendofficial Instagram~ 📷📸 #Eunha
  20. She's so cute and I want to play with her cheeks.
  21. instagram

    Yerin, SinB and Eunha posted a pic of them hanging out! 🐥❤️😽❤️🐰Dateululu
  22. instagram

    Eunha posted on gfriendofficial Instagram! It's gotten shorter hehe☺️ #Eunha
  23. instagram

    Eunha posted a pic with Umji on gfriendofficial Instagram! 😫😱 The weather is so cold right now, hing, be careful of the cold Buddy!!! #Muji and #Eunha 👍💕